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Put Up or Shut Up: Beat Battle!

If you’re in Dallas, TX this Thursday, October 27th…put up or shut up! Join us at Arnetic (2826 Elm St.) in Deep Ellum for the Beat Battle hosted by Dallas’ own Dustin Cavazos.

Beat Battle will be a session where some of Dallas’ best producers (full list on the Facebook event page) will have a face-off and the resulting winner will walk away with an $800 cash prize! Judges will be the deciding factor of the winner with YOUR help, so come through!

There will also be a few vendor pop-up shops in the mix, including The Good Child, Sleepy Dan (will have free shirts!), and Loyal KNG — so you DON’T want to miss this! The battle hops off early at 7:30pm and the event is 18+ with a cheap cover of only $3. RSVP, here, and if you’re a blogger looking for free admission, email Cavazos at!

See you Thursday! Thanks!



Last Saturday, I drove up to Oklahoma City for the SUPERDOPE event hosted by Grpfly and Jabee. The event included a meet & greet with the performers and the vendors at Mutts during the afternoon, as well as the show later on in the night at Urban Roots. I was originally going to do the trip to OKC with my right-hand woman, Tanika (read: Random Hero 12.JULY.11), but I ended up traveling alone – like a boss (my own boss, that is).

I was the first person out of the SUPERDOPE crew to reach Mutts, so I took a few photos of their awesome brand concept while I waited. Continue reading


Next Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be in Oklahoma City for the SUPER DOPE show.

If you’re in the area, come hang out with the SUPER DOPE crew at Mutts from 1-2pm for the meet & greet! Performers Jabee, AD.d+, Braingangblue, and Houston will be there, as will clothing brands UnkommonKolor, Grpfly, L.O.U.D Clothing, and myself – The Good Child.

The real fun begins around 9pm at Urban Roots when the musicians start to hit the stage and I set up The Good Child pop-up shop alongside the other brands.

For SUPER DOPE, I’m going to have some new stickers and a couple of sneak peeks for you guys, so come through, chat with me, and see where the brand is headed! Remember, once a style sells out, it’s sold out forever! The Spring+Summer series will be looking mighty thin after this month, so grab it while you can!

Consider This Not-So-Random

Every night, when I’m feeling finished with all my To-Do’s, my business, my everything…

I get out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, dampen some tissue with it, and clean off the case that holds my iPhone 4. Yeah, it’s in a case – one of the most bulky and protective ones out there. I have chosen to protect and provide ultimate care for this little piece of technology, and why? Because, I believe in it.

“You ever see anybody with a Mac laptop put a sticker over that beautiful, shiny Apple?…You ever see anybody with a PC break out the Windex to clean their computer?” (Simon Sinek).

I believe in the iPhone 4 just like I believe in the entire Apple line of products. Thanks to my father who was an engineer, I grew up playing Oregon Trail on a Macintosh that looked like this:

Today, I am communicating to you through the same, but majorly improved product. I create all of my t-shirt graphics on this product. I do my taxes on this product. I conduct learning through this product.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have to thank one of the greatest global innovators of our time for delivering to me products I feel I can believe in, and not just ones I feel hooked on or conspired in to buying.

Consider this a not-so-random Random Hero post.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making me a believer simply by doing what you do best. The company I work for today encourages me to do what I do best, and because of you, I know that’s the only true way to inspire. Rest in peace.