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Spreading Talent

This year has been a little different for The Good Child. Year One was all about building a foundation – thanks to you guys and, in return, my own determination. Year Two seems to be more about growing the brand as a full creative force. There was the KH Art House design, the contributing to Hide Your Arms blog, and then there was this:

When Sarah Jaffe came to me looking for a t-shirt for her new and most recognized album, The Body Wins, I was more than flattered. Not yet knowing exactly what the album title meant to Jaffe, I was instantly drawn to my collection of vintage family photographs. Add to it that Jaffe was a Good Child customer and loved the Respect Your Elders tee,  and right away we knew the direction for the design. Say hello to Puerto Rico 1972.

Jaffe picked the shirt body for the design and I love the overall vintage feeling behind the finished product. The album title really seems to work with the vibe in this image and it’s great that it was released during the warmer weather. Continue reading

KH Art House One: Locals Only


You should know well by now about the exclusive t-shirt I have been working on with the apparel brand Kill Hubris. Well, we are finally revealing the entire design! This t-shirt, The Locals, is the 1st in the Kill Hubris Art House series. This style is limited to 60 and 10 will be available through The Good Child shop. You will be able to snag yourself The Locals t-shirt this weekend.



The t-shirt features hand drawn portraits of some of North Texas’ creative force. You can see a full list of names, here. I even pixelated Fur Face Boy‘s face!


Do you recognize these two?



More on the inspiration for this design later this week!

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek Two

You might have seen a little sneak peek the other night of a very special t-shirt I am releasing with the brand Kill Hubris. As mentioned before, Kill Hubris is happy to introduce their Art House series, a series of t-shirts designed by some of Kill Hubris’ favorite artists. I am honored to be the designer behind the first exclusive releasing under the Kill Hubris Art House name. The t-shirt will be available soon, but until then…here’s another sneak peek!

This t-shirt will feature all hand drawn portraits of some familiar faces in the North Texas art scene (and some not so familiar…yet)! Can you recognize these three? That’s me on the lower left. Sam (with the hair) and Biggs of Unkommon Kolor are to my right.

Stay tuned for more news about the special release, including where the inspiration came from and when it will drop!

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek One


The guys at Kill Hubris are proud to announce their Art House series – brought to you by KH in collaboration with local artists.
Their first design is by yours truly, The Good Child. Check out their blog, here, for details! Also, stay tuned for more sneak peeks as the week goes on. The shirt will release very soon.

UNKO x FFB at Centre

Yesterday, I dropped in at Centre, (my favorite boutique in Dallas, TX), to visit some of the most amazing locals in my city – Unkommon Kolor and Fur Face Boy. Unkommon Kolor and Fur Face Boy have been running their independent brands for about 3-4 years now and yesterday they released their first collaboration together.

It was dope to see the two brands doing it big for our city. It was also really Good hanging out and chatting with FFV (Fur Face Vy), other local brand owners (Sleepy DanHIJ Clothing, Loyal KNG) the Centre crew (mainly Kiddrae254), and local musicians (DJ SoberBlue and Picnictyme). Check out a few iPhone shots from the event, as well as some looks of Centre (and Atama), below:

Continue reading

Goody Two Shoes

In 12 days, San Antonio will pop off its fifth Sneaks Up event. On April 17th, from 2-7pm, join us for FREE at the Backstage Live center.

Who is “us,” you ask? Well, me (The Good Child), Loyal KNG, Grits, and MANY more, as well as music performances and – duh – sneakers galore.

This will be the fourth major event for The Good Child brand and I’m so excited that I’ve made not one but TWO exclusive t-shirts for you to choose from at the event.

I present to you Goody Two Shoes:

(Option one: Classic Vans on aqua – my personal favorite for years)

(Option two: Air Jordan III Black Cement on teal – for all you sneakerheads)

Both t-shirts come on 100% fine jersey cotton made by American Apparel in the USA. The artwork was printed right here in the DFW – just like all of The Good Child styles. Stay fresh AND guilt-free!

These styles will be available first at Sneaks Up and any remaining inventory will go online April 19th. REMEMBER: no style is ever produced again outside of the original run – and these two runs will have only TWENTY-FIVE each!

Stay good, be humble, and I’ll see you next weekend!

Better Music than Beaches PREVIEW!

Here’s your REAL sneak peek at The Good Child Better Music than Beaches t-shirt, releasing at Style X (a portion of SXSW) on March 18th. This will be a run of only 25.

We all know the gulf is dirty – no harm in admitting to that – but, there issomething to show off in Texas and that’s the music scene. With events like SXSW, Austin City Limits, and 35 Conferette, Texas cities are on the map for travel destinations. The ”DTX • ATX • SATX • HTX” in the graphic symbolizes each major city in Texas, north to south, that host some of the big music events.

This tee is surf-inspired; the t-shirt body color comes only in khaki with the graphic ink colors inspired by Miami Vice, Grand Theft Auto, and found vintage t-shirts around Austin, TX. This t-shirt is hand-destroyed in areas, so no one tee is alike.

This t-shirt is produced 100% in the USA on 40’s 100% cotton jersey – knitted by Alternative Apparel in Los Angeles and screen printed in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.