Last Saturday, I drove up to Oklahoma City for the SUPERDOPE event hosted by Grpfly and Jabee. The event included a meet & greet with the performers and the vendors at Mutts during the afternoon, as well as the show later on in the night at Urban Roots. I was originally going to do the trip to OKC with my right-hand woman, Tanika (read: Random Hero 12.JULY.11), but I ended up traveling alone – like a boss (my own boss, that is).

I was the first person out of the SUPERDOPE crew to reach Mutts, so I took a few photos of their awesome brand concept while I waited.

Once everyone else showed up, my mood was instantly lifted to a whole new level; Biggs,  Brain Gang Killa (K.MC), Vernon, Avery – everybody – were in such great spirits. We joked around and laughed for an hour or so. We talked about some pretty stupid stuff and it was awesome. It felt so good to just hang out and not think about work/the brand/relationships/family.

After snarfing down some crazy hotdogs (mine was vegetarian), a few of us visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I had been to the memorial site before, but still I was getting major chills just thinking about the historical occurrence. It was good to switch modes and “get real” with these dudes (Biggs, K.MC, Vernon, Avery).

Man. After the drive, the food, and the emotional waves from the memorial site, I was exhausted. I took some time to myself and relax at the event organizer‘s house – hell yeah, cable television and a nap! It wasn’t long until it was time for load-in at Urban Roots. Set-up was quick and my first sales came fast! As soon as doors opened, people started coming through.

The musical performances were amazing (Brain Gang killed it!), the brands were humble, the patrons were friendly, and the hospitality was incredible. In fact, I could have only sold a couple of shirts that night and remained 100% good with my time spent there.

Everybody involved in the event felt like family by the end of the trip. I remember when late in the night Jabee was on the mic and slipped up — he said, “It’s okay though, because we’re all family here. We’re all family. We can mess up.” He might have been joking a little, but I did felt that way. I am giving a MAJOR shout out and sincere thank you to Grpfly and Shannon for hosting me. I have to give them even more thanks for believing in my brand and supporting it to the fullest. Also, obvious thanks to all of the other brands and musicians involved — I won’t forget you.

Lastly, thank YOU for coming through (if you did) and swapping stories and/or picking up some gear. I could not do this without you. Stay Good, be humble ©


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