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Spreading Talent

This year has been a little different for The Good Child. Year One was all about building a foundation – thanks to you guys and, in return, my own determination. Year Two seems to be more about growing the brand as a full creative force. There was the KH Art House design, the contributing to Hide Your Arms blog, and then there was this:

When Sarah Jaffe came to me looking for a t-shirt for her new and most recognized album, The Body Wins, I was more than flattered. Not yet knowing exactly what the album title meant to Jaffe, I was instantly drawn to my collection of vintage family photographs. Add to it that Jaffe was a Good Child customer and loved the Respect Your Elders tee,  and right away we knew the direction for the design. Say hello to Puerto Rico 1972.

Jaffe picked the shirt body for the design and I love the overall vintage feeling behind the finished product. The album title really seems to work with the vibe in this image and it’s great that it was released during the warmer weather. Continue reading

HYA Guest Blogging

In addition to blogging here for my own brand, The Good Child, I will now be guest blogging for the mega-popular t-shirt & hoody blog Hide Your Arms.

Hide Your Arms is run by Andrew Bowness who lives in the United Kingdom. Andrew has been running Hide Your Arms since 2006 and has recently brought on a handful of contributors including myself and Sleepy Dan from Dallas, TX. I will be doing general blogging about t-shirts and events. My first post will probably go up later this month or beginning of April.

Check out Hide Your Arms daily for great reviews and news about artist-made t-shirts & hoodies!