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The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet, again

Another night, another design, another iMeet with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight, I joined the room with the likes of William Yan, Daniella, Wesley Brown, Dale Coachman, Ray Protege, Tanner Bachman, Olumide Yerokun, Bobby T, Hugh L, Corey Scott, Corey Knight, Joey Jepson, Bernard James, Sean Quincy, ::GASP::, and of course, Marcus Troy.
Tonight, the discussion started off on the topic of presence, being present, and commitment to the moment. Here’s some notes and a fragmented journey through two hours in The Marcus Troy Experience iMeet tonight:
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Goody Bag

Take home a little Goodness (for less). Shop The Good Child.

Recyclable Packaging : Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Honestly, I don’t exactly celebrate Earth Day, because I respect our planet 365 days a year instead.  One fine example of how I respect our planet is through The Good Child packaging.

Unlike a lot of other brands, I package The Good Child product in 100% stamped, recyclable paper. The twine wrapped around each package is reusable (e.g. cats love it) and will act as compost in a landfill. Take a look at the package here in a short video shot by Marcus Troy.

When you get The Good Child product in the mail, you know that it is exactly that – Good product. (Most people don’t want to open/destroy the package once they get it)!

I’m going to expand on this packaging and find a way to work around having to also ship it in the UPS shell (not easily recyclable); I’m looking into designing a custom-sized box to put these packages in – all recyclable everything!

Now, what are you waiting for – shop The Good Child.


Don’t forget – Series One is now on sale!

Series One SALE!

Here it is, The Good Child Series One SALE. The new spring/summer line will be out soon enough and now you can grab any tee from the first series for ten dollars less than before.

The Good Child Series One Sale

Pretty Good, right?

What will you do with the ten dollars you save? If I were you, I’d save it to put toward the new tank in the spring/summer line (my favorite), but then again I might also spend it on lunch, gas, or a Reggie Watts album.

Remember, every t-shirt comes in a super limited run (30 at most) and most size Mediums are sold out already! NO design will ever be reproduced. Visit to get yours!

Sneaks Up 5 – Goody Two Shoes

Yesterday, I attended and participated in my first Sneaks Up event – Sneaks Up 5 – in San Antonio. The event was popping with great designs in both sneakers and clothing. I ran into some amazing brands – old friends and new – like Loyal KNG, Grits, Fresh Kaufee, Nerdy FreshPur3ly Root3d, Kaught Looking, Nice Kicks and more. See the whole thing below from my angle!

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Today, I had a professional photo shoot done on the streets of Dallas’ Deep Ellum for The Good Child product. Photographer Margie Woods Brown took some AMAZING shots and I can’t wait to share with all of you. The models for the shoot were incredible, too. I could not have asked for a better crew; all of them were personable, full of individual character, and expressed the brand well. Big ups to all of them: Killa MC, Skylar Rain, Chevi, Chris, Manuel, and Nic (and of course, my photographer).

The photo shoot was pretty eventful…before noon, we were stopped by Dallas (DART) police officers twice! Don’t worry, I am THE Good Child and I only work with Good people, so nobody got in any trouble. There were a couple of misunderstandings and I really hope that the people in each incident who phoned the police are having a better day. I truly believe that the people who bothered the Dallas officers to investigate us were simply bothered themselves from the heat and the early hour at which they were called to work on a Sunday. I will not go into detail, but here’s two lessons from today’s photo shoot:

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The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet

I just spent about two hours “having dinner” with the following people:

Tonight, I joined into my 3rd iMeet session with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight’s session started out about “the game” — knowing it, living it, learning from it, and succeeding (and sometimes failing) in it. In the end, however, we touched on the fashion industry and its past and present game-changers.

This iMeet session was one of Marcus Troy’s best. I took some notes to share with you all.

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