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Say, Jaffe

As you might have read previously, I was privileged be in company for Sarah Jaffe‘s newest album-listening session last month. Jaffe is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter who hails over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. She has gotten a lot of hype over the years from all over the place, and now most recently including NPR, Vogue, and Marie Claire (What?! Awesome!).

In celebration of her album releasing today, The Body Wins, here is a short video of Jaffe singing “Sucker for Your Marketing.” The video is filmed on my iPhone 4s, so I apologize beforehand for any poor sound quality you might encounter.

Please support the album here or here. I prefer vinyl myself and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Jaffe also headlines at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX on May 5th.


Private Session


Last night, I had the great opportunity to sit in on a small, private listening session with musician Sarah Jaffe. Jaffe played some of her past hits, recent favorites, and some new tracks off of her album The Body Wins (releasing April 24th). I have to say that this up & coming album is a step in a new and exciting direction. While listening, I found myself wanting to dance to one song and then being familiarly haunted by Jaffe’s voice and acoustics in another. The new music Jaffe is bringing to the table is evolved in a good way. I can’t wait for the album drop (and I will share more at that time)!

Look for The Body Wins this April and check out more on Jaffe, here as well as in the previous Random Hero post!


Last Saturday, I drove up to Oklahoma City for the SUPERDOPE event hosted by Grpfly and Jabee. The event included a meet & greet with the performers and the vendors at Mutts during the afternoon, as well as the show later on in the night at Urban Roots. I was originally going to do the trip to OKC with my right-hand woman, Tanika (read: Random Hero 12.JULY.11), but I ended up traveling alone – like a boss (my own boss, that is).

I was the first person out of the SUPERDOPE crew to reach Mutts, so I took a few photos of their awesome brand concept while I waited. Continue reading


Next Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be in Oklahoma City for the SUPER DOPE show.

If you’re in the area, come hang out with the SUPER DOPE crew at Mutts from 1-2pm for the meet & greet! Performers Jabee, AD.d+, Braingangblue, and Houston will be there, as will clothing brands UnkommonKolor, Grpfly, L.O.U.D Clothing, and myself – The Good Child.

The real fun begins around 9pm at Urban Roots when the musicians start to hit the stage and I set up The Good Child pop-up shop alongside the other brands.

For SUPER DOPE, I’m going to have some new stickers and a couple of sneak peeks for you guys, so come through, chat with me, and see where the brand is headed! Remember, once a style sells out, it’s sold out forever! The Spring+Summer series will be looking mighty thin after this month, so grab it while you can!

Roots of a Radical

This last weekend, I found over 200 CDs in a storage place in my home office. Remember those? Compact discs? After looking through 4 CD cases and 4 towers of CDs, I was amazed with how much punk music I still had on hand. This week, I’m going to relive the days of 16-year-old-me and play some of the following albums:

Anybody else out there have punk rock-listening roots? I might be The Good Child, but I have always loved fast-paced and rebellious tunes.

Kixpo 2011 Recap

I’m sitting here, halfway dressed, (wearing an In4mation “hi” fitted, nevertheless), still giddy about yesterday’s event – Kixpo.

Yesterday, I joined over 100 sneaker and streetwear vendors on the field of the Cowboys Stadium to represent some of the best in premium apparel. The Good Child vendor table was located right next to the center star on the Cowboys field – pretty dope! I was positioned next to Grpfly and Snapsteez – two brands I had been familiar with, but finally had the chance to meet up close and personal. Major shoutouts to Vernon and Avery (of Grpfly) and Cerrance (not Carrots, of Snapsteez).

I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new fans and friends yesterday. I also saw some of my favorite local brands doing their thing and doing it well (Fur Face Boy, Kaught LookingUnkommon Kolor, Fresh Kaufee, Sleepy Dan, HIJ Clothing, Illtellect, Nerdy Fresh, Pink Elly and so many more).

Music was also on point yesterday with DJ Sober (thanks for signing the Birks!) and A.Dd+ (with Brown). And hey – Blue – thanks for stopping by the table, as it’s always a pleasure to chat it up with you. And man, whatever, I’m still listening to Dope right now.

Anyway, enough jabber – enjoy Kixpo from my point of view, and thanks again for stopping by:

Continue reading

Reminder: Kixpo!

REMINDER: Kixpo goes down this Saturday, July 2nd from 4pm-10pm in none other than the shiny new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX. This year will mark the 5 year anniversary for Kixpo, so expect an incredible showing from sneaker collectors, clothing vendors, and artists. I am amped to be a part of this event! You should be, too, if you’re attending, because there will also be a private stadium tour! You can purchase the affordable tickets, here.

I hope to see you out this Saturday! If you’re in attendance, stop by my table (in between Tikkr and Snapsteez – thanks, John!) and say Hello. In the mean time, remember that Series One is on a MEGA-super sale, here, and you can check out new look books here & here. Thank you!


You can still cop the two Goody Two Shoes tees at Kixpo this weekend while sizes last!