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Jessi Supreme

Last weekend, I had a blast. I checked out The Public Trust where I saw some intricate doodle work by Kyle Confehr. While there, I chatted with old friends and new – including new supporter and blogger, Jessi Supreme.

Jessi is a smart and sometimes smartass young lady who has been showing a lot of love for the Dallas Fort-Worth music and art scene. When I kept seeing her outspoken support for all things independent through my Twitter feed, I started following her. I have to admit, I was shocked when she tweeted she was – how old? Barely 16?

I never would have thought Jessi was so young. I don’t know that many adults that have the kind-of respect for the creative community like Jessi does. So, thanks, Jessi!

Here’s Jessi’s review (or click: CLOTHING: THE GOOD CHILD) of the “Good Thoughts” t-shirt. Check out her blog and support a young intellect!

Sold Out!

Earlier this week…The Good Child Series One sold out entirely. The last t-shirt to go from the series was “A Child Called Good,” a tribute to one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time (A Tribe Called Quest).

As you might have read last week on the blog, I released Series One a tiny bit less than one year ago. It was the first line of products for the brand and it travelled with me to many events and received some great feedback.

Now, two series in and a handful of exclusives later, I am staying humble in the brand’s steady progress. The Spring+Summer line is slowly selling out as well and I am excitedly drawing up new ideas for the next step. I more than appreciate all of you who have shared the brand story, bought product, visited me at live events, and supported me in your many ways. THANK YOU and I’ll see you out there!


If you own anything from Series One (or any of The Good Child product at that), hang onto it for life, as it is truly one of a kind. None of The Good Child products will ever be reproduced outside of their original run.

Good Year

On January 10th, 2011, I revealed The Good Child Series One on the web. The collection released on the 18th with four styles in limited quantities. Today, I have only two of those t-shirts left!

2011 was the first year running for The Good Child and it was an important one. I exhibited at many, many shows – including Style X at SXSW where I met people from all over the world and made promising connections with customers (old and new) and other vendors alike. There was also the interview that made grandma proud, the crazy drop-off to Marcus Troy, and many other notable happenings.

Last year, the foundation for the brand was set. This year, I’m ready to build on top of it.

Looking back at some of my earliest blog posts, (remember the Blogspot site?!), I see how influenced I was by some of the brands I look up to. It’s interesting to follow the old posts through the new and see the individual voice of the brand grow louder. This year, The Good Child will continue to develop more distinctively through design and story-telling. This had already started with the late Spring+Summer release; I left out the parody, cartoonish designs and introduced more original content.

I have been sketching a lot lately, wrapping my head around the right art direction for The Good Child. I am letting loose, doing more freehand and messing with photography. As ideas become more concrete, I look forward to sharing the progress with you.

I am currently working on a special exclusive, somewhat collaborative, that will release before spring time. There is more product on the horizon, but I am taking my time to refine the details. In the mean time, my goal is to do more blogging and share more of The Good Child lifestyle.

Thank you for following, sharing, traveling with, and supporting the brand so far. It’s going to be a Good year.