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The Good Child Spring/Summer 2011

The Good Child Spring/Summer 2011 line is finally here! I received the shipment of this new series only a few days ago and I’m ready to show you everything in detail. Even better…I’ll be releasing this new series this Saturday! If you’ve been following closely, you might be aware of The Locals event, presented to you by Centre. The Locals, an event all about local, independent brands, happens this Saturday from noon – 8pm at Centre.

I’ll be there – along with the new line and a special offer for anyone who stops by. Until then, check out the unveiled line below:

Growing up, I was called The Good Child. By now, you probably know that. What you don’t know is that when my father would elaborate on why I was so Good, he would tag on this line…

“Although, you don’t have much competition…”

Nowadays, my take on this line is I don’t have much competition, because I am building a brand so personal that it could never be sold, etc. Either way, I love this/his tagline and I hope you sport it positively!

Vintage and The Good Child – on my mind 24/7. It’s on their minds, too. Look how lovely everything is with a little Good in your life.

Good Knockout – a play on brass knuckles and the brand name together. This is the most minimal style in The Good Child line…and one of my absolute favorites.

“X” marks the spot and Dallas is where it’s happening! This shirt fully embodies Dallas with the skyline, The Good Child, and of course – that beautiful green! Dallas, TX might have a lot of suburban sprawl and downtown businesses, but it is also super covered in beautiful greenery in the spring time. Not to mention – the Dallas Mavericks also sport a beautiful shade of green!

Dallas is constantly putting itself on the map with arts, sports, and business. Represent this city the right way with this style!

I practically grew up in the Coachman Winnebago you see pictured in this style (actual photo of it). My family and I traveled across the United States in this beast – camping, swimming on beaches, hiking, panning for gold, visiting ghost towns – you name it and we experienced it all by the hand of the Coachman.

Have many adventures yourself this summer and stay fresh in this easy tank!

Finally. You can pre-order the new The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC pendant at the event this Saturday. Once you place your order, I’ll be in touch with GoodWoodNYC and you should receive your order within 2 weeks. Want to know a secret? One of these beautiful pendants is already available at Centre. If you’re lucky enough, you can snag that one right then and there!

Don’t forget – each style is super limited to size and quantity! The new styles will be available in the online shop Sunday night at 10pm. Hope to see you before then! RSVP for The Locals event, here! Thank you.

Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party

Last night, I went to the Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party. Fur Face Boy always has his release parties in different locations around Dallas/Fort Worth, and this time the shindig was held at Ham Hula T-Shirt Co. Ham Hula, run by Scott Lloyd, is a t-shirt screen-printing company. Fur Face Boy first began producing his tees with Ham Hula, so throwing a party there for his fifth series seemed right. The vibe throughout the evening was 100% positive. A lot of noteworthy brands from Texas were in the house, including Loyal KNG, Grits, Remix Label, Fresh Kaufee, and Unkommon Kolor. Having all of the brands on the same block at Fur Face Boy’s event was rewarding. All of us talked real talk, joked around, joked on each other, danced, sang, and doodled. We also ate some grub and had a few drinks (thanks, Fur Face Boy)! Continue reading

The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC NEW COLORWAYS

I had to bring it back.

The super limited initial run of The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC piece in the natural wood colorway was – well – super limited! Only a few were copped in the short window of availability. Even so, I closed that window and moved forward with the brand.

However, when I was at Style X last month, I had a lot of requests for more pendants. I was also neighbors with GoodWoodNYC themselves, so we talked a little about the production and The Good Child brand. On the 2nd day of the Style X event, I sold four pendants to ONE fan alone. Kortez Marion of Detroit, MI — thank you! This kid ordered colorways I had not produced. After witnessing his enthusiasm I decided to re-release the piece, but in different colorways. The natural colorway is as of now unavailable. Unless you’ve copped one at Centre/Snaphats this last week, that’s IT. I will stay true to my word that no style will ever be 100% reproduced. Don’t be upset – there’s Good news…

The new colorways will include a super, super dope combination…Introducing, The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC pendant in natural wood with a blood wood inlay*. Even I don’t own one…yet!

Other colorways I’ll be producing now include black, dark maple, red, and grey (with a black necklace). I am limiting production of each colorway to 50. These are pre-order still, but there is no time limit on when you place your order. Simply allow 2 weeks for production and shipping – that’s it.

You can cop one soon at http://shop.officialgoodchild.com and also immediately available at Centre (Mockingbird Station in Dallas, TX) while supplies last.

*Big ups to Nell of GoodWoodNYC for collaborating with me on this special piece