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KH Art House One: Locals Only


You should know well by now about the exclusive t-shirt I have been working on with the apparel brand Kill Hubris. Well, we are finally revealing the entire design! This t-shirt, The Locals, is the 1st in the Kill Hubris Art House series. This style is limited to 60 and 10 will be available through The Good Child shop. You will be able to snag yourself The Locals t-shirt this weekend.



The t-shirt features hand drawn portraits of some of North Texas’ creative force. You can see a full list of names, here. I even pixelated Fur Face Boy‘s face!


Do you recognize these two?



More on the inspiration for this design later this week!

Good Hood for Trayvon Martin

In light of the unfortunate event and death of Trayvon Martin, I am re-releasing the Good Hood for limited pre-orders only. Orders will be open for taking from 3/23/12 to 3/30/12. Shipments will begin the week of 4/9/12.

I encourage you to purchase the Good Hood for the purpose of wearing it to a rally in support of bringing justice to the Trayvon Martin case. If you already have a hoody and don’t need another one, I still encourage you to participate in a rally near you in whatever hoody you have.

Seventeen year old Trayvon was unlawfully shot and killed in Sanford, Florida on February 26th, 2012. While being pursued by his shooter, Trayvon was identified as a “black male wearing a hoody” who “looked suspicious.” To learn more about Trayvon Martin, please visit this link. You can also sign a petition at, here, and share with your friends.

I do not expose my brand to many political issues, but this is one I feel is appropriate for The Good Child to stand behind. Trayvon was just a kid. His death is being seen around the nation as both a race issue and a simple right versus wrong issue.

Again, you can purchase the Good Hood in The Good Child online shop, here, starting tomorrow. I will release it in the red, black, and now also heather grey and kelly green color ways in unisex sizes small through 2XL. Although spring & summer are approaching, this hoody is the lighter weight version from American Apparel, so it is perfect for this season. All product is made in the USA.

If I make any profit off of these, I will use what I can in any way I can to help aid Trayvon’s family through their case.

Thank you.

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek Two

You might have seen a little sneak peek the other night of a very special t-shirt I am releasing with the brand Kill Hubris. As mentioned before, Kill Hubris is happy to introduce their Art House series, a series of t-shirts designed by some of Kill Hubris’ favorite artists. I am honored to be the designer behind the first exclusive releasing under the Kill Hubris Art House name. The t-shirt will be available soon, but until then…here’s another sneak peek!

This t-shirt will feature all hand drawn portraits of some familiar faces in the North Texas art scene (and some not so familiar…yet)! Can you recognize these three? That’s me on the lower left. Sam (with the hair) and Biggs of Unkommon Kolor are to my right.

Stay tuned for more news about the special release, including where the inspiration came from and when it will drop!

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek One


The guys at Kill Hubris are proud to announce their Art House series – brought to you by KH in collaboration with local artists.
Their first design is by yours truly, The Good Child. Check out their blog, here, for details! Also, stay tuned for more sneak peeks as the week goes on. The shirt will release very soon.

HYA Guest Blogging

In addition to blogging here for my own brand, The Good Child, I will now be guest blogging for the mega-popular t-shirt & hoody blog Hide Your Arms.

Hide Your Arms is run by Andrew Bowness who lives in the United Kingdom. Andrew has been running Hide Your Arms since 2006 and has recently brought on a handful of contributors including myself and Sleepy Dan from Dallas, TX. I will be doing general blogging about t-shirts and events. My first post will probably go up later this month or beginning of April.

Check out Hide Your Arms daily for great reviews and news about artist-made t-shirts & hoodies!

Stay Tuned


I know that The Good Child merch is damned near all sold out, but be on the look-out these next two weeks for news on something special coming your way soon.

Also, tanks are still $9.99 while they last (only 3 left, I think)! Still have a bunch of smalls and a few mediums in Not Much Competition as well as a handful of Good Thoughts & both Goody 2 Shoes styles. Remember: no styles are ever reproduced. All merchandise is made in the USA.

Shop here!

Vinyl Thoughts 2

Last year, I missed the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas, TX. I heard a lot of great news though, so I had to get on board this time around. Vinyl Thoughts 2 – a custom-made vinyl toy show – was held last night in Deep Ellum at the Quixotic World Theater. The show theme was based on old school video games and the event really played it up (there was even a secret cheat code that could get you into the venue early)!

The line was never-ending, as in no matter how many people went through the doors, the line length stayed the same. Between the insane custom toys and the fans, it was mad crazy – but good! Check out my photos below and see my journey through what I’ll just call…the Mad Hatter’s Toy Shop.

The Good Child ventures out on Good Latimer and Main! Welcome to the deep end… Continue reading