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To add your e-mail to The Good Child (e)mailing list, send a blank e-mail with “Add me” in the subject line to





3 responses to “Contact

  1. Jason Brown

    I lost your number with all the phone issues I’m dealing with. Text me when you get this so I’ll have it again. I will pay pal you tomorrow and we can get this all worked out. Thanks again. You rock.

  2. Garon Shanks

    Hey Heather! I just had a real quick question, and I’ve been asking several brands this so I can get a good general idea. How many XS sizes do you typically sell and who do you sell them to? I was going to order some for my brand I’m coming out with, but I was trying to get a good range of how many I should order based on several responses.


    • Hey Garon! The size runs I buy really depend on the design on the shirt. Like, if I think more girls will be interested in a design, I factor in some XS (since my tees are all unisex).

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