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Reminder: Kixpo!

REMINDER: Kixpo goes down this Saturday, July 2nd from 4pm-10pm in none other than the shiny new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX. This year will mark the 5 year anniversary for Kixpo, so expect an incredible showing from sneaker collectors, clothing vendors, and artists. I am amped to be a part of this event! You should be, too, if you’re attending, because there will also be a private stadium tour! You can purchase the affordable tickets, here.

I hope to see you out this Saturday! If you’re in attendance, stop by my table (in between Tikkr and Snapsteez – thanks, John!) and say Hello. In the mean time, remember that Series One is on a MEGA-super sale, here, and you can check out new look books here & here. Thank you!


You can still cop the two Goody Two Shoes tees at Kixpo this weekend while sizes last!


Sleepy Dan: Series One Slumber Party

Last night I was delighted to attend Sleepy Dan‘s Series One release party at The Public Trust. I had met Dan at The Locals event last month, but I had previously heard good things about him from other local brands’ chit-chatter. When Dan was at The Locals event, I noticed him talking to some of these local brands and giving them each a blank canvas.

When I arrived at Sleepy Dan’s release party last night, I realized what he had been up to. Major local artists – Fresh Kaufee, Magnificent Beard, Grits, Unkommon Kolor, and many more – had created a custom painting for Dan’s party. Each painting had one thing in common – sleepiness.

Besides the well-crafted paintings, there was of course Dan’s t-shirts. He released nine shirts in total last night. My favorites? The one with Dallas on it and the Bowser one. In fact, the Bowser one got me so excited about the video game that I had to sit down and play a level or two. Check out all the fun I had and all of the amazing work from Dan and other Texas artists, below:

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Spring + Summer Look

The other weekend, I had the opportunity to work again with photographer Margie Woods Brown. Together, and with the help of some returning models, we created a fun look for The Good Child spring & summer releases.

Check out the full set of photographs by clicking the image above. Thank you!





The Beginning

Every brand has to start somewhere. I started with these core t-shirts.

Check out the establishment of The Good Child, as captured by Margie Woods Brown Photography on the streets of Dallas, TX. Click the above image to see The Beginning.

All of the shirts featured are currently on sale at

Thank you to my photographer and my models: Margie Woods Brown, Donovan Payne, Matt Moses, Chris Mitchell, Chevi Whitener, Nic Hernandez, and Manuel Oyarce.

Dad’s Chair

My father has done a lot in his days, (read: Happy Birthday Dad), but most importantly…he’s spent time with us. Time spent in chairs. Who can blame you? I sure don’t. A hard-working man has got to take a break every now and then, and I’m glad you took yours with us.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I (and we) love you so much.




The Good Child Series One: Mega Sale!

The Good Child Series One styles are now available for purchase at a gangster-low price of only $9.99. The price drop is a big Thank You to the dozens of supporters I have gained since releasing the series (in November 2010). With every e-mail, shout-out, mention, Like, interview, and follow — you have all contributed to the success of The Good Child, but also to my happiness.

The Spring/Summer 2011 series has been doing well and I can’t wait to release more exclusives and the next series. Thank you all for the positive feedback and, yes, the constructive criticism. Here’s to you!

You can purchase Series One, here, or at Remember, sizes and quantities are super limited! Once a size/style is sold out, it never returns to the shelf.

Thank you!

The Good Child x The Calling vol. 2

On Friday, June 17th, I’ll be at Gilley’s (Southside Music Hall) in Dallas, TX. (Big thanks to Jesse Porter for the heads up)! If you’re into local hip-hop – be there to catch Sore Losers, A.Dd+, and more! I’m excited to be a part of this show, because I’ve been a Sore Losers fan for a couple of years now and I’ve recently turned to A.Dd+ as well. Check out their recent video, here.

At the show, I’ll have a table set up with The Good Child merchandise. If you’re in attendance, swing by my table for some free stickers, check out the new Spring/Summer 2011 line in person, and shoot the sh•t. I might even have a little discount for you!

That’s it – it’s that simple. Good venue, Good music, Good merchandise, Good people. Buy tickets in advance, here! They’re only TEN DOLLARS. See you then! Thank you for supporting your local artists!