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HYA Guest Blogging

In addition to blogging here for my own brand, The Good Child, I will now be guest blogging for the mega-popular t-shirt & hoody blog Hide Your Arms.

Hide Your Arms is run by Andrew Bowness who lives in the United Kingdom. Andrew has been running Hide Your Arms since 2006 and has recently brought on a handful of contributors including myself and Sleepy Dan from Dallas, TX. I will be doing general blogging about t-shirts and events. My first post will probably go up later this month or beginning of April.

Check out Hide Your Arms daily for great reviews and news about artist-made t-shirts & hoodies!

Jessi Supreme

Last weekend, I had a blast. I checked out The Public Trust where I saw some intricate doodle work by Kyle Confehr. While there, I chatted with old friends and new – including new supporter and blogger, Jessi Supreme.

Jessi is a smart and sometimes smartass young lady who has been showing a lot of love for the Dallas Fort-Worth music and art scene. When I kept seeing her outspoken support for all things independent through my Twitter feed, I started following her. I have to admit, I was shocked when she tweeted she was – how old? Barely 16?

I never would have thought Jessi was so young. I don’t know that many adults that have the kind-of respect for the creative community like Jessi does. So, thanks, Jessi!

Here’s Jessi’s review (or click: CLOTHING: THE GOOD CHILD) of the “Good Thoughts” t-shirt. Check out her blog and support a young intellect!