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This Weekend: Meet some of the Finest

Be a part of something this weekend.


I frequently get comments from out-of-towners about how close-knit and supportive the Dallas, TX independent apparel brands are with one another. People from around the U.S. have asked me how we make “that” happen – “that” being the positive, family-like approach we have within our creative indie scene. When I started, well-established brands like Fur Face Boy and Unkommon Kolor never shooed me away. Through cultivating organic relationships with some of the smartest mentors in my city, from the beginning I was able to strongly root my brand in a non-competitive manner. This weekend, I’ll continue to enrich my brand and I’ll be doing it alongside some of those very mentors, as well as with some new upstarts.

Thanks to Centre – a boutique in Dallas that opens the doors for makers, dreamers, and believers – The Locals event will have its 2nd run on Saturday, June 23rd from 12pm-8pm.


Last year, The Locals had its introductory run and the turn-out was great. I had released the Spring+Summer Series there and the support from the community gave the line a great jump start on the season. This time around, I’ll have a few SUPER limited items as well as some tiny Goodies for you to stick in your pocket, on your shirt, or wherever suites you best.


I’ll also have only a couple of THE Locals t-shirts left (the collaborative exclusive with Kill Hubris), so if you wanted one and never had the opportunity to snag one, now is your chance!


Get there early, as all my items are limited edition and I do NOT re-run my styles. Chat me up and see what I’ve got planned next… See you out there!


HYA Guest Blogging

In addition to blogging here for my own brand, The Good Child, I will now be guest blogging for the mega-popular t-shirt & hoody blog Hide Your Arms.

Hide Your Arms is run by Andrew Bowness who lives in the United Kingdom. Andrew has been running Hide Your Arms since 2006 and has recently brought on a handful of contributors including myself and Sleepy Dan from Dallas, TX. I will be doing general blogging about t-shirts and events. My first post will probably go up later this month or beginning of April.

Check out Hide Your Arms daily for great reviews and news about artist-made t-shirts & hoodies!

Hello, Los Angeles

Over the last week, I spent some time visiting the Los Angeles area. I was out in California conducting research for my day job, but I had a blast both working with our consultant and spending some time exploring parts of the city by myself.

I flew in comfort, taking a main cabin flight on Virgin America. All I have to say is, Dude – Virgin America’s technologically advanced flights, purple lights included, rocked my world. Without the in-flight wifi, I wouldn’t have been able to flawlessly re-schedule my arrival transportation plans last-minute, before touching down at LAX.

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Last Saturday, I drove up to Oklahoma City for the SUPERDOPE event hosted by Grpfly and Jabee. The event included a meet & greet with the performers and the vendors at Mutts during the afternoon, as well as the show later on in the night at Urban Roots. I was originally going to do the trip to OKC with my right-hand woman, Tanika (read: Random Hero 12.JULY.11), but I ended up traveling alone – like a boss (my own boss, that is).

I was the first person out of the SUPERDOPE crew to reach Mutts, so I took a few photos of their awesome brand concept while I waited. Continue reading


Next Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be in Oklahoma City for the SUPER DOPE show.

If you’re in the area, come hang out with the SUPER DOPE crew at Mutts from 1-2pm for the meet & greet! Performers Jabee, AD.d+, Braingangblue, and Houston will be there, as will clothing brands UnkommonKolor, Grpfly, L.O.U.D Clothing, and myself – The Good Child.

The real fun begins around 9pm at Urban Roots when the musicians start to hit the stage and I set up The Good Child pop-up shop alongside the other brands.

For SUPER DOPE, I’m going to have some new stickers and a couple of sneak peeks for you guys, so come through, chat with me, and see where the brand is headed! Remember, once a style sells out, it’s sold out forever! The Spring+Summer series will be looking mighty thin after this month, so grab it while you can!

Co-Tee TV Has Good Thoughts

Whoa! Under my radar, Coty Gonzales reviewed The Good Child “Good Thoughts” t-shirt in episode 87 of Co-Tee TV! If you recall, at the end of August, Coty received, reviewed, and loved The Good Child goody box I sent to him. Coty loved the brand so much, he’ll be reviewing a handful of the t-shirts I sent him over the next however-long.

Here’s the video:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28450965]

THANK YOU, Coty! Also, here’s an answer to Coty’s questioning about who the people are in the screen printed image: advertisement in Better Homes & Garden’s circa 1950s. The idea for “Good Thoughts” was to conjoin my side-hustle (The Good Child) and my day-job (modern-vintage apparel design) into one solid design. Looks like it was a success! Check out Coty’s full review, including photos, pros and cons, here.

You can cop a “Good Thoughts” t-shirt, here…and, because I’m feeling so Goooood now, use code GOODTHOUGHTS for free shipping on this style only!

Thanks, again!


Don’t forget! Only 43 days left on my Kickstarter project! Ch-check it out and tell a friend to tell a friend!

The Good Child on Co-Tee TV!

This morning, I woke up to an awesome post on Coty Gonzales’ website.

Let me re-start this…

Coty Gonzales is a major t-shirt reviewer. He lives and posts out of Hawaii. He runs his website, but he also guest-posts on sites like T-Shirt Magazine, Cottonable, and more. Coty has reviewed big Texas brands like Fur Face Boy, but he’s also covered newer brands like Sleepy Dan, so I thought I would send him a package from The Good Child.

I put 100% of my attention to details in packaging the box for Coty and choosing the t-shirts that would be included. Check out his awesome review of the whole shebang below!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/28216166]

Wow, thank you, Coty! What a great look in to my brand and why I do this. I can’t wait to see what Coty has to say about the other seven t-shirts in the box! If you go to the post on Coty’s website, you can read up on his opinion of the true pros and cons of The Good Child.

I also recommend you read this other post to gain insight on more brands coming out of Texas right now. Always coming up!©


Keep an eye on the online shop this weekend!