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Your Weekly Recap!

Phew! A LOT of things have been going on this week and it’s not even over (see Cool Kids & Houston Sneaker Summit). To help you out, here’s a list of some of the things you might have missed!

MONDAY: The Good Child Series One RELEASED
TUESDAY: Random Hero /// 24 hr only sale for The Good Child Series One
WEDNESDAY: felt like Friday /// sent off artwork for an awesome event coming in Feb.!
THURSDAY: Atama Dunny Azteca II Release
FRIDAY: RE-CAP on the Atama event! /// Exclusive interview with H1gher Learning airs /// Air Jordan III White/Cement re-release lines start forming!

SUNDAY: Htown Sneaker Summit

Quite a week, don’t you think? I thought it was a great way to kick off 2011 – hot new releases, fresh faces, and outstanding products all around. THANK YOU to all of those who made anything above happen. Did you have a good week? I sure as hell did!

Atama’s Dunny Azteca II Release

Last night, despite the freezing cold (unusual for Dallas), I attended Atama‘s Dunny Azteca II Release/Trading Party. As soon as I got upstairs, (Atama is the colorful upstairs space in Centre), I saw a few cases set up for buying. I also was greeted by Josh Romero, the manager for Atama and pretty rad guy all around.

The shop still had a few Show Me the Munny t-shirts from the incredible custom Munny show back in December. Did you cop one?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the Dunny Azteca II series!

My friend and day job co-worker, Design By Proxy, and I were the first purchases!

He got doubles of the Dunny Azteca picture just above (on top of the semi-truck). I got the one just below…

The purchase that followed mine made a shame outta me…

This kid, Austin, walked up and bought an entire case!

First one out of the box!

Austin was the coolest little man I’d ever met. He even traded Design By Proxy for one of his doubles!

Design By Proxy was looking for one of those 2Tone Dunny‘s, but he could not acquire!

After making my purchase, living through others’ purchases, and not even wanting to trade anything, I chatted it up with Hance (Centre) and Nic (NTX Hip-Hop).

Nic had some of the “throwback” The Good Child stickers! Check it!

Sorry about the camera blur – Nic is super cool and super fast.

I had a chance to check out the new Centre x New Era caps. ::pause:: I want one of them pretty badly.

All in all, it was a chill evening at the Centre & Atama shops – one I needed. I had a good time checking out the merch, meeting new people (including Illtellect), and bullsh•tting with Hance. By the way, keep a lookout – Centre is getting a new set-up on their floor in the near future that I am stoked about (but, I’m not revealing that). It’d be good to keep your eyes on this boutique in general. 

Always coming up. ®

Atama Dunny Azteca II Release

I’ll be at the @shopATAMA Dunny Azteca II Trading/Release Party. Will YOU? If so, youmight have a chance to receive one of those original The Good Child t-shirts (for free, handed to you straight from my hands).

See you out there! I know @DesignByProxy will be there!