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Always Coming Up…NEXT!

Phew! It’s been a Good spring so far! Since February, I’ve been on my grind – producing a new style (or two) and attending some major events. Last week, I was at Style X – a fashion portion of SXSW. Before that, you probably caught me at the We Are 1976 No. ’76 shindig. Somewhere in between, I was also traveling and doing research for my day job (which was 100% as rad as The Good Child adventures). I have quite a lot of photos to share with you all, but first – here’s news on where I’ll be NEXT:

San Antonio’s Sneaks Up 5!

San Antonio Sneaks Up 5SA Sneaks Up 5 will be at the Backstage Live center in San Antonio on Sunday, April 17th from 2-7pm. I will be set up with the existing The Good Child merchandise as well as a new, special edition tee titled “Goody Two Shoes” (preview coming soon). Remember, these styles are only produced once — when they are sold out, they’re gone (and most mediums have left the shelf already)! The Good news? Look out for a summer series release coming this May or June, including some girls and big boy sizes!

(You can RSVP for SA Sneaks Up 5 here).

After SA Sneaks Up 5 and the summer series release, you can find me at Kixpo 2011.

Kixpo 2011This August, Kixpo will be presented in none other than the new Cowboys Stadium! This is going to be GOOD. This is my first time working with the Deadstock crew and I’m pretty psyched to be a part of such a large, local, creative event. More details coming soon, but forecast looks as follows: sneakers, music, sneakers, t-shirts, and more sneakers.

These warm months ahead will be filled with so many fresh ideas and apparel that I can hardly think of anything else! I hope to see you out there and thank you for all the love so far.

24 Hr Spring Broke SALE!

The Good Child Spring Broke Sale

I Am the Trend is hosting a mega SPRING BROKE SALE with over 50 brands, including The Good Child! Check out ALL the deals: and get 35% off The Good Child product HERE:

Wiz Kid Khalifa

As some of you already know, last night – thanks to Patrick of Nasa Gang – I hopped on to the opportunity to meet rapper Wiz Khalifa in person. Wiz was at the Main Event in Plano, TX doing a meet & greet sponsored by Dallas’ hip-hop station, 97.9 The Beat.

Word was that us media kids and I (Fly Times Daily included) would have a moment to talk to Wiz, ask him about 4 questions, and shoot our media when Wiz was finished meeting 97.9 The Beat contest winners and doing a little bowling game. However, the time to meet Wiz came faster than we had thought; we were directed to meet Wiz right after the contest winner had their short session. Now, although I was psyched to meet Wiz earlier than later in the night, I was disappointed that our time got reduced down to that of the contest winners – enough to say a few words (literally) and maybe shoot a photo. Still, when producers run your ass on tour, that’s the game, right?

So, what did I ask Wiz during my five seconds of fame?

Well, since Wiz started rapping back in the 3rd grade…I was wondering if he always had his head on straight, or if he ever was derailed in his focus by other friends who weren’t on such a productive path (in other words, Was he a Good Child?). Wiz said, Everyone gets into a little trouble here and there, but, no, I was always doing the right thing. Since Wiz has always been Good – a Wiz Kid – I gifted him one of my Good Gold tees as a simple thank you.

It was nice to know Wiz has always been on a direct path to success – and much to his own doing (with or with out the major record labels, Wiz has been doing his music 100%). Make sure you download some of his free mixtapes, Kush & Orange Juice and/or Cabin Fever. Also make sure you grab his new album, Rolling Papers, dropping March 29th.

Better Music than Beaches PREVIEW!

Here’s your REAL sneak peek at The Good Child Better Music than Beaches t-shirt, releasing at Style X (a portion of SXSW) on March 18th. This will be a run of only 25.

We all know the gulf is dirty – no harm in admitting to that – but, there issomething to show off in Texas and that’s the music scene. With events like SXSW, Austin City Limits, and 35 Conferette, Texas cities are on the map for travel destinations. The ”DTX • ATX • SATX • HTX” in the graphic symbolizes each major city in Texas, north to south, that host some of the big music events.

This tee is surf-inspired; the t-shirt body color comes only in khaki with the graphic ink colors inspired by Miami Vice, Grand Theft Auto, and found vintage t-shirts around Austin, TX. This t-shirt is hand-destroyed in areas, so no one tee is alike.

This t-shirt is produced 100% in the USA on 40’s 100% cotton jersey – knitted by Alternative Apparel in Los Angeles and screen printed in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.