Monthly Archives: March 2013

Good Life

For the last few months, I have been pretty occupied. I have been working my day job – designing denim – as well as contributing heavily to Dallas’ new online culture magazine, (and even contributing here and there to the well-read t-shirt blog, I have also been doing some freelance on the side and staying busy artistically in general. If not artistically, I have been staying busy physically by riding my bike. Hell yeah, bikes.

While The Good Child lives on, selling online and sharing creative ideas with others, I have definitely been focused elsewhere, too.

Oh, hey, and I also go a new camera! I am now shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II! That’s really what brought me to blog at this moment; I want to share with you guys – my supporters, friends, and family – what I have been experiencing lately. Below, take a journey with me through music, friends, family, tasty foods, and, well, the good life.

35 Denton was pretty rad. It was my fourth year in attendance, first year shooting press, and first time at a pop concert (Solange!)…

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