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Spring + Summer Now on Sale!

It’s been a few months since the Spring + Summer series release at Centre and now you can grab all of the styles on sale! All of the Spring + Summer styles are available online at at an awesome new low price. For this week(end) only, you can also take advantage of free shipping to anywhere in the US when you buy a Spring/Summer item – just enter code GOODPOST at checkout! Pretty good, huh?

Remember, once a style sells out, it’s SOLD OUT FOREVER!

I am also working diligently on designing the next series. If you’re interested in what’s going on, check out my Kickstarter project, here. While you’re browsing, check out the project rewards and make sure you click on the UPDATES tab, too!

Thank you.


Texas Teezilla!

This weekend, The Good Child will get illa with Texas Teezilla (I had to do that). A few months ago, just after Kixpo 2011, J. from Lies and Filth clothing contacted me in regards to an event that would involve 100% local (Dallas-Fort Worth/Texas) brands. Since live events are my most rewarding in terms of spreading the brand story, meeting new people – and of course, slinging shirts – I hopped on board.

If you’re in Dallas this Saturday, September 24th make sure you stop by at 2824 Main St. (Quixotic World Theatre) in Deep Ellum! There’s almost no excuse not to visit, as the event will run all day from 11am to 7pm. I will be there as a vendor as will some of my favorite Dallas brands: Loyal KNG, Fresh Kaufee, Sleepy Dan, and sooo many more!

You can expect all of my remaining inventory from Series One (mostly XL and XXL left) and the Spring + Summer ’11 line to be available at Texas Teezilla. I always drop the price tag on my shirts for live events and hand out free stickers, so make sure you stop by! RSVP here!


I also suggest that after Texas Teezilla you swing by Trees (also in Deep Ellum) for the Dallas Swag Hip Hop Showcase featuring none other than The Good Child Family member K. MC! The show begins at 8pm, it’s all ages and it only cost 12 buckaroos – tickets here.

Live Talk with The Good Child!


I will be holding a live U-Stream tomorrow,  Tuesday, September 20th at 8pm CST to tell you more about The Good Child Kickstarter project, share some of The Good Child products, and answer any of your questions!

In the mean time, feel free to visit this link: and watch my introduction video for all of the Good details.

I only have 36 days left to reach my Kickstarter goal and unless I reach it at 100%, I will not receive any of the pledges! If every fan of The Good Child on Facebook pledged just $1, I would be $253+ towards my total goal. It’s amazing how little you can give to help create something so BIG. Check out the rewards I am offering to backers, too! You will not be disappointed!

So, be there tomorrow night at 8pm CST to see me try to answer all of you questions and share with you some Good products!

Thank you!
Heather, The Good Child

Co-Tee TV Has Good Thoughts

Whoa! Under my radar, Coty Gonzales reviewed The Good Child “Good Thoughts” t-shirt in episode 87 of Co-Tee TV! If you recall, at the end of August, Coty received, reviewed, and loved The Good Child goody box I sent to him. Coty loved the brand so much, he’ll be reviewing a handful of the t-shirts I sent him over the next however-long.

Here’s the video:


THANK YOU, Coty! Also, here’s an answer to Coty’s questioning about who the people are in the screen printed image: advertisement in Better Homes & Garden’s circa 1950s. The idea for “Good Thoughts” was to conjoin my side-hustle (The Good Child) and my day-job (modern-vintage apparel design) into one solid design. Looks like it was a success! Check out Coty’s full review, including photos, pros and cons, here.

You can cop a “Good Thoughts” t-shirt, here…and, because I’m feeling so Goooood now, use code GOODTHOUGHTS for free shipping on this style only!

Thanks, again!


Don’t forget! Only 43 days left on my Kickstarter project! Ch-check it out and tell a friend to tell a friend!

Taking The Good Child to the next level!

It’s been almost a year since I created The Good Child brand and I’m ready to take you guys to a new level.

I have started a project on Kickstarter to help raise funds to begin production on the next series. I have already begun designing some cut & sew, hoodies, woven button-ups, and more.  Check out my page on Kickstarter by clicking here, or the image below.

With your contribution, you will have a chance to pick up some of the rewards I am offering through the project – just look to the right of the project page for the tiered reward system. You won’t be disappointed. Even just $1-$5 helps.

You can help in a major and free way simply by spreading the Good word; tell your friends, loved ones, post on Facebook, tweet about it, or share through your blog (if you have one)!

Unless I reach my total goal of $3,500, I will receive zero money from all of the pledges. The project will only be able to accept pledges until 5pm CDT on October 25th, 2011. After that…it’s on!

To my supporters, old and new, THANK YOU. In under a year, I have gained hundreds of you and your support has built a strong foundation for The Good Child. I am excited to give you another top-notch, premium series to wear for years to come.

Labor Day Sale!

Good news, my friends and followers:

The Good Child Labor Day sale begins September 3rd at 12:00 AM CST. All merchandise will be 20% off – that’s GoodWoodNYC pendants, Series One, exclusives, and the newest product from this summer. Not Good enough? Use the code GOODPOST at check-out for free shipping!

Click the flier, or visit!