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A Night with Dana Tanamachi

There are few events that will pull me out of comfy North Dallas on a Wednesday night, but the monthly DSVC (Dallas Society of Visual Communications) meeting is one of them. DSVC always invites a guest to speak at their meeting and they could not have chosen a better one to wrap up their spring session. Dana Tanamachi.

Dana, once a UNT (University of North Texas) student, now hails from Brooklyn, NY. Dana started out of college like most of us – in a job she was unsure of, but working hard either way. After a short stint with a magazine publisher, Dana fell into designing broadway show posters (incredible stuff!). It was in leaving her broadway gig that Dana hooked up with renowned designer Louise Fili. Working with Fili, Dana focused on the design of restaurants & packaging.

Nothing was ever enough and Dana not only put enthusiasm into her jobs for Fili, but she also put her heart and soul into any odd job that passed her by; from hand embroidering birthday bunting for Fili herself to dipping into charitable skateboard design – Dana did it all. As quoted from her lecture, “I was always finding an excuse to work with my hands.”

However multi-talented, Dana’s biggest asset was her hand-lettering skills. Dana had always been a major typography fan and that screamed through her work. Today, Dana is working exclusively as custom chalk letterer. With Dollar Store chalk and a wet rag, she is undeniable on the board. Dana works with out a projector. Check this out:

In watching a handful of Dana’s videos, I noticed the number of times she would erase and re-illustrate the letters. It was all about practice – every time. I learned a lot from Dana during her guest lecture, but most importantly — as creatives, we need to strive to keep each other humble and teachable in our craft. Never deny a lesson, never hesitate to ask.

See more of Dana’s work, in action, here.


Vinyl Thoughts 2

Last year, I missed the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas, TX. I heard a lot of great news though, so I had to get on board this time around. Vinyl Thoughts 2 – a custom-made vinyl toy show – was held last night in Deep Ellum at the Quixotic World Theater. The show theme was based on old school video games and the event really played it up (there was even a secret cheat code that could get you into the venue early)!

The line was never-ending, as in no matter how many people went through the doors, the line length stayed the same. Between the insane custom toys and the fans, it was mad crazy – but good! Check out my photos below and see my journey through what I’ll just call…the Mad Hatter’s Toy Shop.

The Good Child ventures out on Good Latimer and Main! Welcome to the deep end… Continue reading

Last day to Order The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC

Last day to Order The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC is tomorrow!


The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC

Will be limited to only 25 pieces!

30″ beaded, light wood necklace
Natural wood
2.5″ pendant, engraving double sided

Introducing the official The Good Child necklace – designed by yours truly and constructed by the original GoodWoodNYC team.

GoodWoodNYC is a female-led brand out of Brooklyn, NY. They specialize in natural wood products like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains – you name it! They even make limited edition t-shirts! GoodWood has collaborated with designers such as Crooks & Castles, M. Tony Peralta, and Coat Of Arms NYC. Their product is also worn by artists Nas, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and many more. All of this being said, I am thoroughly excited to introduce the GoodWoodNYC piece as the first accessory of The Good Child brand.

This item is available for pre-order only. Place your order now or before 22.JAN.11 to secure your exclusive, limited edition GCGW necklace! Orders will be processed and shipped by 31.JAN.11.