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Vinyl Thoughts 2

Last year, I missed the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas, TX. I heard a lot of great news though, so I had to get on board this time around. Vinyl Thoughts 2 – a custom-made vinyl toy show – was held last night in Deep Ellum at the Quixotic World Theater. The show theme was based on old school video games and the event really played it up (there was even a secret cheat code that could get you into the venue early)!

The line was never-ending, as in no matter how many people went through the doors, the line length stayed the same. Between the insane custom toys and the fans, it was mad crazy – but good! Check out my photos below and see my journey through what I’ll just call…the Mad Hatter’s Toy Shop.

The Good Child ventures out on Good Latimer and Main! Welcome to the deep end… Continue reading


Texas Teezilla!

This weekend, The Good Child will get illa with Texas Teezilla (I had to do that). A few months ago, just after Kixpo 2011, J. from Lies and Filth clothing contacted me in regards to an event that would involve 100% local (Dallas-Fort Worth/Texas) brands. Since live events are my most rewarding in terms of spreading the brand story, meeting new people – and of course, slinging shirts – I hopped on board.

If you’re in Dallas this Saturday, September 24th make sure you stop by at 2824 Main St. (Quixotic World Theatre) in Deep Ellum! There’s almost no excuse not to visit, as the event will run all day from 11am to 7pm. I will be there as a vendor as will some of my favorite Dallas brands: Loyal KNG, Fresh Kaufee, Sleepy Dan, and sooo many more!

You can expect all of my remaining inventory from Series One (mostly XL and XXL left) and the Spring + Summer ’11 line to be available at Texas Teezilla. I always drop the price tag on my shirts for live events and hand out free stickers, so make sure you stop by! RSVP here!


I also suggest that after Texas Teezilla you swing by Trees (also in Deep Ellum) for the Dallas Swag Hip Hop Showcase featuring none other than The Good Child Family member K. MC! The show begins at 8pm, it’s all ages and it only cost 12 buckaroos – tickets here.