Random Heroes


Today’s Random Hero goes to Transit Bicycle Co.


Since it’s kind-of like the beginning of spring all over the United States (high 70’s yesterday in Chicago? 82 in Dallas?), lately I have been thinking a lot about riding my bike. I have been getting outside and running etc., but nothing quite beats a bike ride.

I have a vintage Ross Eurotour bike (3-speed), but the tubes are cracked and old. This is an easy fix, but I am lazy and my mind is wandering elsewhere…

Yesterday, I visited Dallas’ relatively new independently owned bike shop – Transit Bicycle Co. – to check out what the whole “fixie” trend was all about (the shop is known as Dallas’ single-speed and fixed gear headquarters).

The dude behind the counter, Fran, was super knowledgable and helpful. It felt damned good to enter a new realm as a novice and not feel intimidated or silly for not knowing certain things about the product.


Fran explained fixed gear bike riding to me and even let me take the Pista (classic fixie brand) out for a test ride behind the shop (he went with me, explaining tips and pointers along the way).

I left the shop knowing a few things I didn’t know before and one of them was that Transit Bicycle Co. is definitely a reliable source for not only product, but information about cycling in general.

Thank you, Transit Bicycle Co., for pretty much showing me the way. I can’t wait to get out there and ride.



I already borrowed a friend’s fixie last night and test-rode it for a couple of miles. Very different, but I really enjoyed the journey and learning fun things about fixed gears (hey, like, don’t “stop pedaling” or you’ll fly over the handle bars).



Today’s Random Hero goes to my new Puma “Clyde” Suedes.

Thanks to a little digital experience set up by Marcus Troy and Puma, I was one of a few chosen winners of this legendary shoe. The original Clyde was a basketball shoe introduced by Puma in 1973 and named after one of the best point guards in history – Walt “Clyde” Frazier.  Frazier was a man with style on and off the court.

Frazier was known to don the Clyde shoes with custom-tailored suits and wide-brimmed hats. The man had impeccable street style that would resonate for years.

Now, this collaboration by Marcus Troy and Puma has provided me the opportunity to show my own style. How will I rock these Clydes? Find out soon HERE. You can also enter to win a pair over here.

Thanks, Puma Clyde Suedes (and Puma x Marcus Troy) for influencing me to mix up different eras of style.



Today’s Random Hero goes to exercising your right to vote.

The United States of America has another major election happening on November 6, 2012. In the state of Texas and some other states, registered voters may go ahead and cast their ballots early.

I filed my vote this morning. I have to say, nothing has ever made me feel more powerful (graduating college closely compares).

There isn’t much else to say here…other than, go vote! Make your opinion matter. And remember, you only need your voter registration card – not an I.D. card. You can also find where to vote early amongst other voter information here.

Thanks, USA, for the equal rights in place that allow me – a mixed race, young female – to vote.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Jessica Drenk.

On a recent CADD Bus Tour, I was pleased to see new work by contemporary artist Jessica Drenk. Drenk works with ordinary objects and transforms them into unique masterpieces. From toothpicks to pencils, Drenk sculpts incredible work that keeps viewers staring and asking themselves, “How’d she do that?”

The above piece was constructed of “sliced” book spines. Drenk took the novels, sliced them on their vertical axis, coated them, and arranged them as such to reflect something organic. I thought it was reminiscent of brain matter – interesting, since it was words on pages I was staring at.

As for the graphite pencils, Drenk adheres them together and then takes a sandblaster to them, morphing the bunch into flawlessly smooth exteriors with detailed interiors that catch the eye.

Of all the CADD Bus Tour stops, Drenk came in first (although my heart still lies with pop artist Carlos Donjuan) on my list of loves. I enjoy when an artist can take our natural surroundings and repurpose them into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Thanks, Drenk, for showing me that sometimes even ordinary objects have greater purposes beyond for what they’ve been made.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Sleigh Bells.

Because, nothing is really better than that video at this moment. Catch Sleigh Bells on their current tour – in Dallas on October 16th.

Thanks, Sleigh Bells, for creating totally rad thrashing music that I can still sing along with.



Today’s Random Hero goes to the newest Abbott.

Last week’s Random Hero went to The First Abbott Batch, so it only makes sense to respect the newest Abbott, too. Isaac Eugene Abbott was born about a month and a week ago, coming in early at a mere 4lbs 4oz, to my Badass Brother #1 and his lady.

That hasn’t stopped the kid from coming into the world with a force. He even started lifting his head and doing strong human things that babies his age aren’t suppose to be able to do yet. With all the love he’s been receiving lately, I have faith this little guy is going to keep growing at a healthy rate. I have always wanted a nephew I could hold in my arms (read: Random Hero 17.SEPT.12 The First Abbott Batch), and Isaac is absolutely perfect.

I can’t wait until he grows a little older so I can teach him wise things. Things like recycling, riding a bike, and how to play music. Who am I kidding, his rock star father will be taking care of all of those that, but I will definitely step in as Cool Ass Auntie to steal him away for ice cream here and there.

Thanks, Isaac, for bringing so much radness into my Badass Brother’s life. You’ve brought it into mine, too, and completely refreshed my outlook on things.



Today’s Random Hero goes to The First Abbott Batch. 

Most families are weird. Mine is no different. Both of my parents were married very young. People change. They ended up divorcing at a young age, too, but not before my father had three children with his first wife.

Anne, Sue, and Ben Abbott.

Later on, my parents met and married. They have been together ever since. Somewhere along the way, they adopted my Badass Brother #1, then me, and then my Badass Brother #2. Even so, we have all been very connected with The First Abbott Batch. Holidays, vacations – I even shared the same play pin with my first nephew. Imagine that!

All my life, I have built amazing family memories and The First Abbott Batch has been a big part of those memories. Camping, fishing, hiking, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, family weekends – you name it. These three siblings have been guiding me alongside my nieces and nephews (their children), my brothers, and my parents.

Thanks, First Abbot Batch, for always being there for me and for always accepting me like one of your own. Hell, I AM one of your own because of you guys. I love you.



Today’s Random Hero goes to It’ll Do Dancing Club.

It’ll Do has brought to Dallas, TX what no other club has been able to achieve (including the Lizard Lounge) and that’s a place to dance. Just dance.

Open just one night a week (save for any special event Thursdays or the bi-monthly QUEEN event), It’ll Do is doing it right. With money invested into the sound system and almost nowhere else, there’s no room for wallflowers. The entire venue is a dance floor, save for  mini-bleacher like seating on either side of the wooden flooring. In the middle of the dance floor is a light-up segment that is spectacular to boogie upon late at night.

Even the DJ remains unspoiled with a modest set up in the back of the building, facing the audience from a small black deck. There is a tiny bit of room for a stage when needed and when it’s in use, the entire party is watching.

I don’t typically dance, but an environment like It’ll Do is enough to invoke my spirit to move to the beat. At It’ll Do, the DJ’s are always on point, the crowd is friendly and energetic, and the live shows are more than worth the cover charge. Now, if only they’d throw QUEEN on a Friday (Thursdays are jammed)!

Thanks, It’ll Do, for giving me a place to let go and disco.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Ace Car Care.

I have been visiting Ace Care Care since before I can remember. Despite his day job, my father used to spend a lot of time with Ace himself, tuning their Porsches and “shootin’ the shit.” Eventually, my Badass Brothers also started spending most of their free time in the shop, learning the trade alongside the older men.

After almost two decades, I am still visiting the shop. I don’t see Ace around much, as he seems well-put in his own branch of the shop, but I do see the receptionist (and she is so much more than that) and the lead mechanic & manager on every visit. Just the other day, I stopped by and “shot the shit.” I felt like my father for a minute – hanging out at the auto shop and talking life experiences and lessons with the wise folks.

I could go on and on about how great of a job Ace’s shop does when they fix my vehicles, how friendly the greased-up shop kitties are, or how I wouldn’t recommend another shop in DFW for the life of me… But, the best part about Ace’s is just that it’s like family when I enter the shop. Nothing beats that.

Thanks, Ace Car Care, for taking care of me almost as good as my own parents. Everyone needs looking after and everyone needs an honest mechanic.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Starbucks Refreshers™.

Yeah, I said it. So it’s no Mom & Pop brand, but the big coffee corporation we are all guilty to supporting sure has come up with one helluva “energy” drink. I say “energy” not because it lacks any umph, but because the Starbucks Refreshers™ don’t come with an overwhelming feeling of hypertension, often referred to as that “cracked out feeling” or that bitter taste of an overly-ginsenged drink. Instead the infusion of green coffee extract, real fruit juice, B vitamins, and ginseng provide a clean taste and a leveled-out alert feeling that I have come to appreciate.

Venti soy chai lattes are like the beer of coffee drinks – often drunk fast and leave the thirsty with a heavy gut feeling. Espresso is like the amphetamine – taken by shots. But the Refreshers? The word “finally” comes to mind.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Limitless, you’ll understand when I describe drinking a Refresher like this: after 3/4 of the can is in my system, it’s like I just zone straight into a productive mode. It’s not, as I stated, like “cracked out” productivity. Instead, it’s clean and subtle. A subconsciousness born of the crisp beverage that urges me to keep crossing items off of my to-do list.

Thanks, Refreshers™, for keeping me on my toes. Literally. Like Fred Flintstone driving.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Kalan Briggs.

Every time I talk to Kalan, check out his website or his Instagram, I realize the kid DOES NOT STOP WORKING. There’s always a new track, photo series, or video to publish. I admire artists who habitually create, whose line between “a hard day’s work” and “having a good time” is blurred beyond recognition. For pay or for play, Kalan stays fixed behind the camera lens.

My first quality outing with Kalan, we had brunch with a couple of friends. Kalan had his camera on him. And on me. And on us. I can’t say he didn’t warn me.

“Just so you know, I take a lot of pictures.”

He takes them well.

Kalan is also quite possibly one of the funniest guys I have ever met. He is humble and is about living life (not “THAT life”, just life). He even quit his day job not too long ago, which you might hear about in his rhymes.

Props to this kid for dabbling in many creative fields and succeeding. In college, advisors tell students to hone in on one skill, but I think that if you have many dreams, you should pursue them all in due time.

Thanks Kalan, for proving that lifestyle is doable. And, that f@#% practice, just do what you love day by day. People will notice.



Today’s Random Hero goes to James Abercrombie.

No relation to the brand Abercrombie & Fitch. In fact, James told me the last of the true blooded Abercrombie families died out in the 1500s.

James works at Whole Foods (Dallas’ Park Lane location). I often see James preparing tasty hand-outs for customers to snack on while they shop. Usually, I can’t stand it when someone with a free sample, mixtape, flier approaches me – but for some reason James doesn’t bother me.

I can usually hear James before I see him. He often belts out improv jingles about the food he is preparing for the day. James has a pretty damned good singing voice, too. Today, he made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sound like the right answer to anything.

Thanks, James, for successfully making my dreaded shopping experience quirky and fun.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Joonbug & Fresh Kaufee.


Joonbug, owner and sole creative behind the Dallas-based indie brand Fresh Kaufee, has been sharing his process of design more and more lately. Must be why it was this morning that I realized – I’ve never done the kid honor.

This Random Hero post goes to Fresh Kaufee, because Joonbug puts in more work than almost any local artist I know (challenge: Biggs). For every “Good morning, good people,” I tweet, Joonbug is going to bed after a long night’s work. Guaranteed that he only takes a nap, too. But, enough about how he grinds.

How Joonbug works and his finished results are more worth mentioning than how much he sweats over the sketchpad. If you follow him closely, you can see how he goes from faint pencil sketches to outlines to fill to highlights and shadows – the whole enchilada.

Joonbug pays attention to the details in his illustrations AND his branding. Fresh Kaufee product is packaged in coffee bags and smells like coffee.

Joonbug is talented, but ever-so humble. I don’t need to say much more.

Thanks, Joonbug, for sharing your process with everybody and staying true to your individual style and grind.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Frank Ocean.

I’ve been listening to Frank for about a year now. Nic of NTX Hip-Hop got me on board with the young WuTangesque crew –  Odd Future – and I was an instant fan of the group as a collective force as well as individual artists. Two of the more unique musicians from the OF crew, Syd and Frank Ocean, took “hip-hop” to a different level.

“There’s really nothing to compare it to, and it’s so different that it could go either way. You know? People are either going to really love it, or people are going to really hate it” (Syd on The Internet, a self-described “psychedelic Stevie Wonder”).

Syd’s words also describe how I first felt about Frank Ocean. I had been hyped by OF frontman Tyler the Creator‘s heavy rap flows, so when Ocean’s R&B melodies came along, admittedly, I wasn’t feeling it right away. Still, Ocean’s flawless voice has sucked me in and I began to give his singles a try. I became interested.

Now, I am playing Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange on a daily basis. The music has made me a supporter. Ocean is a poetic lyricist and recently I discovered he is a poet in general. This morning, I read Ocean’s much talked about Tumblr post about his summer love some years ago.

It was one of the most well-written letters I’d ever read. There isn’t much else to be said about Frank Ocean. Other than one of the best sounding songs on his album is about the tragedy of crack rock. Really, an incredible track. The guy’s voice is untouchable.


Thanks, Frank. For being realer than real. Nothing less, leaving nothing to disappoint. You have my respect.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Clear Soul Forces.

Clear Soul Forces – E-Fav, L.A.Z., Noveliss, and producer/emcee Ilajide – is a hip-hop group out of Detroit, MI. Over just the last few years, Clear Soul Forces has dropped their knowledge at SXSW six times, visited 35 Denton (one of my personal favorites), released hot singles, introduced The Departure EP, and dropped their anticipated debut album, Detroit Revolution(s).

When I first saw the video for their single Get No Better (above), four letters came to mind: ATCQ. Clear Soul Forces’ lyricism and production is reminiscent of infamous rap group A Tribe Called Quest. In both groups, the emcees spit rhymes with theoretical wisdom. You won’t hear CSF talk about b•tches, money, clothes, etc. I thoroughly enjoy a hip-hop group who can speak to the world and not just a tiny niche of mainstream kids and Clear Soul Forces is doing just that.

While watching the Get No Better video, I also noticed that Ilajide was doubled up on two of The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC pendants. I think I recall meeting Clear Soul Forces at my trunk show during Style X at SXSW in 2011. If I am remembering correctly, Ilajide bought four of those wooden pendants in colors I hadn’t even released yet. Seeing someone repping The Good Child without having asked to be sponsored means a helluva lot to an indie brand.

I got to thank Clear Soul Forces for refreshing the music scene with knowledgable hip-hop… We all know ATCQ, Kweli, Common, you name it – but these guys are young, fresh, and new (somehow, they don’t feel like a 90’s rip-off).

Thanks, Clear Soul Forces, for revitalizing the underground.



Today’s Random Hero goes to #WHATSHOULDWECALLME(.com).

A picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated GIF must be worth at least half a million, right? Well, they’re at least worth a helluva laugh over at What Should We Call Me. I cannot tell you how many minutes a week my day job co-workers and I take a mental break and browse What Should We Call Me’s Tumblr blog. I can’t tell you, because it’s probably way too many minutes in a work day to reveal without consequence.

What Should We Call Me’s sole purpose is to use animated GIFs to help express the blogger’s emotions and opinions in certain situations. Most all of the posts have me laughing to the point of tears. There’s really no better way to get yourself in a good mood and clear your mind while on the clock.

Thanks, What Should We Call Me, for giving me countless moments of laughter and some practice with using the cmmd+h shortcut.



Today’s Random Hero goes to grilling in the USA.

Tomorrow is Independence Day for the United States of America. Freedom, bravery, etc. etc. etc. — look, we all know what it’s about. Grilling.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or full-on T-rex, the 4th of July means one thing for all of us: grilled eats with good friends & family near a body of water, however small or large. Grilling is probably one of the most American things we will all take part in some time this holiday week.

Grilling brings us together around a fire where we swap stories and laughter, all taking part in preparing what nourishes us. I hope all of you have a fun day out of the office tomorrow (if you’re usually in one) and enjoy the time provided to relax and properly care for your body.

Thanks, grilling in the USA, for bringing us all together for a bite to eat and a mouthful of joy.



Today’s Random Hero goes to the antique Abbott safe.

Growing up, my father always had three antique safes, small in size, floating around his office AKA Dad’s Room. Unbeknowst to my father, I would sometimes play with these safes and hoped that one day I could have them to myself. Well, he did give me one of them.

I have no idea who the lady in the portrait is, but she’s still kickin’ it on both sides of the safe. This antique is in pretty good shape. This was my father’s father’s safe and I know my grandfather must have originally had it as a child – his name is sloppily inscribed inside the safe with white chalk.

The safe is so old that the combination no longer works. The only thing I use it for is decoration and for pop-up shops for The Good Child. Recognize it? It’s where you pull your free stickers from when you stop by my trunk shows! Most of the items you see decorating my table at live events are there because they are actually rooted in the brand. The Polaroid camera you’ve admired, this safe – it’s all historical to The Good Child roots. This artifact has helped me in telling my story to new supporters and it’s one of the oldest things I think my father must have kept (besides the box of colored pencils he had in 3rd grade).

Thanks, antique Abbott safe, for staying in the family and providing a stunning visual for my loyal supporters.



Today’s Random Hero goes to OBEY x Keith Haring Foundation.

Haring (1958-90) is one of the greater of the 20th century artists. “Haring’s bold lines and active figures carry poignant messages of vitality and unity” (Haring Foundation). Like many street artists, Shepard Fairey (behind OBEY) has been inspired by Haring since the late 80’s.

Untitled (1986) by Haring

The collaborative Fall 2012 collection will showcase the beautiful visual language of Haring, iconized even further by Fairey, across a variety of apparel (hats, jewelry, raglans, outerwear, shirts, etc.).

Growing up, I had also been a Haring follower. (Who wasn’t)? I have done my searching for vintage finds of Haring’s work, but have never been able to grab anything affordable. Thanks to OBEY and the Foundation, I will easily be able to sport some of Haring’s work as soon as the season changes.

Thanks, OBEY x Keith Haring Foundation, for keeping Haring’s voice alive and for giving me a simple way to do the same. Check out the full line, here.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Fred.

Fred has been hanging outside of my day job office windows, in the court yard, for a couple of months now. I don’t know what Fred does or where he originates from, but I could take a wild guess at his daily schedule: eat, eat, eat, scratch, scratch, climb, eat, eat, sleep. I like this schedule. It’s a lot like mine — a lot of doing and not a lot of being idle. However, I did manage to catch him cooling off yesterday, and I am glad to see even the busiest of mammals taking a minute to chill out this summer.

It’s a good distraction – a regular visit from a squirrel when all your regular visits usually come from directors and vice presidents and art department geeks (love you guys).

Thanks, Fred, for kickin’ it with the  team.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Jon Contino.

I was doing some day job research yesterday and came across Contino — a wonderful illustrator and clothing designer from NYC. Contino has done work for Element Skateboards, Nike, and OBEY to name a few. His hand work has a vintage aesthetic I can appreciate. Contino’s work is also versatile in its final form, applied to packaging, t-shirts, and all-inclusive brand identities (from the logo to the beer can).

Seeing Contino’s work reminds me that design IS fun, even when it’s real work. There is so much to say about fine attention to details, line work, and the skill to successfully create a beautiful hierarchy in a typographic application.

Thanks, Jon, for reminding me that my sketchbook holds all the greatest original work I could ever ask for…and that with enough attention to detail, the application of such work could amplify a product to a whole new level of authenticity.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Pho is for Lovers.

Last weekend, I was busy relocating The Good Child home office. In the midst of the holiday weekend hustle & bustle, I hardly had any time to eat. However, some good friends were able to get me to sit down for a minute and we ate at Pho is for Lovers off of Lower Greenville (Dallas, TX).

I am a huge fan of both chicken and tofu Bánh Mì – especially those served from the window of Nammi Truck. It was an easy decision to make to order a chicken Bánh Mì from Pho is for Lovers, too. My friend who had invited me to lunch told me the Pho is for Lovers baguette is made fresh daily (when they’re out, they’re out). I can appreciate a business motto like that!

One word: mouth-watering

Although I became full after eating 1/2 of the sandwich, I didn’t want to give up. I took the rest home with me, but I already can’t wait to go back and try another dish. If you’re a fan of Pho, Nammi Truck, or any Vietnamese eatery in general, do yourself a favor and sit down at Pho is for Lovers some day. Tip: the Summer Rolls are a perfect seasonal treat.



Today’s Random Hero goes to daily small adventures.

I have been taking a lot of time to myself lately — time to think, not think, get some exercise, sit on the couch, draw, listen to music, etc. I even bought a Penny board over the weekend to help with that “time to not think” part; when I’m on the board, all I have to think about is my balance and my breathing.

There’s nothing like a small adventure to yourself. Nobody asking where you’re going, when, or why. Nobody saying they’re thirsty, hungry, tired. Just you, your daydreams, and maybe a tiny skateboard.

Sometimes, I push myself really hard to sit in my home office and “do work,” but the truth is — my best work comes after a day of hard play and no business. I highly encourage you to take some time to yourself – DAILY. My high school art teacher once said, “take a healthy day off — not every day off should be for sickness.”

Thanks, daily small adventures, for showing me a life outside of my workshop!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Easy Slider food truck.

In the last seven days, I have eaten six Easy Slider sliders. Let’s be real. This is one of the best food trucks in all of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. I first discovered Easy Slider at last week’s food truck invasion at the Double Wide. (And the truck is there every Thursday for karaoke night)!

A major fan of food on wheels, served by dedicated youngsters, I took my time to stroll the food truck menus before deciding on what to eat for dinner that night. Easy Slider’s menu enticed me with their vegetarian option – Baby Bella.

The Baby Bella comes with a grilled baby portobello mushroom, pesto, mozzarella cheese, and tomato. Now, I don’t eat much dairy, but I have sacrificed my well-being SIX times in the last week just for this tasty little slider. It’s that amazing.

I’m sure the rest of their innovative menu proves to be just as tasty, but alas I do not eat red meat anymore. I have heard great things about the Sweet & Lowdown slider and, based off of other’s opinions alone, I highly recommend trying this one, too.

I was also able to catch Easy Slider at the TX Food Truck Festival. Look for a full post on the festival later this week. For now…

Thanks, Easy Slider, for feeding my guts the veggie sliders it deserves. A creative person needs some good, locally-sourced food in their life!



Today’s Random Hero goes to PICNICTYME.

Oh? You don’t know PICNICTYME?

Dallas DJ and producer PICNIC has worked with many famed artists, but I first heard his stuff all on its own. The Wolfboy Collection found a place in my “most played” musical library when it released in late 2010. I remember playing the tape during my first trunk showing – it just replayed and replayed and…

Since then, I discovered PICNIC was a Cannabinoid (working with Erykah Badu) and then I heard more greatness from him on the production of A.Dd+’s When Pigs Fly. PICNIC brings groove and rhythm to tracks — I don’t even need the lyrics, but it helps when they’re being spit from the mouths of Kid Cudi, Rick Ross, and Dead Prez, to name a few.

PICNIC has a new project releasing this summer – Sea Monsters – a solo LP. I am amped to hear the entire album, but for now this will do:

“Then Dust” by PICNICTYME and artwork by Joonbug is the first track on Sirens – a collection of songs that will precede PICNIC’s Sea Monsters.

Make sure you show love for this noteworthy producer by downloading the A.Dd+ tape, seeing a Cannabinoids show, or supporting Sea Monsters when it drops later this season.

Thanks, PICNIC, for keeping Dallas on the map.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED).

Other known as Orlando Higginbottom, TEED is an electronic DJ and producer from the UK. I started listening to TEED about a month or so ago. If you follow me on Spotify (username: thegoodchild), you’ll hear a few of his tracks on my “Slummer Time” playlist.

TEED has been playing constantly in my headphones and through my household speaker system. The danceable beats, the lyrics, and the over vibe from the TEED singles have been keeping me moving. At the day job or at home, TEED has been the music that keeps me positive and looking forward to the next challenge. I listen to a lot of different genres, and TEED is now on the top of my list of electro-pop (sorry, Charli XCX).

Check out his album drop this June and do your mind & body a favor by playing the music video above.

Thanks, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, for keeping me moving.



Today’s Random Hero goes to surfer culture.

photo from Uristocrat

It hit me the other day how much surfer culture has been affecting my life lately; I read surfer books, watch surfer documentaries, listen to surf pop music, obsess over re-learning to skateboard, and I just bought a helluvalot of surf-inspired vintage t-shirts on my trip to LA in February. Is it the spring time weather that has me researching? Have I always felt this way?

As mentioned before, I grew up with two brothers – one who took a major liking to extreme/aggressive sports at a young age. (Badass Brother #1 was always skating, aggro skating, etc.). The love for alternative sports and music has always “been in my blood.” Lately, I have been listening to the California band Best Coast almost non-stop. I caught them live at 35 Denton in March, and I’m definitely going to catch them during their Dallas, TX tour stop this summer.

I have also been reading these books:

Wearing these shirts:

And getting really into this documentary (and have always loved the Dogtown doc):

Something about surfer culture draws me in the same way the general creative culture does. The gritty surfer heritage has spawned a  lot of the imagery and graphic art that I have always been inspired by. The authentic craftsmanship surrounding the culture is electifying.

Thanks, surfers & surfer culture, for always stimulating the right side of my brain. And here’s to me taking a surfing lesson before I die!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Stem & Thorn.

Stem & Thorn is a new project being brought to the forefront of Texas upstarts by local artist and previous Random Hero, Jeremy Biggers (Biggs). Biggs has been working with Unkommon Kolor as the brand’s co-founder for the last five or six years.

I had a chance to talk to Biggs about Stem & Thorn the other week while we did a small photo shoot. Stem & Thorn is going to be Biggs’ way of sharing art from all of his creative niches – drawing/painting, film, photography, and apparel. Although Biggs is highly involved with Unkommon Kolor, Stem & Thorn will cover much more ground than the more simple t-shirt brand.

Stem & Thorn will prove to be the root of the beautiful result — the stem, the beginning & the thorn, the sticky part of the creative process that most never see from the start. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of very detailed “behind the scenes” work from Stem & Thorn in regards to all of their projects and collaborations. There’s a couple of people who do really well documenting their artistic processes and Stem & Thorn is being run by one of them.

Check out the first real video short from Stem & Thorn below:

Thanks, Stem & Thorn, for giving me something to look forward to and hopefully something I can be a part of some time soon!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Willis Earl Beal.

All Random Heroes are random in the sense that I don’t allow myself to imagine them until the Tuesday morning of the post. However, some are more random than others – like today’s hero, Willis Earl Beal. Beal is a 27 year old singer-songwriter from Chicago.

I came across Beal when I was doing some early morning day job research on WGSN. As soon as I read “black Tom Waits,” I was Googling Beal’s website. When I got to his website, I was automatically a fan.

And, of course, there was Beal’s music.

I was speechless after hearing “Wavering Lines.” It feels so good to come across a new musical artist who is full of so much soul. Like the finding of Aloe Blacc, the discovery of Beal’s solid vocals and harmonies was one worth sharing. It was an added bonus to find out Beal was an illustrator and his recent album was accompanied by a book by Beal himself.

I am definitely going to write and/or call Beal and say what’s up and thank you. Thanks, Beal, for keeping it raw, vintage, and full of life.



Today’s Random Hero goes to the free bicycles at my day job (no link provided).

A couple of weeks ago, my day job presented 10 free bicycles to me & all employees. The purpose of the bikes was to provide the employees a way to get physical activity outside of the building (there is a gym indoors). I was the first in my department to take advantage of this luxury; when 4 o’clock hit, I was out the door (but technically still working).

The bicycles are all cruisers and there are two sizes – one for men and one for women. I am not used to riding a cruiser (I have a vintage Ross), but I truly enjoyed drifting on the bike through my day job parking lot while getting some sun. It is too cool to me that my employer would provide such a wonderful gift with the only message being, “please, use this and be healthy and feel happy.”

Thanks, day job bicycles, for giving me a way to enjoy the spring & summer weather, even while at the a 9-5.



Today’s Random Hero goes to my new summer hideout (no link provided).

I feel like by the time summer rolls around each year, it’s time for a good change. This summer’s change will be brought to me in the form of hanging out with old friends and swimming. Did you know… I did not get into the pool once last summer? That’s pretty amazing, considering the record-breaking heat that struck Texas last season.

Last weekend, I took a trip downtown in Dallas, TX. I visited a couple of friends, one old & one new, and we took some time to bask in the sun rays and enjoy the outdoors – via rooftop! As a creative individual, I have spent my time wandering around Dallas, snapping photographs and such, but it has always been from the ground level. It was awesome to be up top for once, looking across the skyline and wondering about all of the other people out there within my view.

Here’s to a summer filled with more photographic opportunities, good friends, and time outdoors. I’ve said it before: you’ve got to take a break sometimes.

Thanks, new summer hideout (and hideout hosts), I have a feeling we’re going to spend a lot more of our time together this year.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Big Red.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post photos of this vintage skateboard. I picked up Big Red when I was on my trip to Los Angeles last month.

While browsing the infamous Rose Bowl Vintage Flea Market, I saw quite a few vintage skateboards – both wooden and plastic, ranging from about 22″ to the cruising length of long boards. Admittedly, I wanted to buy an old, 22″ wooden board, but it was just too pricey for me. Also, after looking at Big Red, I saw that although it was worn in, I could still ride it around if I really wanted to.

Well, it turns out I really wanted to and still do really love riding Big Red.

In junior high school, I had my tries at skateboarding. I was a major fan of aggressive sports and all of my closest friends were participants themselves. However, I was never really that great at riding the board. One time, I saw Tony Hawk do his thing on the vert in the X-Games…I instantly took my board out to our homemade ramp (Random Hero 3.29.11)…and busted my ass pretty hard. (My helmet saved my life). I was always better at snowboarding, but that hasn’t kept me from skating on Big Red lately.

I recently found out that cruising around on this semi-long board has proven to be a good stress reliever for me. There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors and practically flying down the road, curving back and forth on the loose trucks of Big Red.

So, thanks, Big Red, for bringing a bit of youth back into my life and helping me keep my mind clear and focused on what’s most important – feeling good & staying alive!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Atomic Candy.

Atomic Candy is a little candy shop on the Denton Square in between two of my favorite small businesses – More Fun Comics and Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. I stopped in at Atomic Candy last weekend during 35 Denton (music festival). I was really just looking to duck in from the rain, but was quickly enthralled with what the candy shop had to offer.

Atomic Candy dished out all the best flavors, in all shapes and sizes. They had gigantic Tootsie Roll pops, endless dispensers of jelly beans, Angry Birds candies, soda pop – you name it. They also had some cool signage and old trinkets.

While browsing the shop, I felt like a little kid again. I remember visiting old school shops like Atomic Candy while I was vacationing with my family as a child. There is something timeless about candy – it may remind you of a certain time, but it’s always relevant today.

Thanks, Atomic Candy, for giving me shelter from the storm, but also for giving me about a pound of sugar to munch on throughout the rest of the music festival!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Dowdy Studio.

Dowdy Studio is Pam and Dylan Dowdy from Dallas, TX. This amazing married couple are the creatives and owners behind the Dowdy Studio Wagon – a hand made traveling shop filled with original artworks, apparel, and accessories.

I have been following Dowdy Studio on Twitter for a while, but only recently did I find out Pam works with me at my day job. Pam and I semi-collaborate on a regular basis and I had no clue she was 1/2 of Dowdy Studio until the other day. I found out, because I walked by her when she was talking about Andre 3000 buying one of the t-shirts she had designed. I have always been a huge fan of Andre 3000 and I think it’s rad that he supported a local artists like that (and at one of my favorite shops – We Are 1976)!

If you’re into well-crafted goods, definitely check out Dowdy Studio’s Etsy shop, here. Also, if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, definitely follow their wagon stops and drop by some time (tell them The Good Child sent you).

Thanks, Dowdy Studio, for bringing a novel idea to the streets of this city!



Today’s Random Hero goes to my friend Shawn & his Man Cave.

Shawn and I go way back – high school days and all. Since the first day I’d known Shawn, he’d always had a man cave filled with electronics (from computers to turn tables to a high class lightsaber), music, and action figures. I always felt privileged to hang out in Shawn’s Man Cave. You know it’s special when a dude invites you into his geektastic private space.

After a break in us hanging out (moving here, working there), I hit up Shawn to kick it with him in his neck of the woods (Arlington, TX). Since we’d grown up, Shawn now had his own house. In the backyard was Shawn’s newest Man Cave…bigger and better than ever! Here’s some looks inside the Room of Doom:

Shawn, being the radtastic guy that he is, has also been a huge supporter of The Good Child. Here is a MAJOR shout out to him for staying loyal to the brand.

Thanks, Shawn, for spelling your name differently than the other Sean’s continuing to be an incredible friend and providing me a place to chill, be “one of the guys”, and nerd out on vinyl toys & cartoons.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Unkommon Kolor.

This post is long overdue. Much like Fur Face Boy and Loyal KNG, Unkommon Kolor is another Dallas-Fort Worth brand that I have been following for a couple of years now. Unkommon Kolor consists of six people: co-owners Bryan Blue and Jeremy Biggers AKA Biggs, model and artist Sam Mattice-Lowery (With the Hair), artist Eric White AKA Señor Blanco, photographer and marketer Morgan Farrurya, and marketer Marcus “M.Y.” Young.

The crew has been around since 2008 – live painting, sculpting, designing apparel, shooting amazing photos and video, and overall just being a big part of the artistic community in Texas. I mainly connect with Biggs and Sam, as they seem to get involved in just about anything artistically worthwhile out here in the city (from body painting Mavericks uniforms on sexy cheerleaders to entering custom vinyl toy competitions to helping put local music on the map).

I have to give the entire crew props for managing a start-up brand so well. These guys are great at branding, but they’re also good at running and maintaining a small business. I see Unkommon Kolor sticking around and evolving into the future.

Thanks, Unkommon Kolor, for continuing to inspire me – through all of your creative mediums – to “Get $#!+ Done“!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Real Food Daily.

Since my major diet change about 7 months ago, I have taken a liking to eating mostly vegan. I feel awesome, but the food (if not home-cooked) can be difficult to come by in Dallas, TX.

So, when I came to the Los Angeles area five days ago, I was stoked. I was excited for the people, the shops, and most importantly – the food! In five days, I have had three meals at the popular local restaurant, Real Food Daily (RFD is a vegan restaurant created by Ann Gentry here in LA).

Every visit to RFD has been delightful. I have ordered a different dish each time, (count ’em – 3 entrees, 4 desserts, 1 juice), and every bite has pleased me 100%. From the “not-chos” to the club sandwich with a side of BBQ sauce, RFD knows what’s up.

The restaurant also seems to be a favorite for celebrities, as I spotted Elizabeth Berkley (AKA Jessie Spano on Saved by the Bell) enjoying her lunch in West Hollywood. In Santa Monica, another celebrity (whose name I cannot recall at the moment) took the last raspberry chocolate cupcake for dessert (I had been eyeing that cupcake)!

I leave Santa Monica for Dallas today…but not before I eat one last meal for lunch at RFD.

Thanks, RFD, for providing me a nearby hot spot filled with some of the best (and stomach-friendly) food I have ever eaten.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Sundown at Granada.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, chances are you’ve heard of the historic Granada Theater. Granada hosts some of THE best acts that roll through this city and they’ve won year after year in “Dallas’ Best of…”. With so much success, it only made sense that the owner of Granada, Mike Schoder, opened up the beer garden and restaurant, Sundown, right next door to the theater.

I had to steal this photo of the food at Sundown, because I ate my dish too quickly to snap a shot. I ordered the Vegetative State wrap (drunken mushrooms, whipped sweet potato, black beans, spinach, & spiced pecans – 86 the goat cheese) and I’ve been drooling over it ever since.

I’ve been thinking about the Vegetative State so much that last night, although I had already been seated at another restaurant (one I adore), I almost got up and left to eat at Sundown. I have only eaten at Sundown once, but I give it two thumbs up, a stamp of approval, and a happy food dance.

Thanks, Sundown, for providing healthy food options that I can eat even on my very limited diet (and for giving me yet another reason to be on Lower Greenville).



Today’s Random Hero goes to Jade Meier (@theindigogirl) from Toukley,

Basically, Jade found me and in turn I discovered her on Instagram. I noticed right away that Jade was not in the United States (the beaches and skies were too magestic). I was quickly enthralled by Jade’s Instagram stream, because her shared images were of a beach culture I can only dream of living some day. Between the actual beach shots, the childhood throwbacks, and vintage images of what I think is her father…I’m a follower for life!

I am willing to bet that even without the forgiving Instagram photo filters, Jade’s images would still grab my attention – the beaches only get better, brighter.

So, thanks Jade, for sharing a culture I am not surrounded by daily but have always looked up to and wanted to take part in! (And, thanks for following)!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Jana Perez.

Jana is a graphic design professor and advisor at Texas Woman’s University (Denton campus), a freelance extraordinaire, and a photography teacher.

In my four years as a student at TWU, Jana taught me many valuable lessons. I always had it in me to stand up, stand out, and be a “do-er,” but Jana helped me refine those skills. Jana’s way of teaching – through videos, hands-on experiments, and real life scenarios (working on a creative team with assigned rolls as if we were a start-up) – gave me a taste of a career and life outside of the classroom. Jana was thorough in her teaching and believed in us.

Jana believed in us so much that I even forgot how “cool” I was and joined a student organization!

After hearing the phrase, “You’ll figure it out,” time after time, presentation after presentation, guess what? I did – I figured the damn thing out. I know how to network, I know how to create an outstanding portfolio, I know how to present, I know how to prioritize, I know how to communicate with clients, and I know how to juggle my time.

I got a job.

“4 concepts, 75 thumbnails each, due Thursday,” are words that will continue to haunt me (in the best ways). Now graduated and employed by an incredibly creative company, when I hear, “3 platforms, 50 sketches each,” I am ready to rock.

Thanks, Jana, for being a One Woman Wonder and finding the time to educate others one how they, too, can bring greatness into this world.



Today’s Random Hero goes to HUF x Haroshi x DLX.

This is a choice Random Hero post, because it includes three of my favorite topics: art, recycling, and skateboarding. It also includes a collaboration between three different entities I currently look up to: HUF apparel, Japanese artist Haroshi, and San Francisco Bay area skateboard distributer DLX.

Haroshi is a skateboarder and artist who creates 3D art with recycled skateboard decks. He builds a new life for the used decks through wooden mosaics, dots, and pixels. Haroshi is able to take hundreds of decks, differentiate between their type & build, and stack and reshape them into beautiful sculptures.

“By coincidence, this creative style of his is similar to the way traditional wooden Japanese Great Buddhas are built. 90% of Buddha statues in Japan are carved from wood, and built using the method of wooden mosaic; in order to save expense of materials, and also to minimize the weight of the statue” (Haroshi.com).

If you’re lucky, you can snag a REAL skateboard deck with Haroshi’s “Romondetta’s Arm” sculpture design on the belly. You can also see more of Haroshi’s work on this great post by Juxtapoz.

Thanks, HUF x Haroshi x DLX for pumping more soul into the skateboarding culture.

All images: HUF Worldwide



Today’s Random Hero goes to hitRECord.

When I saw the video (above), I was sold right away on the concept of hitRECord. I signed up and although I have yet to share many recordings, I have been browsing others’ records and I cannot wait to take some time to contribute, remix, and collaborate. HitRECord is a professional open collaborative production company brought to you by actor Joe Gordon-Levitt.

You sign up, you contribute, other people take your contributions and remix them, you take other people’s contributions and remix them – a logo becomes animated, a song becomes a soundtrack, a photographed portrait becomes a painting – you get the idea.

Hands down, this is the best way I see for artists all over the Internet to work together to create something greater than they could on all on their own. I can’t wait to really dive into hitRECord and see where other artists take my ideas and see what I can do to better other artist’s creations as well.

Thanks, hitRECord, for opening the door to a professional and fun atmosphere where we can build, grow, and inspire.



The FIRST Random Hero of the New Year goes to…Loyal KNG.

I first met Trung (pictured below, right) and Thien Vuong of Loyal KNG at the 2010 Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour stop at We Are 1976.

I had heard of Loyal KNG prior to the occasion (via Twitter) and they had mailed me free stickers – just because! I was always so impressed that a brand would mail out free (great quality) stickers like that, so I was instantly a fan. And, after meeting Trung and Thien on the Suitcase Tour, I was a fan for life.

No other brand I know of travels like Loyal KNG. These cats attend events all across the board; from different Comic Con’s to b-boy battles to private musical release parties to your typical t-shirt events, Loyal KNG is in the house with cameras in hand. Their footage is always complied and edited beautifully and I am always looking forward to the sharing of their next adventure. You, too, can follow their travels, here.

It is inspiring to see a brand get out there and mingle with the people just to do it – to live life and enjoy life altogether – and not necessarily to promote their brand. Loyal KNG promotes a lifestyle, a cause, and I am happy support them.

Thanks, Loyal KNG, for showing us the world through your lens and educating us through your brand. I am highly influenced by your culture.



Today’s Random Hero goes to my Dad’s Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star hi-tops.

My Dad has had these Converse shoes for about fifty years. 50 years. The only thing that has changed in this pair is the laces – and sometimes the wearer.

As a youngster, I grew fast and finding “cool” footwear to fit my big feet wasn’t easy. Fifteen years ago, I started wearing my Dad’s Converse to school on the regular. I don’t know where I ever saw anybody wearing Chucks before (my Dad had retired them to his shelf before I was around), but even in my young age, I loved the look and feel of the footwear. Back then, kids would make fun of me for wearing the relics, but I kept sporting them.

Later in high school, kids started wearing the black low-top Converse all over the place; pop-punk and indie music became mainstream and the All-Stars were the way to go. It’s funny how things end up.

“I didn’t just wear those to play sports. That’s what we wore all the time, growing up…do those fit you? Well, they’re yours now.” – my Dad

Thanks, Converse “Chuck Taylor” All-Stars, for keeping the design so simple that everybody – generation through generation – can appreciate the same shoe.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Parkour and Free running.

I learned of Parkour about four years ago when a very adventurous friend of mine showed me a video or two. Originally developed in France, Parkour is “the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movement’s to the environment” (American Parkour). It’s like gymnastics, martial arts, break-dancing, and skateboarding all rolled into one sport.

I have yet to ever see somebody practice Parkour in person, but I know the activity has a growing audience filled with those willing to learn and those, like me, who love to witness. My dear friend and stuntman mentioned opening up a gym like the one in the video above. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks, Parkour, for stretching the limits of the human body and showing us advanced means of ground transportation in and of ourselves.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Dan Deacon’s Ultimate Reality.

DISCLAIMER: May cause seizures, if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy, please show this [clip] to your doctor before watching.

In 2007, with help from Jimmy Joe Roche, Dan Deacon released this 43 minute, 27 second-long visual aid to his track, “Ultimate Reality.” It was around that same time that I borrowed the DVD from a good friend of mine (and still haven’t given it back). I also got completely lost in this video when I showed it to my friend, Nathan (read: RANDOM HERO 23.AUG.11). Nathan and I sat in complete silence for the entire 43:27 timeframe. It felt good to be stimulated – in complete awe and slight confusion.

The clip above is just the first little segment of the film. From start to finish, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a major role, mashed in between Roche’s psychedelic lighting cues and Deacon’s electronic tunes. To see the video in its entirety, I highly recommend purchasing it so that you can also enjoy the bonus material at the end.

Thanks, Jimmy Joe Roche and Dan Deacon, for shutting me up and sitting me down.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Boards: The Art + Design of the Skateboard (an MTV Overground production):

I have had this book since about roughly 2003, the year it was published. I was about seventeen years old when I purchased it at the bookstore. It’s never too early to start your coffee table book collection.

In my younger years, I was an avid aggressive sports fan (skateboarding/roller blading/snowboarding/BMX). The fanatics probably stemmed from watching my Badass Brother #1 take on every one of those aforementioned aggressive sports categories. However, I also had a very close-knit group of guy friends who practiced the same sports – mainly skateboarding. Highly inspired by all of these dudes, I had my try at skateboarding as well. I was never that good and for some reason, snowboarding always came easier to me. Still, I stayed inspired by the realm of tricks, daring attitudes, and the art that accompanied the lifestyle. (I used to draw World Industries’ Flame Boy on all of my grade school homework).

This book is one of my favorites – it’s filled with work by Dalek (Rookie), Sean Cliver (Hook Ups), Mark Nardelli (Girl), Evan Hecox (Chocolate) and so many more. Their fine art and graphic application to the skateboard underbelly is colorful and imaginative. Check out what Cliver says (in the image below) about designing for a skateboard:

Although it’s been years since I have stepped onto a board, this book stays out in the open in my house as a source of inspiration and a reminder of where my early eye for design came from. My brother and my guys friends are still out there doing their tricks, and I’m still in here drawing on the pad.

Some things never change.

Thanks, old MTV – skateboarders and artists included – for publishing this book and keeping me inspired on the daily. Who knows, maybe The Good Child will mark up a custom board some day…



Today’s Random Hero goes to Sarah Jaffe.

(photo credit: Chris Phelps)

Like so many others, my first time seeing and hearing singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe was at Dan’s Silverleaf for her initial album release of Suburban Nature a few years ago. The experience was what I’ll call “arm-hair-raising.” I was enthralled by Jaffe’s sound; her vocals and melodies had me standing in absolute silence – a modest respect that seemed to come naturally.

Jaffe is unquestionably one of Denton and Dallas-Fort Worth’s biggest musical heroes (I will not bother you with the long list of honorable performances and awards), but she is also a humble being – not succumbing to the fame. It’s like those trashy magazines – “Celebrities are just like us! They eat Chinese food! They text message! They ride bicycles!” Well, Jaffe bartends, she freestyles, and she even DJ’s.

I highly encourage you to go to one of Jaffe’s shows (there’s usually one on the horizon in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex) or cop your 4-day wristband for 35 Denton as I can guarantee you she will be performing the concert event. Otherwise, check out her music online and, if you can, support independent music by purchasing your favorite tracks.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your stories through your remarkable lyricism and for being humble throughout your journey.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Alexis.

(photo credit: Floyd’s 99 Barbershop)

For years, I have viewed my hair as a battlefield – a place where no comb or straightening kit could truly tame my curly locks. I lived with my afro throughout all of my childhood and into my teens, I had braids, and I relaxed my hair for years at a high cost (monetarily and health-wise). However, now thanks to a female barber off of Lower Greenville, I have embraced my curls and short Halle Berry ‘do.

Alexis works at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Dallas, TX where I see her on a monthly basis. She’s been helping me reshape my hair from a relaxed mohawk to this curly mohawk and she has more plans for when my sides grow out. A barber with plans is a barber you keep, you hear?

I don’t trust many people with my hair. My hair has an interesting texture due to my mixed ethnicity and a texture not many people can work with. I highly recommend Alexis to anybody out there in the same situation as myself – just don’t take my Saturday morning appointments, or we’ll have to brawl.

Thanks, Alexis, for keeping a girl looking and feeling good!



Today’s Random Hero goes to The Mohicans.

I have to be honest – when I heard that A.Dd+ fell short of votes to win this years Dallas Observer Music Awards, I was upset. However, when I finally came around to the hip-hop group that won, I was pretty pleased. (And, the best part is – A.Dd+ frequently shows these guys love and respect).

The Mohicans are a hip-hop duo local to Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Their name comes from the film, The Last of the Mohicans, because the guys believe they are producing some of the last good, quality hip-hop with a purpose.

Both influenced by Outkast (Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, and more), Dave and Devin (AKA Kashus Klay) spit rhymes that actually groove. I have been listening to their new mixtape, Uncas (available for download, here). Uncas is one of those tapes you can play over and over, discovering new things each time. The Mohicans spit old-school styled raps and also get lyrical over some very earthy beats (think drum clatter). This post on Mostly Junk Food said it best, “The lyrics are some spoken-word poetic storytelling with southern swag reminiscent of classic groups like Outkast and Cunninlynguists.”

I could not have said that better.

Thank you, Mohicans – for topping the growing list of local Dallas-Fort Worth hip-hop groups who are changing the game for the better!



Today’s Random Hero goes to organic & raw kombucha.

photo credit: More Intelligent Life

Yeah, I said it – kombucha. I first came across the stuff when I was studying design in Denton, TX. Most morning before class, I would ride my bike to the natural food store and buy some snacks – that’s when I first bought a kombucha drink.


Kombucha sure has its taste and its smell, but it also has billions of live cultures that seem to give my body what it needs in the case of energy and nourishment. At the end of last summer, I changed my diet and coffee was one of the items I stopped consuming. I’ve since replaced coffee with kombucha and I feel so much better. I feel very clear and capable after drinking kombucha.

I am not going to get on a soap box; I do not know that kombucha can cure, but it does encourage wellness and wellbeing. I do recommend trying it some time (don’t shake it. don’t shake it. don’t shake it).

So hey, thank you, kombucha – for stimulating my mind and my body.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Brain Gang.

photo credit: Jeremy Biggers

The Brain Gang crew is a group of hip-hop artists consisting of the fellas Blue, Killa (K.MC), Elhae, Xzavier, JT, Bobby, Cashmir, Ish, and Rico. Killa is an official part of The Good Child Family – as seen in some of the lookbooks – and I’ve also been talking with Blue for about a year now. Still, it was just a few days ago that I was able to witness the Brain Gang crew perform in its entirety.

The Brain Gang stage presence was phenomenal; they brought an energy to the venue that got everybody moving, dancing, laughing, and filming. The boys in the crew were humble – joking around and chatting with anybody who approached them before and after their stage set. After being introduced to all of them by Blue, I could really see the vibe between them – it’s like family.

A crew like that – a strong one that supports one another in an instance – has no problem making it. And, between the quality of production and rhymes, I see them all going far – fast.

If you’re in Dallas, you can check out Blue this Thursday for the Put Up or Shut Up: Beat Battle! Otherwise, make sure you dig online through the links at the beginning of this entry and check out the crew’s individual styles!

Thanks, Brain Gang, for bringing the energy to the building. Always coming up ©



Today’s Random Hero goes to making you guys happy.

I started this brand for fun. To see my brand reflected in the cultures surrounding me is such a great reward. Sure, I do this for myself, but I do this for you just as much, if not more. I do it to meet you in person at a live event so we can share stories with one another. I do it to write you a handwritten letter letting you know I wear the same shirt (that you ordered) almost every day. I couldn’t keep this brand moving with out you and you wouldn’t keep the brand moving unless you were happy.

Every time I see someone in glee about receiving their free stickers or box of t-shirts or last shirt from a style run – it gives me energy to continue creating and building the brand. So, thank you – happy readers, customers, friends, family, creatives – for supporting The Good Child. You are part of a bigger picture.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Kyle Steed.

A couple of weeks ago, I learned about Kyle Steed through an art gallery showing at one of my favorite Dallas shops – We Are 1976. There were a few artists showcasing at the gallery, but it was Steed’s work that had me running up to the brick wall where all of the art hung.

Steed’s illustrative work is, well, super cool! In the video above, you’ll hear Steed talk about creating art with his hands (sans computer) and how important that is to him. (I am also keen on this idea, as most of my fine art projects have consisted of found materials, hand drawn doodles, and cardboard and/or wood).

Steed creates art for fun, but he also creates work for real-time clients. If you look at his portfolio, you’ll see doodles, full typeface sets, t-shirt designs, and more. You (I’m staring at the web developers) can even download 200+ free hand drawn icons from Steed, here. What I loved most about Steed’s part in the We Are 1976 show was his meticulously handwritten business cards. Each one of them was different, but without flaw:

I also absolutely loved this drawing (and should have bought it at the time):

So, thank you, Kyle Steed — for staying humble in your process and developing modern creations with the tools given to you at birth, your hands.

¡Viva las manos!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Kerri O’Connell and her team at GoodWoodNYC.

I had the grand opportunity to meet Kerri and some of her sales team last spring (my pop-up booth at Style X neighbored GoodWoodNYC). As a carrier of their product, I was stoked to meet the person behind the idea.

Kerri started GoodWoodNYC back in 2007, but it didn’t have a name yet. At that time, she was hand-carving three or four-fingered rings and handing them out to some of her favorite hip-hop artists for free. After receiving such positive feedback, Kerri moved forward with branding and expanding her now-thriving business. Today, GoodWoodNYC jewelry can be found on anyone from the guy down the street to major celebrities. The best part? All of Kerri’s products are made here in the USA – out of Brooklyn, NY.

When I met Kerri and a small fraction of her team at Style X, I could tell right away they were humble beings; they all believed in their product, lived the lifestyle behind it, and guaranteed originality at its best. I can tell, through working with creatives in ordering my own custom pieces, that the entire GoodWoodNYC team is authentic and professional.

Thanks, Kerri and all of GoodWoodNYC – for producing a beautiful & sustainable product that I, too, can stand behind.


Double-awesome on the female-led small business!



Today’s Random Hero goes to J. KaAmani of Lies and Filth clothing. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Texas Teezilla. Texas Teezilla had its first go-around as an independently run and vended t-shirt event last Saturday here in Dallas, TX. I was there as a vendor, so I can vouch for the turnout – it was good! The reason I bring up the event is, J. was large and in charge of putting the entire thing together.

(photos courtesy of Word of Mouth Shirts, 2011)

J. is the type of dude to take initiative. Think about it… In about three months flat, J. organized with major advertising (radio, Dallas Observer, etc.), 30+ brands, musicians, and a super rad venue (Quixotic in Deep Ellum) to create a welcoming atmosphere for brands and patrons to get to know each other better. The foot traffic for the day was, in one word, splendid. I met a lot of new people, saw old friends (ghost-old, like it made my day), and had fun sharing the story behind my brand. Throughout the event, J. would take hold of the mic and run the raffle; every time J. was talking, I thought, He’s a pretty damned-good public speaker. (I can’t help it, I love people who can engage a crowd).

For first impressions, J’s was, well, impressive. The kid is on top of things and encouraging. Thanks J. – it’s refreshing to see a young individual take lead.


Today’s Random Hero goes to riding four-wheelers with bad hair.

Let’s see…that image is dated with the year 1998. I had just turned thirteen and had also just begun attempting to relax my afro. Upon our family moving to northern Dallas a few years earlier, my father had talked of giving my brothers dirt bikes. Since I had always been the clumsy type I inquired about a motor with four wheels for myself. My father got us the goodies and soon enough, my brothers and I were zipping around and around our yard. Yeah…our yard (sorry neighbors). We didn’t know the neighborhood well enough yet, so the yard was our racetrack.

We eventually discovered actual dirt bike fields nearby (which today are suburbs) and took our fun to the parks. I wasn’t as keen on the parks as my badass brothers were, but I had a helluva time, anyway. That little purple four-wheeler was my favorite hobby. At the time, I only had a couple of friends in the new neighborhood. A lot of kids didn’t understand me, because I was darker-skinned and my hair was…living large. Still, I had a blast with the loyal friends I did have. I used to take them zipping around on my four-wheeler, taking sharp turns here and there where I had tested the ground before.

It’s funny to think back to the purple four-wheeler days… Back then, I was always hoping I would be where I am today.

Thanks, four-wheeling, poofy-haired self. Stay adventurous.



Today’s Random Hero goes to

So, thanks, handwriting – for peeling me off of the computer and improving my relationships with people!



Today’s Random Hero goes to this week’s forecast in Dallas, TX.

For once, this week we are shying away from record-breaking triple-digits and we will just barely touch on the 90˚F weather toward the weekend. Okay, so 90˚ weather might not sound exciting to you, but around here in Dallas, kids are probably breaking out their American Apparel flex fleece hoodies right about…now.

Not only do I get to cool off this week, but the cooler weather has a tendency of making me reminisce. For example, last night I found myself staring at The Good Child original logo t-shirt. If you’ve been following from the beginning, you know I handed some of these out for free at Dallas Observer’s Artopia event last November. The weather then was perfectly chilly.

This morning, I found Big Sean‘s Finally Famous 3 stuck in my head. Why the hell is that tape stuck in my head? I think Big Sean released the tape last late August/early September. It took me a while to get used to his musical style and now, a year later, I haven’t even tried listening to the actual album drop of Finally Famous.

It’s amazing what has happened since last fall…tomorrow, I’ll probably wake up and feel like an intern, again!

Well, thanks, fall weather…September…cold fronts from hurricanes…for bringing change in the air (even if it brings back old memories).



Today’s Random Hero goes to my Nike Air Max 90 Infrared (white/cement grey-infrared-black) sneakers.

Most of my closest loved ones know, but I’ll let you in on it, too – I can’t run. Well, I can run, but it hurts my knees pretty badly. When I was in junior high school, I played on the basketball team and busted my knees up (I was the highest scoring player on my team). Today, my knees still go out every now-and-again.

Lately, I have been working on my well-being by getting more exercise. Almost every morning, I take out my dog (read: RANDOM HERO • 2.AUG.11) for a walk. However, after a few walks I realized my dog wanted to go at a faster pace than I was going. Worried about my bad knees, I had been holding back on running…so, I started lightly jogging instead.

Let me reiterate – I have bad knees. Still, after at least 8 light jogs in these shoes, I’m 100% good! In fact, it’s like I’m running on clouds. I know, I know, those of you who are true sneakerheads already knew this, but I don’t wear a lot of Nike! I have had a couple of Nike running shoes in the past, but they didn’t feel like these Infrareds. These are like the skateboarding shoes of running — as in, they’ve got a helluvalot of cushion for making moves.

Thank you, Nike, for making shoes that inspire action. My mornings have changed for the better.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Nathan Golub.

I don’t know where to start with this kid – surgical assistant, musician, Veteran, friend… I’ve known Nathan for about 8 years. We met in gym class. The first topic of discussion between us was music. Looking back on that conversation, I’m not surprised. After that first encounter, Nathan lead me to dozens of musicians to check out (and fall in love with). Nathan always had an affinity for music, books, and film and he still does. Nowadays, Nathan’s Criterion Collection amazes me. On the music side, he is now creating his own.

Nathan and his gorgeous wife, Randa, are in a noise group named Ascites. Their sound is harsh and raw, finely tuned on the above synths and hardware. Nathan and his group have been reviewed in numerous magazines, blogs, you name it. They’ve also been on a national tour and they’re preparing for a European tour next fall. Ascites isn’t Nathan’s only project though; Nathan also leads a new project called Image Boosters (and I really love it). I probably love Image Boosters the most, because I can call out continuous rhythms and beats among the harsh noise mixed in throughout. I could go on and on about Nathan’s music-making (he has another project with just his wife and his wife has a solo project on top of that), but I won’t.

I’ll just move forward and say…

Thank you, Nathan, for sharing all of your artistic knowledge. Most importantly though, thank you for your undying friendship. You are Undeniable!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Erykah Badu.

Badu is one of Dallas, TX’s finest in music. Badu has been producing music since the late 90’s – her CD, Baduizm, released in 1997 and was a major hit. Since then, Badu has produced five full-length albums, all scattered with award-winning singles and performances.

I started listening to Badu when I was only about 10 years old. I played “On & On,” “Appletree,” and “Tyrone” like nobody’s business. I couldn’t understand everything Badu was singing about, but I understood one thing…she was full of soul and I wanted a piece of that soul. No, I didn’t want Badu – I wanted a piece of that vibe. I wanted to be calm, cool, and collected like Badu – an intelligent and charming female figure who seemed to know the way of the world.

Badu has, over the years, continued to inspire me. In her music video for Window Seat, recorded last year in the heart of Dallas, TX, Badu made for some interesting headlines. Regardless of the negative news results, hundreds of supporters and fans showed up at her record signing at Good Records weeks following the video release. I was one of them.

Thanks, Miss Badu, for simply doing your thing. Stay woke!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Peggy Oki.

Peggy Oki…LEGENDARY! Oki is one of Dogtown’s finest (Z-Boys) and the only female on the Zephyr skateboarding team (1970’s). Oki has more than 30 years of skateboarding and surfing under her belt. Today, she takes joy in painting, standing up for animals, and travelling the world looking for new surf spots. Life is good for Peggy Oki.

Okie is 100% Random Hero worthy. Since her teens, she has been following her gut and doing what felt right. Thank you, Peggy, for continuously bettering yourself, but also the world around you.

Read an awesome snippet from the pictured interview with Juice magazine, here.


Thanks for showing us girls that we can play the same games boys do (and sometimes, we can do it better)!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Deuce (Noodle Goose)/Dog/D-O-G Dog/Pig Dog/Wiener Press Sensei.

Deuce is Tanika’s (Random Hero 12.July.11) dog – and now, by default, he is also my dog. Deuce is my best friend, my comfort, and my part-time physical trainer. He’s absolutely loyal and sweet – always says Good morning – and he is the only dog I’ve ever seen smile. The first time Deuce smiled at me, I thought he was snarling and angry. I soon realized, this dog is straight up smiling! He bared all of his teeth in the most ridiculous grin and wagged his tail like crazy. Now, even if I’m only away from the house for half an hour, upon my return Deuce is smiling like he hasn’t seen me in years.

Deuce also gets me out of the house and into the nearby park for fresh air, exercise, and relaxation. I uphold three professional jobs day-to-day, so it’s rewarding to come home to somebody who helps me remember to relax and be healthy mentally and physically.

You might have a chance to meet Deuce. When the Texas heat lets up and another big event comes along, you can be sure I’ll bring Deuce to say What’s Good?

So, Deuce, thank you for being the happiest soul around the house and reminding us all to not take life too seriously!



Today’s Random Hero goes to my bad•ss brothers!

If you’ve read The Good Story, you’re already familiar with these two dudes. Without them and our parents, The Good Child brand would be nothing. Pictured above are David and Daniel, my older and younger brother, respectively.

Growing up, I was always watching David; my older brother was always doing super cool stuff. To give you some perspective, David’s hobbies have included model car building (and beautiful drawings), actual car repair/building, motorcycles, the armed services, snowboarding, skateboarding, fly fishing, roller blading, gymnastics, soccer, and he was wonderful at playing the cello by age five. I’m probably leaving a few things out of that list – the kid is talented. Sometimes, I don’t think he realizes how amazing and inspiring he has been.

As for my younger sibling, Daniel – I’ve never shared so much laughter with anyone in my whole life. In the beginning, Daniel was like a My Size Barbie; I would dress my little bro up in ridiculous stuff like my Minnie Mouse backpack and plastic necklaces. We played make-believe together (and later video games). As we grew older, we developed a sense of humor between us that our mother never truly understood. Although we’re adopted and unrelated, Daniel and I share a lot of the same silly facial expressions, random noise-making habits, and vocabulary. The kid is hilarious.

Yeah, I talk about how my parents dubbed me “The Good Child,” because my brothers were typically acting wack, but I was sometimes just as rebellious as them when we spent time together. Let’s face it, the three of us have had a lot of fun, protected one another, narked on one another, and by the end of the day, I guess we’re all pretty Good kids.

Thanks, bros, for knocking me off my “Good Child pedestal” every now and again. I need a reminder that good isn’t always great – rebellion is sometimes meaningful – and talent is found in both good and bad behavior.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Brian Wood.

As some of you know, I’ve been home and sick for the last week. Being home and sick is no fun, especially when you’re like me and you like to create, network, and be productive every waking moment. Although, something has kept my imagination occupied and that’s Brian Wood’s work.

Brian Wood is a graphic novelist/artist out of Brooklyn, NY. Wood is the creative behind graphic novels like Demo, Local, DMZ, Northlanders, and The Massive. My faves? Definitely Demo, Local, and DMZ. Wood’s graphics tell stories filled with grit, truth, and eye-opening scenes about society in general. I can’t get enough of his work and I can’t wait for more of Demo to release. Definitely check out his work!

Thanks, Brian, for helping me escape the cabin fever that grows from being at home and sick for a week. Instead, my mind has been leaping through the rubble of NYC, behind the lens with Matty.


Today’s Random Hero goes to Tanika. I don’t have a link for you to find Tanika, because she’s too busy out there in the world to be on the Internet.

Meet Tanika, (if you haven’t already), the only person I trust to help me out at The Good Child events and the only person who packages your online orders. That’s right, every single order that’s ever shipped out has been 99.9% packaged by Tanika. Even the Marcus Troy package. In fact, it began there…

I am the sole creative behind The Good Child. This brand literally could not exist without me and it could never be sold, because the story is so personal. Therefore, I do everything for the brand on my own. However…one day, I was rushing and trying to find Marcus Troy in my neighborhood. I had wrapped Troy a t-shirt and was going to personally deliver it, but on my way out the door Tanika saw my packaging job. For such a Good packaging concept, I had botched the wrapping! Since that moment forward, Tanika has wrapped The Good Child orders. They’re perfect.

With my concept and Tanika’s attention to detail, The Good Child shipping department is 1,000% legit. I make the brand, you support it, and Tanika makes sure your orders are wrapped and ready to roll within 24 hours.

So, the next time you’re at an event and see “a white girl selling afro t-shirts” at The Good Child table, just remember – that’s TANIKA! If I’m not there, take time out to thank Tanika for all that she does. And, I’ll be right back (I would never send someone else to represent my brand alone)!

Thank you, Tanika, for helping making this brand happen and for never begging for free t-shirts in return!



Today’s Random Hero goes to A.Dd+.

Labeled as the “Outkast of Dallas,” A.Dd+ is Dallas rap duo Paris Pershun (Arrias Walls) and Slim Gravy (Dionte Rembert). Their debut single and music video, “Like a Mug(beat by Picnic Tyme) has become a Dallas favorite, but the two have a lot more in store on their album, “When Pigs Fly(free download).

I first fully listened to “When Pigs Fly” yesterday. I almost have no words for the album (it’s that Good), but I will say I felt the comparison to Outkast right away with the downright beautiful female vocals on the track “Greedy,” the chorus on “Mary Go,” and the cool-out jazz sh•t/story-time on the track “Erica & Jamie.” Still, with the Outkast comparison, A.Dd+ are one of a kind. Between their raps, vocals, and beats these cats are putting Dallas on the map.

I fully support the A.Dd+ movement. In fact, I’m downloading their old mixtape right now. I look forward to where these guys go with their musical gift – maybe, they’ll collaborate with Erykah Badu some day…

Thank you, A.Dd+, for providing too-Good-for-words music…local music…that I can bump to all day and night long.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Magnificent Beard.

Magnificent Beard is creative duo and screen printers Conner Hill & Matt Brinker. I first met the two at the Dallas Observer Artopia event last year. At Artopia, Magnificent Beard was live screen printing and giving away free prints. I was also giving away free stuff at the event – my Original t-shirt. Magnificent Beard struck me as 10000% awesome for their artistic charity, so I gifted Conner a shirt. I had no idea who Magnificent Beard was at the time, but now…

I know they are Undeniable. The duo is not only successful on their own, (at home and at their graphic design day jobs), but they are also highly supportive of other local innovators. I see Magnificent Beard at almost every art event I attend in Dallas. They also make a helluvalot of gig posters for bands playing at the Granada Theater. Take a look at this incredible (and totally free) Snake Sack AKA gift from Magnificent Beard!

Thanks, Magnificent Beard, for showing me it’s possible to have a prosperous, fun, and crazy side-hustle and a day job, at the same time. I hope to see more of you and your work soon! (And, thanks for the amazing posters)!



Today’s Random Hero goes to THE Random Hero AKA Ryan Dunn.

Ryan Dunn was one of the original, professional stunt members of CKY (Camp Kill Yourself), which later evolved into the hit MTV series, Jackass. Ten long-ass years ago, I became a huge fan of CKY. Thanks to many of my skateboarding friends in junior high, I was accustomed to watching CKY videos in my down time. Beyond the on-screen action, a few of my friends became highly involved in CKY, working with them on tour, etc. I became a huge fan of their band (originally called Camp) as well as their courage to conquer the unknown (some call it sheer stupidity).

When compared to the likes of Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillo, and the crew, Ryan was the subtle in his chaos. Still, his stunts and pranks often brought me to tears from laughter (e.g. the “#1” revenge against Dicamillo’s sh•t rag).

Sadly, yesterday Dunn passed away in a fatal car accident. For a guy who seems to have avoided most of the more daring stunts in the CKY videos, it’s too early for him to have gone. Today, Dunn is my Random Hero, but he’s really been a Random Hero for over a decade. I am sure his life meant a helluvalot to many people – I send them all Good vibes.

Thanks, Ryan, for inspiring myself and others (e.g. Justin Gant) to stay true to our closest of friends, follow our dreams, and have a damned Good laugh.



Today’s Random Hero goes to the core of The Good Family.

Nic (NTX Hip-hop), Chris, Skylar Rain, Manuel, Killa MC, Chevi, & Tanika (not pictured) and Margie Woods Brown Photography – these friends have helped shape the look of The Good Child apparel. Everyone in The Good Family brings a unique set of characteristics to the photoshoots that is Undeniable. It is amazing working with each of them, because I hardly have to direct – they just let their personalities shine and Margie captures them through the lens. I love working with this crew. I could be having a bad day, but as soon as I step on set with The Good Family, well, it’s all good. No joke.

Thank you – all of you – for supporting the brand, showing up on time, never complaining, and for having a damned Good time throughout.

MAJOR RESPECT. Lookbooks coming soon.


Also a huge Thank You to all who have supported The Good Child thus far. The brand wouldn’t be alive without you.



Today’s Random Hero goes to my Levi’s double-cut-off jean shorts.

I bought these Levi’s, pre-cut-off, about two years ago from Urban Outfitters. However, Texas is SO hot, that I cut them off a second time! These Levi’s have been to the lake, been in the lake, been stuck to my butt while cycling, been washed with lights, been washed with darks, been too small for my fat ass, and finally – been just right, again, after a couple of years.

I know they look ultra-Southern, but hey, they’re going to save me from the heat this summer! Besides, linen shorts/pants stick to my butt even more (and yours, too, don’t deny it)! In any case, there’s nothing wrong with ultra-Southern – I was born here – even if nobody thinks so!

Thanks, Levi’s double-cut-off shorts, for being so damned cool.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Kiddrae254 AKA Hance Taplin.

Kiddrae254 is the creative director at Centre, Atama, Snaphats, and does a number of other creative jobs, including his own personal photography and video.

I first met Kiddrae254 when I was buying a Play Cloths button-up at Centre for a day job interview (I got the job, by the way). Kiddrae254 was super dope during that conversation and since then we’ve had many more conversations – stuff about day jobs, dream jobs, music (baller, shot caller…got sprayed by Ike), and life in general. Kiddrae254 has had my full attention since day one. I check out his blog often – looking for photographic inspiration and to see his many travels.

Major props to Kiddrae254 for filming the world around him for his own pleasure (his services are not for sale) and simply to share with others. The best part about Kiddrae254 – the kid stays humble as hell; Kiddrae254 shoots his life, but he also puts others on the map through some of his photographic “journalism.”

Thanks, Kiddrae254, for sharing your vision – what a beautiful view!



Today’s Random Hero goes to my Secret Vacation.

The day after tomorrow, I’ll be leaving Dallas for the extended Memorial Day weekend; I’ll be going on a secret vacation. I have been planning for this vacation for 364 days (since this time last year), and I can’t wait to be on the road! Kind-of like last week’s Random Hero, I can’t tell you all of the details, BUT I can tell you that I’ll be:

  • in the woods
  • being radically self-reliant
  • without my cellphone
  • surrounded by too many Good friends to count on two hands!

This secret vacation is a huge part of forcing relaxation upon myself. Remember this post: The Good Child Says Relax? Well, I have a hard time getting myself to the point of sheer relaxation. I am always coming up with a new project or something to keep my mind busy and my life moving forward. However, everybody needs a break! Breaks help clear the clutter from our minds and keep us focused on what’s truly important – enjoying life to the fullest. So, this week(end), I’ll be doing just that – relaxing on a secret vacation.

Thanks, secret vacation, for letting me get out in the sun, splash in the water, and clear my mind!


While I’m out for the extended weekend: any orders placed between May 26th and May 23rd get FREE SHIPPING. That’s right. When I return home to The Good Child office, I’ll refund the shipping on all orders placed between that time period. I’ll also ship your items at lightening speed to make up for any lost time! So, check out the new series and don’t hesitate to cop some new t’s!



Today’s Random Hero goes to my Day Job.

I can’t tell you where I work my 9-5, but I can tell you it is 100% design-driven and in apparel. I have been at my Day Job for a year now and I have learned a lot there since my first day. I’ve learned things about apparel, sure, but also about networking & building relationships, sticking to deadlines, researching, and making mistakes. I also get to joke around with my team – most days, I laugh so hard I tear up. Every day at my Day Job is unlike the last and it’s still surreal to me that I have landed a Day Job I enjoy. Best yet, my team is f•••ing awesome.

My Day Job has influenced me to do my best – for myself and to better the team around me. Thanks, Day Job, for keeping me on top of my sh•t – and for paying me to be creative.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Adele…well, it goes to sampling Adele.

Adele has been sampled in almost every damned rap song recently released. Rightfully so – girl has a strong and emotional voice. Her soulful vocals are a beautiful addition to most of the tracks she’s been featured in, and I have had this next one stuck in my head for the last four days:

Childish Gambino actually has ANOTHER Adele-sampled track (and it’s damned Good):

I guess it’s not terribly surprising – did you know Adele is an Odd Future fan?

Thanks, Adele (and everyone who has sampled Adele), for getting stuck in my head all week. You’re much more preferable than Rebecca Black.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Sneeze Magazine.

Sneeze Magazine challenges the print world with no binding, poster-sized spreads, and a low page-count. To quote Sneeze Magazine, it’s a MEGA-zine. Sneeze Magazine introduces an authentic skateboarding culture through images and interviews – and you won’t even know it when you’re looking at an advertisement. Read all about it in detail, here.

Sneeze Magazine is what I should have had access to ten years ago. I was fifteen then – trying desperately to land an ollie and listening to CKY. Back then, I also covered my bedroom walls in magazine tears from Thrasher, Rolling Stone, etc.

I’m sad I’m only now catching up with Sneeze – on their 11th issue – but I’ll be a longtime subscriber from now on. Make sure you grab a copy (oops, N˚11 is sold out already), but you can still subscribe, here.

Thanks, Sneeze Magazine, for doing what YOU wanted, and changing the game for the better because of your courage to be different.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Remix Label.

I discovered Remix Label when I was out representing The Good Child at Sneaks Up 5 last weekend. I kept their business card in my pocket and when I got home I checked them out. I was stoked to see the influences behind Remix Label; What stuck out to me was that this “streetwear brand” drew influences from places other than streetwear; the label was influenced by skateboarding, technology, hip-hop AND rock.

I’ve always seen streetwear as a niche pertaining to more than hip-hop and sneakers; skateboarders and rock music have always been as much as a part of streetwear as hip-hop and sneakers. I love the combination of all things (rock/punk, hip-hop, skateboarding, sneakers) and Remix Label represents them well. Take a look at their growing family, here, check out a great interview with Grits, here, and read their whole story, here.

Thanks, Remix Label, for switching it up and representing the whole spectrum!



Today’s Random Hero goes to the freedom to do whatever you want.

I have always been a strong believer in doing what I want – not necessarily what has been told of me. For any design students reading this – you’ve probably heard your professor or mentor say, “Do now, apologize later.” For example, I would never have captured certain photographs and/or video if I didn’t “Do now, apologize later.” (Take for example the photo shoot debacles from the other week). Doing what I strongly believe in/want – with respect to others – has gotten me to where I am today.

Have drive. Have confidence. Have something to say.

Do whatever you want.



I have to be real with you:

Last week, I forgot to post the Random Hero. I could give you excuses – I was so amped to get my car back, I thought it was Wednesday, I was so psyched to show you the Goody Two Shoes preview – whatever. I failed you! Truth is, we all fail every now and again. Ask my friend, Fur Face Boy. Still, I feel kind-of stupid for the mistake, so this week’s Random Hero goes to many other stupid times…

Today’s Random Hero goes to that secret cabin my friends and I held so close to us.

When I was in my late teens, I had a close-knit group of friends. We were so close that we nicknamed ourselves “The Crew” and we rolled about 20 deep. Don’t get me wrong – we were only suburban rats – we weren’t in a gang or anything. We were North Texas kids who were bored. Most of my guy friends were skateboarders and most of my girl friends were 100% down to earth with a genuine sense of humor. We were mature for our age, so our parents entrusted in us to do things like rent a cabin on – our own – for the weekend.

The times I had at that cabin…I can’t even begin to tell you. Singing Weezer’s Pinkerton album in its entirety in unison with 15 strong around me, learning how to cook for a large crowd, trying to keep a fire going — sitting on that fire — all these things I learned at The Cabin. I never had any creepy Descent or Cabin Fever experiences – our cabin was 100% fun and comfortable. Sure, we did some crazy sh•t at The Cabin, but I will never reveal that to anyone outside of the group. We were Good to each other and always will be.

I have to give The Cabin a Random Hero note, because The Cabin taught me how to clear my head and relax. Even as a teenager, I was creating art and teaching myself new things every day. I was constantly caught up in projects. With out a place of solice like The Cabin, I would have never taken the breaks essential for my creative growth.

Thank you, cabin, for providing me (and us) a place to grow, experience change, and embrace our future.



Today’s Random Hero goes to that ramp my brothers and my dad built.

When I was about fifteen years old, my brothers (mainly my older brother) and my dad built this decent sized jump ramp in our driveway. My older brother was always keen on sports, not limited to but including soccer, gymnastics, skateboarding, BMX, aggressive skating, and riding dirtbikes.

Having the only ramp in town with a bunch of skateboarding guy friends was a dream come true. We would hang out at my house all afternoon – them skating and me taking photos or filming. I tried the ramp on a skateboard once…I busted my ass so hard that a passing driver pulled over to see if I was all right. Kids – WEAR A HELMET.

Thanks, jump ramp, for giving me tough skin and great photos (although these found ones are blurry).



Today’s Random Hero goes to RAS (Riders Against the Storm).

I met RAS while I was partaking in the Style X show at SXSW last weekend. RAS consists of the wife & husband duo – Tiger and Jbro. Both Tiger and Jbro came to my booth at Style X and had a positive response to The Good Child lifestyle. I gave them both some free stickers and they gave me one of their promotional cards. Well, I’m glad they did, because I’m jamming their tracks right now. Their music speaks truth through intelligent lyrics. RAS reminds me of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Talib Kweli — and many other hip-hop artists who share real-world messages over old school beats I can truly vibe with.

Make sure you check out RAS’ album, Speak the Truth, here, for it speaks way more volumes than the single video posted above.

Thank you, RAS, for showing support, sharing the knowledge, and lifting us up!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Reggie Watts.

I had (surprisingly) not heard of Reggie Watts until this previous weekend at Denton, TX’s 35 Conferette. See, I had been pretty worn out from volunteering at the event and rescuing other volunteer staffes that I was in the middle of a day nap when I started receiving text messages like this: “Drinks at Sweetwater. Where are you pre-Reggie?” and “Reggie at 6pm, so I’m leaving my shift early.”

I rose from my nap knowing I was going to see this Reggie Watts character, even with out any research or YouTube-ing.

Well, turns out “this Reggie Watts character” REALLY was a character! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Reggie Watts, he is a comdeian, musician, and culturalist. That being said, his show was all of those combined. During his 35 Conferette set, Reggie periodically broke from playing tunes to talk to us, often in a different voice each time, about nonsensical bullsh•t — and we loved it! When he was playing music, we also loved it and vibed out.

Reggie is the epitome of music and humor combined. I will definitely be buying some of his available material. For more info on Reggie, check out his official bio, here.

Thanks, Reggie, for being yourself, even if I can’t tell which character is you up there on stage.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Janelle Monáe.

Both at my day job and my “home” job AKA The Good Child job, I look to singer & songwriter Janelle Monáe for impeccable girl-boy, vintage style. Janelle Monáe embodies the powerful and classic styles that I wish I could wear every day…but I love t-shirts too much. Beyond style, this girl can also DANCE (e.g. her hit “Tightrope”). Check out her videos here, and make sure you buy some of her tracks!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Hair Créme.

People often ask me if they can touch my hair, or more simply, “What do you put in your hair?” My hair isn’t spikey, crusty, flakey, stiff, and I don’t have any dandruff. My trick? Dr. Bronner’s Magic Hair Créme! Since I was a young teen, I’ve been struggling with what to do with my hair afro. I have had braids, I have relaxed it, I’ve been through a series of short haircuts, and I’ve tried going natural again. Throughout all of that, I also experimented with a number of hair products. The mainstream products made me look like I was from Jersey Shore, and the African American products made my hair too greasey, or grow too fast. After I tried Dr. Bronner’s Hair Créme…I never went back to any other product. I can get out of the shower, put this in my hair, and leave the house and I’m GOOD.

Thanks, Dr. Bronner’s, for making an organic & fair-trade product that truly is magical. …now, for the love of God, can I buy this in bulk?



Today’s Random Hero goes to Josh and Peter Henry.

I met Josh (pictured above), his brother Peter and Peter’s wife, Cathy, at the We Are 1976 No. ’76 shindig last Friday. At the shindig, Josh told me he was going to e-mail me (in a non-creepy manner) and guess what? The next morning, I received that dashing photo of young Josh with his afro!

Josh and his brother run a family business called J-Dig Cards. The J-Dig, dare I say, greeting cards are all brainstormed mostly by Josh and then handed off to Peter for that magical touch of simple graphic appication. Once the graphic illustration is completed, Cathy professionally presents the designs to retailers. Damn, that’s a really cool family! In fact, all of their hard work has won them major awards – namely the Louie Awards in ’08 & ’09. Make sure you check out their story, here, and make sure you meet them in person some time, too, because these guys are hilarious and all around fun to talk to!

Thanks, Henry bros, for keeping it simple.


Today’s Random Hero goes to Simple Success.

Simple Success from Andrew Benavides on Vimeo.

Simple Success is probably THE most random of Random Heroes I have ever written about, because I literally just found out about them and their music this morning (thanks to Centre for sharing on Facebook). Simple Success is an independent remix and production duo, composed of drummer/guitarist/producer Kyle Vento and DJ/producer Edgar Miranda. Sound confusing? Maybe, but check out the video above and it will only sound GOOD.

I got to say, after watching their Vimeo video (above) this morning, I was instantly a fan. Kyle and Edgar are out of Houston, TX and are about to release their first EP (albeit 12 full tracks). Their EP comes out in about two days and I will definitely be buying/downloading it in full and supporting the duo from here on out!

Simple Success is 100% Random Hero worthy, because they’re continuing to do what they love despite any restrictions like work and school (both go to school, work, and work in the studio almost every day). When I was a full time college student, life was just as crazy as it is now, but more restricted as far as time and money – BUT, that never stopped me. It’s not stopping Simple Success either and I look forward to where their talent takes them.

Thanks, Simple Success, for moving forward in the music industry and bringing us unexpected beats to jam to!



Today’s Random Hero goes to 35 Conferette (formerly known as NX35).

As many of you know, music highly influences my lifestyle. When I was a student up in north Texas – Denton, TX – I took advantage of every opportunity to see free music. NX35, ‘er, 35 Conferette brought THE biggest opportunity to do just that; in 2010, I was a volunteer and received a free wristband in exchange for my hard work.

The 35 Conferette is the biggest music shindig North Texas has to offer. Yeah, I said it. Don’t believe me? Read THIS. The bands that play the event are comparable to those that show up in Austin for SXSW. After all, it’s only a three hour drive between the two cities. Last year, I was lucky enough to catch musical talents such as Pigeon John, Sore Losers, Damaged Good$, DJ Mom Jeans, The Walkmen, Sarah Jaffe, HEALTH, and WAY, WAY more. This year, 35 Conferette has some BIG news in their still growing line-up…acts like Big Boi, Cut Chemist, Dan Deacon, and Kid Koala. Honestly — I JUST found out about Kid Koala by reading the line-up for this post. Man, I’m amped for this year’s event. If you haven’t bought your wristband yet, you’re going to be sorry come March 11th!

Which brings me to the details: the event runs March 11th through March 13th in Denton, TX (all over the city in various venues). Each venue declares it’s own 18+ or 21+ policy, so look out. The all-weekend wristbands are $85, get you in to every venue, and are going FAST! Make sure you grab one soon, otherwise you’ll end up paying the door cover at each venue you hop to. Also, wristband kids get to skip in the front of the line. If it hadn’t been for my fancy wristband last year, I wouldn’t have seen HEALTH; I got to skip in front of a lot of angry people in line!

I haven’t even told you why 35 Conferette gets my title of Random Hero. I’m not going to lie – I mainly volunteered for NX35 35 Conferette to get a free all access wristband. However, only one week into the volunteer process (and way before the event started), I found myself 110% involved in the process. I was making lists of taxi services (for patrons), attending meetings, and spreading the word on the street. During the event, I covered my scheduled volunteer shift (door girl at Sweetwater Bar & Grill), but I also helped other volunteers at their beckoning call. By the end of the event, I had mad respect for the leaders of the event (namely Chris Flemmons and Shannon Goleman). I also had the opportunity to meet national musicians like Pigeon John (who wanted to party with us after his show) and talk it up with DFW local artists like Seryn. Even after the event was said and done with, I became more involved in the Denton community and found myself attending city council meetings, fighting for bicycle road space, dismissing the development of Fry Street, etc.

PHEW, so THAT is this week’s Random Hero. Completely worthy. Thank you, 35 Conferette, for blowing. my. mind.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Craig Stecyk III.

I first heard about Stecyk when I was about fifteen years old; I was reading a lot of Thrasher, Transworld, and Skateboarder magazines and came across Stecyk’s name more than once. I’d always been one to look into things, (queue kids asking me, “How do you find out about all this music?”), so I kept reading through sources and found out about Stecyk’s photography and work with the Z-boys. I came from a family of photographers and a friendship circle of skateboarding delinquents, so my liking of Stecyk and his work came easily. Stecyk wasn’t afraid of anything – not opinion, law, time, or environment kept him from photographing. He followed his passion deep into the darkness of something so new, it (skateboarding) was hardly considered a topic worth talking about. The fact that Stecyk helped expose an underground movement on the up rise makes him 100% Random Hero-worthy.

Stecyk’s work still inspires me today. Thanks, Stecyk, for following your dreams and capturing the dreams of others.



Today’s Random Hero goes to H1gher Learning.

H1gher Learning is a blog run by KJ Kearney. KJ writes about Southern Streetwear and the music and art surrounding the lifestyle, providing a resource for fans everywhere. H1gher Learning is not just a place to read up, but a place to connect with others in the Southern streetwear business. Some people KJ has covered include Grits (Houston, TX), Johnathan Da Lynn, We Are The Process and SO many more! In fact, you can look for a little something-something between The Good Child and H1gher Learning REALLY soon, so be on the lookout! You can also look out for the exclusive interview with H1gher Learning/KJ on the Components of Enthusiasm blog here.

I’ve got to give big thanks to H1gher Learning/KJ for being 100% humble in his reporting, interviewing, and sharing. KJ isn’t saying that Southern streetwear reigns supreme or anything – he’s just getting us to talk about it and give praise to those who are rocking the boat with their brands (or just getting started).

Thanks again, H1gher Learning, for teaching me something new about my culture every day.

Image Credit: http://h1gher.com



Today’s Random Hero is double special; not only are they Random Hero-worthy, but today’s date (1/11/11) won’t happen again for another thousand years! For this special occasion, I find it only right to give today’s Random Hero to two things that make my life fun and carefree…Jake and Sam.

Jake and Sam are two dogs, but count as one Random Hero due to bloodline. Jake, about four years old, is a 100% black lab straight from the mountains of Montana. Sam, about two years younger, is his son.
When I visit my parent’s home in Colorado, I look forward to a lot of things: riding the ATV, drinking Breckenridge brew, seeing my folks, and playing with the dogs. It used to just be Jake – he’s the one in the red collar – and he has always been obedient… but, once Sam was born, life changed forever. Sam is taller, longer, and stronger than Jake. He’s also louder. The video footage says it all. Together, these guys create an energy force like no other. Their energy is the kind of energy I like to keep behind The Good Child brand. I live every day in good humor and give each product in The Good Child line my full attention. Just the same way as Jake and Sam never take their eyes off the ball, I never put forth a product that I have not produced with 100% attention to detail.

So here’s to Jake and Sam – the wildest inspiration I have yet to come across!



The FIRST Random Hero of the 2011 new year goes to North Texas Hip-Hop.

NTX Hip-Hop represents all of the best local hip-hop in – you guessed it – North Texas. Their radio show, The Breeding Ground, sounds out on IndieVerse radio every Tuesday at 4pm CST. It’s on The Breeding Ground that I can listen to new groups like Sore Losers, old lyricists like Voice Rock, and everything in between (Erykah Badu, Damaged Good$, and MUCH more). Since The Breeding Ground is on while I am at my day job, I tune in through my iPhone and don’t miss a beat. NTX Hip-Hop not only provides the best-of local tunes, but they keep up to date on all of the best local events (e.g. Show Me the Munny).

You want to keep up with NTX Hip-Hop, because they’ll keep YOU up.

Thanks, NTX Hip-Hop, for the weekly music playlists, The Breeding Ground, and for supporting what is most important – our Dallas community of artists and entrepreneurs.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Good Records.

The first time I went to Good Records, run by Chris Penn, I was 16 years old. Back then, the Good Records shop was located in Deep Ellum off of Good Latimer. The new, larger shop space is located off of Lower Greenville (1808 Greenville). I can tell you one thing – no matter where Penn has his shop, there will be occasions filled with free beer, free pizza, and free music (oh, and free movies on Music Movie Mondays). Just two days ago, I was in the shop buying used vinyl records and Aloe Blacc‘s Good Things on CD (shout out to Unkommon Kolor). Not long before that, I was attending a special in-store performance by Tegan & Sara. Before that, I was meeting THE Dallas local, Erykah Badu, in person. Before that, Good Records had this awesome, free event for Record Store Day where a bundle of local bands played and food and beer was served.

You see the trend here? Good Records is THE stop in Dallas for Pitchfork‘s top artists, underground and local artists, and everything in between. The staff at Good Records know their sh•t and are not afraid to diss on the new Kanye album, even if Pitchfork surprisingly gave it a perfect 10. You’ll find everything you need in Good Records – new/used CDs, vinyl, DVDs, turntables, radical t-shirts and limited edition posters. I’ll admit, I buy a lot of tunes via the Internet and I do my fair share of pirating through sites like The Hood Nerd and Gorilla VS Bear. However, just like two days ago, I get this wicked itch in my mind for that tactile sensation that comes with having music on record, in hand, and with booklet. I will always be a customer at Good Records. iTunes doesn’t have sh•t on that music shop!

Thanks, Good Records and Chris Penn, for all of the music I could ever imagine and for providing a one-stop-shop for pure entertainment and local events!

Image credit: Sara Kerens



Today’s Random Hero goes to Dave Darnell AKA Dave the Art Teacher.

Dave Darnell was the art teacher at Walden Preparatory School in Dallas, TX. Walden Prep was a privately run high school that focused on the students – period. At Walden, we had an entire wing dedicated to creation and artistic expression. We only had a handful of teachers, all of which were called by their first names.

I left public school for Walden Prep, because at Walden I could learn, discuss, and chase my life dreams. When I met Dave the Art Teacher, my dream development went into full effect; I was painting like a mad scientist, exploring color relationships, experimenting with textures, and building my own canvases. Not only that, but I was learning about incredible musicians like Tom Waits, Daniel Johnston, and Nick Cave via Dave’s record player in the art shop. The more I write about it, the more I wish I could go back there. Dave let me paint on the walls, the tables, the doors – he even let me nail a shellac’d donut to the wall (only to join the others, of course).

I graduated from Walden in 2004 and a couple of years after that, it was relocated and later shut down due to a lack of students (we needed 45+ at all times), which then led to a major buy-out (the old property now consists of town homes). The entire ordeal was a devestation…but, there will forever be a piece of Walden Prep – and Dave the Art Teacher – in my artwork.

So here’s to Dave the Art Teacher. Thanks for letting us experiment in every medium we could imagine. Thanks for letting me make a collage on the back of the main entry door. Thanks for letting me borrow CDs. And, thanks for messing with my mind, 8 hours a day, 4 days a week.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Clampitt Paper.

Where to start …THANK YOU, Paper People.

For over three years now, Clampitt has been providing me with an incredible creative center, a paper sample room with an answer to all my needs, and the fastest courier service I’ve ever experienced doing business with.

I have three professional jobs: apparel designer by day, graphic-apparel designer by night, and graphic freelance designer in between (yeah, there’s an in between day and night). With a lineup like that, it might seem impossible to be successful in each area; with a little help from Clampitt Paper, all of my printed products are 100% impressive in the end. In fact, all of YOUR The Good Child products will arrive enclosed in paper provided from Clampitt. Aren’t you lucky?

Thanks, again, Paper People. You have saved the day many times!



Today’s Random Hero goes to my favorite t-shirt.

When I first decided to honor my favorite t-shirt as a Random Hero, I thought, “Man, no way I could choose ONE t-shirt,” but then it hit me…

As you can tell, this is no ordinary t-shirt. This t-shirt used to belong to my father and he would wear it when he raced his Carrera 906, (spelled wrong on the t-shirt by my father’s first batch of kids), around the tracks in California. That means this t-shirt is over a gazillion years old!

It is unlike my father to let go of a trophy relic like this t-shirt, so I am certain I stole it from his closet when I was in my teens. What appeals to me about it other than the nostalgia? The complimentary yellow and blue, the tight, crew collar, and the hand-pressed velvet lettering make this shirt one-of-a-kind. The color variation, stains, and holes make this shirt unwearable on most occasions, but I still wear it to work sometimes (underneath a button-up, of course).

So, here’s to the t-shirt that kept my father comfy. Thanks, t-shirt, for always fitting just right and for always returning to me (this t-shirt was once lost in the San Gabriel River, but was later found hanging in a tree).



Today’s Random Hero goes to Sore Losers.

Sore Losers (Brown + Blue) is an experimental hip-hop duo from Dallas, TX.

I first saw Sore Losers during the Denton, TX music event, NX35 (now known as the 35 Conferette), where they opened for Damaged Goods, Pigeon John and DJ Mom Jeans. As they were setting up on stage, I asked a local DJ, “Who are the Sore Losers?” The DJ replied, “They’re all right.”

Halfway through the Sore Losers set, I realized they were way more than “all right,” they were Undeniable. Brown and Blue maintained a stage presence that showed they do as they please – they danced, they joked on each other, they interacted with the audience, and they mixed lyrics with beats I never thought hip-hop could touch.

Ever since that first time seeing them, I have run into Brown + Blue all over Dallas at cool events like Fur Face Boy’s Series III Release Party and shops like Adikt Footwear. They’ll be playing a show with Chiddy Bang THIS THURSDAY, December 2nd, at Trees in Dallas. Grab your cheap tickets here and go see Undeniable in action.

Thanks, Sore Losers, for providing free and great music to get my creative mind going.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Robynne Raye of Modern Dog Design Co.

Robynne is a Random Hero, because she taught me to do what I want – successfully. Robynne is the co-founder of Modern Dog. Along with Michael Strassburger, Robynne founded Modern Dog fresh into the design industry. Since 1987, these two cats have been creating some of the weirdest work I have ever seen – successfully. When I say “successfully,” I mean they are working hard because they love it and they aren’t starving doing it either.

Check out more of Robynne and Michael’s work here and definitely cop this book.

Cheers, Modern Dog, for showing me I can do my own thing.



Today’s Random Hero goes to Justin Gant.

Justin and I grew up together (that’s right, he’s seen me with an afro). Growing up, he was always jumping off of rooftops, riding skateboards, and making people laugh. Then, one day, he said, “I’m going to be a stuntman.”

This kid is TOTALLY Undeniable. Since becoming a stuntman, Justin has been in a lot of big shows and films – not to mention that controversial M.I.A video. Having friends like Justin has taught me to dream, LIVE my dreams, and above all – take risks. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Thanks for all the good times, Justin!



Today’s Random Hero goes to Fur Face Boy.

This kid is totally Undeniable and has taught me how to be Undeniable as well. You can find him all over Texas this weekend at the Dallas Observer’s Artopia event and San Antonio’s Sneaks Up event. You have GOT to check him out!

Thanks for all the mad decent advice, Fur Face Boy!



I created Random Hero Tuesday to share some of the people, places, and things that have been most influential on me. Some of the Random Heroes I have posted in the past include my Dad, Pan Ector Industries, Kale Sandridge, Brian Wood, The Clayton Bros., and MANY MORE. Random Hero Tuesday will officially pick up here on the website THIS Tuesday, November 9, 2010.Rand

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