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Nice to iMeet You

Toward the end of my work day yesterday, I was pretty exhausted – mentally and physically (hello, new gym membership). As I was leaving the day job building, I read a tweet by Marcus Troy saying:

In 2 hours exactly join me here: http://imeet.com/themarcustroyexperience Have the application call your cell phone. If not please use headphones IMEET.

Although my day had been long and tiring in the corporate office, I knew I would be spending my night in another meeting. The difference? The iMeet meeting would be refreshing. At precisely 8pm EST (7pm for me), Marcus called the meeting with a full room of attendees. The topic for discussion: Mentors (mentoring, getting mentored, etc.).

Marcus lead the discussion, asking us all questions and allowing us to respond and expand on his ideas. I started off 2nd in the line up for commenting on Marcus’ opening statements, but I quickly fell to the sidelines to listen and absorb the other attendees’ thoughts and opinions regarding mentoring. Continue reading

The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet, again

Another night, another design, another iMeet with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight, I joined the room with the likes of William Yan, Daniella, Wesley Brown, Dale Coachman, Ray Protege, Tanner Bachman, Olumide Yerokun, Bobby T, Hugh L, Corey Scott, Corey Knight, Joey Jepson, Bernard James, Sean Quincy, ::GASP::, and of course, Marcus Troy.
Tonight, the discussion started off on the topic of presence, being present, and commitment to the moment. Here’s some notes and a fragmented journey through two hours in The Marcus Troy Experience iMeet tonight:
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The Marcus Troy Experience : iMeet

I just spent about two hours “having dinner” with the following people:

Tonight, I joined into my 3rd iMeet session with The Marcus Troy Experience. Tonight’s session started out about “the game” — knowing it, living it, learning from it, and succeeding (and sometimes failing) in it. In the end, however, we touched on the fashion industry and its past and present game-changers.

This iMeet session was one of Marcus Troy’s best. I took some notes to share with you all.

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