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Snag a Good Polo!

NOW AVAILABLE & exclusively limited: Good Polo.


Comes in peach or slate. Made in the USA. American Apparel 100% combed cotton pique collared shirt. You can purchase yours, here, in The Good Child online shop. Thanks to YOUR support – the brand continues to grow!

KH Art House One: Locals Only


You should know well by now about the exclusive t-shirt I have been working on with the apparel brand Kill Hubris. Well, we are finally revealing the entire design! This t-shirt, The Locals, is the 1st in the Kill Hubris Art House series. This style is limited to 60 and 10 will be available through The Good Child shop. You will be able to snag yourself The Locals t-shirt this weekend.



The t-shirt features hand drawn portraits of some of North Texas’ creative force. You can see a full list of names, here. I even pixelated Fur Face Boy‘s face!


Do you recognize these two?



More on the inspiration for this design later this week!

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek Two

You might have seen a little sneak peek the other night of a very special t-shirt I am releasing with the brand Kill Hubris. As mentioned before, Kill Hubris is happy to introduce their Art House series, a series of t-shirts designed by some of Kill Hubris’ favorite artists. I am honored to be the designer behind the first exclusive releasing under the Kill Hubris Art House name. The t-shirt will be available soon, but until then…here’s another sneak peek!

This t-shirt will feature all hand drawn portraits of some familiar faces in the North Texas art scene (and some not so familiar…yet)! Can you recognize these three? That’s me on the lower left. Sam (with the hair) and Biggs of Unkommon Kolor are to my right.

Stay tuned for more news about the special release, including where the inspiration came from and when it will drop!

Kill Hubris Art House x The Good Child: Peek One


The guys at Kill Hubris are proud to announce their Art House series – brought to you by KH in collaboration with local artists.
Their first design is by yours truly, The Good Child. Check out their blog, here, for details! Also, stay tuned for more sneak peeks as the week goes on. The shirt will release very soon.

UNKO x FFB at Centre

Yesterday, I dropped in at Centre, (my favorite boutique in Dallas, TX), to visit some of the most amazing locals in my city – Unkommon Kolor and Fur Face Boy. Unkommon Kolor and Fur Face Boy have been running their independent brands for about 3-4 years now and yesterday they released their first collaboration together.

It was dope to see the two brands doing it big for our city. It was also really Good hanging out and chatting with FFV (Fur Face Vy), other local brand owners (Sleepy DanHIJ Clothing, Loyal KNG) the Centre crew (mainly Kiddrae254), and local musicians (DJ SoberBlue and Picnictyme). Check out a few iPhone shots from the event, as well as some looks of Centre (and Atama), below:

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The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC NEW COLORWAYS

I had to bring it back.

The super limited initial run of The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC piece in the natural wood colorway was – well – super limited! Only a few were copped in the short window of availability. Even so, I closed that window and moved forward with the brand.

However, when I was at Style X last month, I had a lot of requests for more pendants. I was also neighbors with GoodWoodNYC themselves, so we talked a little about the production and The Good Child brand. On the 2nd day of the Style X event, I sold four pendants to ONE fan alone. Kortez Marion of Detroit, MI — thank you! This kid ordered colorways I had not produced. After witnessing his enthusiasm I decided to re-release the piece, but in different colorways. The natural colorway is as of now unavailable. Unless you’ve copped one at Centre/Snaphats this last week, that’s IT. I will stay true to my word that no style will ever be 100% reproduced. Don’t be upset – there’s Good news…

The new colorways will include a super, super dope combination…Introducing, The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC pendant in natural wood with a blood wood inlay*. Even I don’t own one…yet!

Other colorways I’ll be producing now include black, dark maple, red, and grey (with a black necklace). I am limiting production of each colorway to 50. These are pre-order still, but there is no time limit on when you place your order. Simply allow 2 weeks for production and shipping – that’s it.

You can cop one soon at http://shop.officialgoodchild.com and also immediately available at Centre (Mockingbird Station in Dallas, TX) while supplies last.

*Big ups to Nell of GoodWoodNYC for collaborating with me on this special piece

Last day to Order The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC

Last day to Order The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC is tomorrow!