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Live It Up: DAL to AUS

The Good Child has been on quite the hiatus lately. Things have been moving and shuffling over here – I am now located in Austin, TX, probably the biggest change in this last year!

Still, a lot of support continues to flow from my old home base in Dallas. In particular, Plain Jane Francis (AKA Kalan Briggs) has been inspiring me lately.

Here is a new video, “Live it Up”, by Plain Jane Francis and his comrade, Tony Q, where he is hard-repping the sold out “A Child Called Good” t-shirt that was released in Series I.

Happy and active here in Austin, I still find myself missing my Dallas network quite a bit. Companies like We Are 1976, Centre and ATAMA. Galleries like The Public Trust, WAAS and Kirk Hopper. Brands like Fur Face Boy, Loyal KNG and Fresh Kaufee. Artists like Sour Grapes, Brent Ozaeta and Jeremy Biggers. Musicians like Sarah Jaffe, A.Dd+, Dustin Cavazos and Zhora. Record stores like Good Records and Bill’s. “Locker room” journalists like Central Track. Jerks like Arturo Torres (he’s not a jerk, but we call each other jerks to keep egos in check).

There’s nothing like walking around the inner city and knowing people. Shooting the sh•t with people. Having a mutual respect for friend’s artistry. Willing to teach one another and open to learn from one another. Dallas really does have something special going on in it’s artistic industries and I am proud to have been a part of that for so long.

I was just one woman with one idea and one extra bedroom in which I sat every night to write blogs, design shirts and build a brand strategy. I put myself out there and you accepted me and put faith into my brand.

Here in Austin, Plain Jane Francis recently visited and he told me to keep pushing my brand.

He was right.

As soon as he returned to Dallas, someone on the streets complimented The Good Child t-shirt he was wearing.

So, this is really just a “thank you” and an “I remember you” from my brand to anyone reading this post. I will keep pushing. And, I hope you like what comes next.

The Good Child