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Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party

Last night, I went to the Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party. Fur Face Boy always has his release parties in different locations around Dallas/Fort Worth, and this time the shindig was held at Ham Hula T-Shirt Co. Ham Hula, run by Scott Lloyd, is a t-shirt screen-printing company. Fur Face Boy first began producing his tees with Ham Hula, so throwing a party there for his fifth series seemed right. The vibe throughout the evening was 100% positive. A lot of noteworthy brands from Texas were in the house, including Loyal KNG, Grits, Remix Label, Fresh Kaufee, and Unkommon Kolor. Having all of the brands on the same block at Fur Face Boy’s event was rewarding. All of us talked real talk, joked around, joked on each other, danced, sang, and doodled. We also ate some grub and had a few drinks (thanks, Fur Face Boy)! Continue reading

No. ’76 Party Recap!

Last night, We Are 1976 through quite the party: the No. ’76 Special Edition T-shirt & Album Release Shindig. Alongside other incredible local artists like DJ Sober, Fresh Kaufee, Loyal KNG, Dowdy Studio, Brainsnatcher, Brent Ozaeta, and GOST, I released a mega exclusive run on The Good Child x We Are 1976 t-shirt, Good Ride. You can find Good Ride available in the online shop by Monday, Feb. 14th! Stay tuned on that.

Like some of the other artists, I found myself in major traffic on the way to the event, but as soon as I arrived…it was a FULL house!

All of the t-shirts were displayed as a group in the center of the shop, and DJ Sober’s album was also for sale and placed through out the shop. MAJOR props to Vynsie, Jully, & Derek for once again arranging the floor to cater to such a special event.

We Are 1976’s FIRST self-produced apparel item! I’m a huge fan of raglan sleeves, so I’ll be looking to get my hands on one (if there’s any left) soon!

Fresh Kaufee released two new t-shirts for the event. I bought the one on the left, Gimme Sum Sugar. I love the color palette Joonbug has going on. If you ever have the chance to meet him at an event, make sure you check out one of his sketchbooks.

The Loyal KNG crew rolled through with two brand new designs as well. The boys who run Loyal KNG are some of my first influences in apparel design. Their work ethic, illustrative skills, and will to travel is inspiring. Don’t worry if you missed them last night, because you can catch them at nearly any big event!

Brainsnatcher re-released his popular Yeti t-shirt and if you didn’t grab one last night…good luck! I saw a lot of people carrying around at least one of these three available styles last night. Yet again, another great illustrator in a city near you.

Short story:

When I was a young teenager, Friday nights at Eisenbergs Skatepark were a must in my crowd of friends. Many of my friends were in bands and/or were trying to get sponsored skating (and made that come true). Friday nights at Eisenberg’s Skatepark combined music and aggressive sports in one hot, sweaty, loud situation. I loved it.

Introducing GOST – Arlo Eisenberg‘s brand! These two shirts were highly detailed from the graphic design and application to the added destruction on the hemlines, etc. Definitely worth your pretty penny to cop at least ONE!

Dowdy Studio released this style in two colorways and for both men and women. I loved the vintage aspect to the graphic design on this style. I also love Dylan and Pam’s method of working together. Check out bits of their story here.

This t-shirt was produced by Brent Ozaeta. The print on the shirt is one out of three in his series titled Until I Meet You One Day. These shirts were incredible and also very popular due to Valentine’s Day creeping up. Make sure you see the whole series!

Last, but not least…

The mega exclusive, run of only 25 (and I took one), Good Ride t-shirt! With this t-shirt design, I blended The Good Child and We Are 1976 into one colorful, smooth ride down the sidewalk of the decades. First stop, 1976 and then on to 1986 – the year I was born. I had fun with this design and I had even MORE fun not having to deal with the sales! BIG shout out to Jully (and Vynsie and Derek) for handling all of the transactions made during the party last night! Thanks to the ’76 crew, I was able to mingle with a lot of likeminded individuals, new and old. Take for instance, Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee:

I think I talked to Joonbug most of the night. I picked his brain about his brand, we discussed our other hobbies (including painting), and came up with a NEW idea for his packaging…right? Yeah! Cool! Thanks for copping a t-shirt, Joonbug!

As usual, I also chatted it up with Vynsie. DID YOU KNOW: we have not one, but TWO teachers of the arts in common? Small, creative world! Vynsie recently had a major surgery on her hand and due to graphic content, I will not be displaying the photograph. Just kidding.

I’m glad Vynsie is feeling a heck-of-alot better now. Thanks, Vynsie!

If you know Derek then you understand why this image is blurry. Derek is one of the happiest, goofiest, and well dressed guys I know! He was laughing when I took this photograph and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks, Derek!

DJ Sober AKA Decade Clothing AKA Young Willie Dynamite AKA Trill Will AKA Sobie 1 and so on, is my favorite DJ on the local scene right now. Go to his blog to download a handful of free mixes (right hand side of page) and dance your booty off. The first time I heard DJ Sober play was at the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour stop at We Are 1976. It’s cool that DJ Sober also remembers seeing me for the first time that night. You know who else I met for the first time that night?

Trung and Thien Vuong of Loyal KNG! These two brothers motivate and accelerate. Yeah, I said that.

Other rad people I had a chance to talk to last night include Jully, Fur Face Boy and Vi, a couple of throwback friends I had met in Denton, some design co-workers from the day job, Peter & Josh Henry (more on those guys next week), some random guy who wanted me to call him Cornelius, and a dozen more local artists that you will be able to read about in my Random Heroes section in the future!

Not only did I get to mingle, but I also shopped (I can’t help it)! See why?

WHOA. Double-take! I saw this packaging last night for the first time. Do great minds think alike? Are we both feeling the groove of eco-friendly packaging?

Anyway, today I rocked my deliciously smelling Fresh Kaufee t-shirt. Check it out:

Pretty dope, huh? …I just realized I bought a large instead of a medium. No WONDER. Oh well, I’ll control-shrink this kaufee bean.

Phew! Long night.

All in all, it was a good night, too. In fact, it was so good it was surreal for the first hour or so. I cannot thank every one enough; from Shop Dad to owners to artists to supporters, thank you.

Now, my dog is snoring on the couch and I am going to join him for a couple of hours. …until the next adventure!