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Nice to iMeet You

Toward the end of my work day yesterday, I was pretty exhausted – mentally and physically (hello, new gym membership). As I was leaving the day job building, I read a tweet by Marcus Troy saying:

In 2 hours exactly join me here: Have the application call your cell phone. If not please use headphones IMEET.

Although my day had been long and tiring in the corporate office, I knew I would be spending my night in another meeting. The difference? The iMeet meeting would be refreshing. At precisely 8pm EST (7pm for me), Marcus called the meeting with a full room of attendees. The topic for discussion: Mentors (mentoring, getting mentored, etc.).

Marcus lead the discussion, asking us all questions and allowing us to respond and expand on his ideas. I started off 2nd in the line up for commenting on Marcus’ opening statements, but I quickly fell to the sidelines to listen and absorb the other attendees’ thoughts and opinions regarding mentoring. Continue reading

Private Session


Last night, I had the great opportunity to sit in on a small, private listening session with musician Sarah Jaffe. Jaffe played some of her past hits, recent favorites, and some new tracks off of her album The Body Wins (releasing April 24th). I have to say that this up & coming album is a step in a new and exciting direction. While listening, I found myself wanting to dance to one song and then being familiarly haunted by Jaffe’s voice and acoustics in another. The new music Jaffe is bringing to the table is evolved in a good way. I can’t wait for the album drop (and I will share more at that time)!

Look for The Body Wins this April and check out more on Jaffe, here as well as in the previous Random Hero post!

Hello, Los Angeles

Over the last week, I spent some time visiting the Los Angeles area. I was out in California conducting research for my day job, but I had a blast both working with our consultant and spending some time exploring parts of the city by myself.

I flew in comfort, taking a main cabin flight on Virgin America. All I have to say is, Dude – Virgin America’s technologically advanced flights, purple lights included, rocked my world. Without the in-flight wifi, I wouldn’t have been able to flawlessly re-schedule my arrival transportation plans last-minute, before touching down at LAX.

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Quiet Birthday Adventure

Yesterday, to quietly celebrate my birthday, I took myself deep into Dallas for a little sight-seeing. I had heard (and I am sure you have by now) about Shepard Fairey being in town and working on a few public murals this week, so I set out to find at least one or two.


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Birthday Steez

Today, I turn 26 years young. I’d like to thank my family, friends, and loved ones for continuing to support me year after year. I wouldn’t be here without you.

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