The Good Story

Growing up, I had an afro, I was the sister of two bad ass brothers, and I played make-believe a lot. Most importantly, I had two badass brothers. These guys would argue over everything, wrestle, ride dirtbikes, and eventually play in a metal band together.

Due to my brothers’ often rowdy behavior, my parents nicknamed me “The Good Child.” Throughout the years, being “The Good Child” for me meant having privileges like sitting at the Big Table on Thanksgiving, gaining my own room as I aged as opposed to losing it, and calling the shots if our parents were out of town.

Although, I have to say, our parents did everything they could to keep things even. I remember the Christmas that my younger brother received a trampoline, my older brother received a guitar, and I received…bed sheets. On my birthday, following Christmas by one full month, I received more bed sheets. The gifts were under whelming, but I realized it was only because I had become accustomed to great reward.

Expected and good behavior doesn’t always reward, and often times, it is the rebellious ones who make all the difference. I do have to thank my brothers for their crazy ideas (e.g. jumping off of roofs and riding skateboards in the empty pool). They have influenced me to be my “baddest” and live my dreams. Today, that means learning something new every day – always coming up © .


Heather, The Good Child


9 responses to “The Good Story


    heather, i have loved your art and insparation for many years stemming back to high school. i just wanted to say im so proud of you!

  2. Trevor Thompson

    My gf Katrina recently bought me the Jordan 3 edition of your “Goody 2 Shoes” tee, I love it! Dope, refreshing art, and the fit was absolutely perfect (which is rare to find nowadays). I really admire and respect your art, site, originality, and movement (your brand reminds me of the fictional brand “CRISP” off of “How to Make It In America”), I plan on hopefully starting a clothing line of my own, and my dream is to get a .com and a store in a mall, your hustle has definitely lit a fire under me and inspired me to get moving.

    Much Love from a fellow Texan (Fort Worth)!

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  4. Congrats on your wordpress blog. Down Under is about to get stamped with ur stickers 🙂 You’re very talented & will keep checking out ur site for updates 🙂
    Send as many stickers as u want to Australia- C/O Heather and we will rep you here.. would love to see some badass GoodChild shirts at festivals over here too!
    Be good or be good at it

    • Feedback like yours is what keeps me & the brand moving. Thank you so much for the kind words. I would love to send you more stickers. Feel free to send me your address to

      I aim to some day travel with the brand globally and when I do, Australia is definitely on my list.

      Thanks, again!
      Stay good, be humble.

  5. maria brown

    Hey! Met you outside of the stem and thorn release,thanks for taking my pic! Lol and I loved the story about the good child,very intriguing!Let me know if you ever need a bad child model!! Haha

  6. Heather:

    We love reading about all your adventures and progress with your brand! The pics of your travels (and mom!) are fun to browse. You are indeed “The Good Child”….

    Athena & family

  7. this story is nice

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