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Eames + Herman Miller In-House

Yesterday was the 3rd installment of “No Meeting First Fridays” at my day job. The title is self-explanatory. Beyond not holding any meetings, our CEO wants us to get out, get inspired, and refresh our perspectives. One way the company recently helped cultivate inspiration was through an incredible Eames x Herman Miller workshop held in-house just for all of us.

I accidentally left all of my notes from the workshop in my day job Moleskin (which is sitting on my desk at this moment), but here are some images and a few things I could recall from the wonderful lecture.

Charles & Ray (his wife, not his brother) Eames came about in the late 1930s/early 1940s as “the architect & the painter,” respectively.  The designer couple built a home together (literally and well-designed) and took up the business of designing furniture that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also beautifully functional from a production point-of-view.

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Hello, Los Angeles

Over the last week, I spent some time visiting the Los Angeles area. I was out in California conducting research for my day job, but I had a blast both working with our consultant and spending some time exploring parts of the city by myself.

I flew in comfort, taking a main cabin flight on Virgin America. All I have to say is, Dude – Virgin America’s technologically advanced flights, purple lights included, rocked my world. Without the in-flight wifi, I wouldn’t have been able to flawlessly re-schedule my arrival transportation plans last-minute, before touching down at LAX.

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If you’ve been able to catch me at a live event, you’ve probably seen this suitcase:

I have seen a lot of people take photos of the suitcase, ask where the suitcase came from, and offer up free stickers to add to the suitcase (thanks!).

As you might know, I am an avid fan of recycling and being good to our planet. I am in fact so dedicated that when I worked for Circuit City, I would personally empty our makeshift recycling box at one of the Denton city recycling sites once a week. One day, I was emptying the recycling box when I came across a full set of old luggage. The only salvageable part of the matching set was the suitcase you now see me carry around to all the live events.

A fun fact: The first sticker to ever go on the suitcase was from Johnny Cupcakes during his Suitcase Tour stop at We Are 1976 a couple of years ago. He also signed it, “Safe travels.” Will do, Johnny and thank you!

I want to share with you the other suitcases that I own. Over the years, my father and my grandfather have both passed along to me an incredible inventory of photography tools – some of it neatly packed away in these:

Plain on the outside…but, check out the killer handmade compartmentalization on the inside of this one!

Pentax after Pentax, lens after lens, these suitcases are built like they’re for a photographer going to war.

I am so grateful to have these tools. I put them to great use throughout my college education – going through rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls of film, hand processing them, and keeping even the bad prints just to make collages.

I aim to use these more often in the up and coming years. Stay tuned, as along the way I will share my adventures through the aperture.

Random Weekend Happenings

I had such a busy weekend that I have decided to share bits and pieces with you. From Dallas to Denton and back, I carried my beautiful SLR camera, but ended up shooting everything from my iPhone! Check out some of my adventures below…

FRIDAY 2/18: @35Denton on Twitter asks their followers, “Where’s everyone going tonight?” I answered, “My backyard with my grill and some Fireman’s #4.” (I also picked up a FEW of the mega exclusive The Good Child x We Are 1976 tees for the online shop).

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