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Spreading Talent

This year has been a little different for The Good Child. Year One was all about building a foundation – thanks to you guys and, in return, my own determination. Year Two seems to be more about growing the brand as a full creative force. There was the KH Art House design, the contributing to Hide Your Arms blog, and then there was this:

When Sarah Jaffe came to me looking for a t-shirt for her new and most recognized album, The Body Wins, I was more than flattered. Not yet knowing exactly what the album title meant to Jaffe, I was instantly drawn to my collection of vintage family photographs. Add to it that Jaffe was a Good Child customer and loved the Respect Your Elders tee,  and right away we knew the direction for the design. Say hello to Puerto Rico 1972.

Jaffe picked the shirt body for the design and I love the overall vintage feeling behind the finished product. The album title really seems to work with the vibe in this image and it’s great that it was released during the warmer weather. Continue reading


A Night with Dana Tanamachi

There are few events that will pull me out of comfy North Dallas on a Wednesday night, but the monthly DSVC (Dallas Society of Visual Communications) meeting is one of them. DSVC always invites a guest to speak at their meeting and they could not have chosen a better one to wrap up their spring session. Dana Tanamachi.

Dana, once a UNT (University of North Texas) student, now hails from Brooklyn, NY. Dana started out of college like most of us – in a job she was unsure of, but working hard either way. After a short stint with a magazine publisher, Dana fell into designing broadway show posters (incredible stuff!). It was in leaving her broadway gig that Dana hooked up with renowned designer Louise Fili. Working with Fili, Dana focused on the design of restaurants & packaging.

Nothing was ever enough and Dana not only put enthusiasm into her jobs for Fili, but she also put her heart and soul into any odd job that passed her by; from hand embroidering birthday bunting for Fili herself to dipping into charitable skateboard design – Dana did it all. As quoted from her lecture, “I was always finding an excuse to work with my hands.”

However multi-talented, Dana’s biggest asset was her hand-lettering skills. Dana had always been a major typography fan and that screamed through her work. Today, Dana is working exclusively as custom chalk letterer. With Dollar Store chalk and a wet rag, she is undeniable on the board. Dana works with out a projector. Check this out:

In watching a handful of Dana’s videos, I noticed the number of times she would erase and re-illustrate the letters. It was all about practice – every time. I learned a lot from Dana during her guest lecture, but most importantly — as creatives, we need to strive to keep each other humble and teachable in our craft. Never deny a lesson, never hesitate to ask.

See more of Dana’s work, in action, here.

Reduce, Reuse, Win The Good Child!

In the past, I have posted about The Good Child packaging. The packing method I use is 99% eco-friendly (I can’t speak for the tape). I use brown paper that can be recycled, twine that can be reused, and a rubber stamp to mark the package so I don’t have to use crazy amounts of ink or stickers to put my logo on the mail piece. Still, I wonder how many people take the packaging and throw it away. I have heard a lot of people say they don’t even want to unwrap their package, because it looks so damned Good – so, maybe they are at least holding on to the wrapping for sentimental value.

Last weekend, however, I received something in the mail that cured my curiosity and blew me away…

You might know Brenton Blaque – he’s a part of Common Sense out here in Dallas. He also makes his own accessories – Blaq Everything. Well, Brenton recently bought a couple of The Good Child t-shirts. He was pretty stoked when he received the shirts – so stoked that he told me he was going to send me a little Goody bag in the mail. Soon after, I received this:

I instantly put on the bracelet Brenton had made for me and posted a photo to my Twitter. Soon after, Brenton hit me up and explained to me what the key chain was all about. How silly was I not to see it at first…Brenton took the twine off The Good Child package and wove a key chain that I will forever use! Major thanks to Brenton and I wish him major success with his business(es).

Seeing The Good Child packaging being reused and repurposed gives me such an amazing feeling. Now that I’ve seen Brenton’s work, I really want to see yours! If you have recently received The Good Child in the mail, or you held on to the old package, take a minute and show me what you can do with your leftovers. Once you’ve recreated your masterpiece, send images to me at info@officialgoodchild.com OR post to me on Twitter (@the_goodchild) OR post on the Facebook page. Any of these methods work – I’ll get the images. Once I’ve received everybody’s images, I will choose the person who was the most creative in the reproduction of The Good Child packaging to win a free t-shirt of their liking (pending size is available). The rules are simple:

  • reuse/repurpose The Good Child twine or paper
  • take a photo of what you’ve created
  • send the image to me by August 22nd
I’m excited to see what you are capable of. If you don’t have any packaging and are looking to order a shirt to get going, go here! Good luck!
I am still looking for and accepting images of people rocking The Good Child t-shirts, so feel free to add them into the mix!

Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party

Last night, I went to the Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party. Fur Face Boy always has his release parties in different locations around Dallas/Fort Worth, and this time the shindig was held at Ham Hula T-Shirt Co. Ham Hula, run by Scott Lloyd, is a t-shirt screen-printing company. Fur Face Boy first began producing his tees with Ham Hula, so throwing a party there for his fifth series seemed right. The vibe throughout the evening was 100% positive. A lot of noteworthy brands from Texas were in the house, including Loyal KNG, Grits, Remix Label, Fresh Kaufee, and Unkommon Kolor. Having all of the brands on the same block at Fur Face Boy’s event was rewarding. All of us talked real talk, joked around, joked on each other, danced, sang, and doodled. We also ate some grub and had a few drinks (thanks, Fur Face Boy)! Continue reading