Consider This Not-So-Random

Every night, when I’m feeling finished with all my To-Do’s, my business, my everything…

I get out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, dampen some tissue with it, and clean off the case that holds my iPhone 4. Yeah, it’s in a case – one of the most bulky and protective ones out there. I have chosen to protect and provide ultimate care for this little piece of technology, and why? Because, I believe in it.

“You ever see anybody with a Mac laptop put a sticker over that beautiful, shiny Apple?…You ever see anybody with a PC break out the Windex to clean their computer?” (Simon Sinek).

I believe in the iPhone 4 just like I believe in the entire Apple line of products. Thanks to my father who was an engineer, I grew up playing Oregon Trail on a Macintosh that looked like this:

Today, I am communicating to you through the same, but majorly improved product. I create all of my t-shirt graphics on this product. I do my taxes on this product. I conduct learning through this product.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have to thank one of the greatest global innovators of our time for delivering to me products I feel I can believe in, and not just ones I feel hooked on or conspired in to buying.

Consider this a not-so-random Random Hero post.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making me a believer simply by doing what you do best. The company I work for today encourages me to do what I do best, and because of you, I know that’s the only true way to inspire. Rest in peace.

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