Next Saturday, October 22nd, I’ll be in Oklahoma City for the SUPER DOPE show.

If you’re in the area, come hang out with the SUPER DOPE crew at Mutts from 1-2pm for the meet & greet! Performers Jabee, AD.d+, Braingangblue, and Houston will be there, as will clothing brands UnkommonKolor, Grpfly, L.O.U.D Clothing, and myself – The Good Child.

The real fun begins around 9pm at Urban Roots when the musicians start to hit the stage and I set up The Good Child pop-up shop alongside the other brands.

For SUPER DOPE, I’m going to have some new stickers and a couple of sneak peeks for you guys, so come through, chat with me, and see where the brand is headed! Remember, once a style sells out, it’s sold out forever! The Spring+Summer series will be looking mighty thin after this month, so grab it while you can!


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