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The Good Child Series One REVEALED!

Today, the first part of The Good Child Series One became available. The Good Child exclusive GoodWoodNYC necklace was released for pre-orders only. Once ordered, the necklace will be shipped by 30.JAN.11. I’m super stoked about this product! Only 25will be produced!

Also happening before the end of the month will be The Good Child Series One t-shirt RELEASE PARTY. That’s right. I’m working hard behind the scenes over here to make this party happen. In talking with some of my favorite shops and friends in Dallas, it looks like I’ll be teaming up with some of them in the very near future, but not soon enough for YOU. So, I’m still going to make this release party a reality – just for you – even if it’s not in a commercial area.

The release party will include free beverages and foodstuffs, and there will be music to keep everything from getting too awkward. The four new styles will be for sale (cash or debit/credit/PayPal only) and I will have on hand one of The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC necklaces for your viewing pleasure (you can still place a pre-order online now and/or before 22.JAN.11). Remember, each t-shirt style comes in a run ofonly 30 and will never be reproduced!

THANK YOU for your support in these first three months of the brand. Just for you, tonight I am changing up the images on the online shop to be 100% viewable! Now, you can sit there and bite your fingernails over which t-shirt you’re going to snag. Stay tuned herehereherehere, and here for detailed news on the release party!