Happy Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me in an interview why I have been able to achieve everything I have always wanted to achieve. Was it my parents? Was it my friends? Was there a mentor? Who helped push me into success?

It hit me that my parents never once questioned my dreams. Never. It gave me the chills… How had I been so lucky?

I was adopted.

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The Good Child Joins Indie in the Big D!

It’s never a surprise when the Dallas creative scene puts together a more-than-worth-it-to-attend event showcasing local artist talent; the Dallas creative scene really is full of collaborative efforts.


That being said, the city is still looking forward to seeing what independent screen printing company Alexa Machine will have to show for its inaugural Indie in the Big D event. More accurately, the city is looking forward to what the city will have to show at this event – Alexa Machine is just the master brainchild behind pulling all of the talent together for one big single-day festival.


Alexa Machine has become the go-to screen printing company for many new and old graphic t-shirt and apparel brands in the Dallas area, so it only makes sense for them to nudge their fellow artists (and customers alike) to band together and not only show off what they’ve been up to, but to visit with and give back to the community that supports them. The event, however, will feature more than t-shirt and apparel brands. Any small and independent business is welcome to sign up. And, The Good Child was quick to the jump.

On Saturday, May 25th, join The Good Child and over 50 other independent brands and artists from 11am to 7pm on the grounds of 406 S. Haskell Avenue in Dallas, TX. The event is also FREE and there will be ample parking. There will also be food, live music, and goody bags.


The Good Child will have a few of the Hometown G raglans left for sale, but stay tuned for another possible little something something – made just for the locals.

Good Life

For the last few months, I have been pretty occupied. I have been working my day job – designing denim – as well as contributing heavily to Dallas’ new online culture magazine, CentralTrack.com (and even contributing here and there to the well-read t-shirt blog, HideYourArms.com). I have also been doing some freelance on the side and staying busy artistically in general. If not artistically, I have been staying busy physically by riding my bike. Hell yeah, bikes.

While The Good Child lives on, selling online and sharing creative ideas with others, I have definitely been focused elsewhere, too.

Oh, hey, and I also go a new camera! I am now shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II! That’s really what brought me to blog at this moment; I want to share with you guys – my supporters, friends, and family – what I have been experiencing lately. Below, take a journey with me through music, friends, family, tasty foods, and, well, the good life.

35 Denton was pretty rad. It was my fourth year in attendance, first year shooting press, and first time at a pop concert (Solange!)…

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New Style: Hometown G

Tomorrow at Club Dada in Dallas, TX you will have the opportunity to snag one of these suuuuuper limited “Hometown G” shirts from The Good Child.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 2.12.28 PM

“Hometown G” is for Hometown Glory – the event being held tomorrow (you can RSVP here) – and also translates to Hometown Good Child, or, simply Hometown G as in an a true local. I added the Dallas sky line to The Good Child afro logo, because I’ve always loved flat tops and I definitely have love for the creative scene in my city. It was an easy design decision. I hope you guys dig it, too.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 2.21.26 PM

If you do, be smart. Doors open at 9pm and I’ll be selling shirts from the get-go. They are limited to TWENTY-THREE. That’s it. I’ll have sizes XS-XXL. They’re raglan sleeved American Apparel tees and they’re soft as hell. The product, like most of The Good Child line, is 100% made in the USA – even screen printed in our back yard in Garland, TX by Alexa Machine.

See you tomorrow! It’s going to be crazy!

Dallas Comes Together for HOMETOWN GLORY

Dallas continues to thrive through its creative scene. Just last weekend was the Year 3 Party for design & production company Sisterbrother Mgmt. and the local apparel brand Loyal KNG held a 3-day pop-up shop with live music, b-boy contests, and more. There was a lot happening on the streets of the Bishop Arts District, too, and downtown The Gallery at the Fairmont was popping with an opening show for artists Daniel Perez, Daniel Driensky, and Ray Albarez.

The Dallas creative industry has continued to receive praise for the collectiveness of the artists in the city; other cities wonder how we stay strong as a whole, supporting and creating together while positively  challenging one another’s style at the same time.

This weekend, experience some of the good vibes for yourself at Hometown Glory. Presented by local boutique Centre and DFW online publication CentralTrack.com, Hometown Glory will welcome musicians DJ Sober, Neo-Safari, -Topic, and Zhora to the stage at Club Dada this Saturday (12/8). Also in attendance will be The Good Child, Loyal KNG, and Mid-Point x Mentally Ill with pop-up shops and Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee will be doing live art alongside  Edward Ruiz and Riley Holloway.

Hometown Glory

Admission is cheap and you can purchase advance tickets here & RSVP here.

Come out and party with some of Dallas’ finest. Network. Dance your ass off. And leave with the sense that, hell yeah, you’re a part of this local phenomenon, too. (We couldn’t do this without you)!


I’ll Make You a Deal: Small Business Saturday

I’ve never been one to stand in line on Black Friday. With my brand, I also thought it’d be nice to skip the Black Friday sale all-together and instead embrace Small Business Saturday wholly this year.

Small Business Saturday is a day to show support to those who put their soul into their work. The relationship between small, local business owners and their supporters (read: family) build communities with strength (and really great art parties  if I may say so myself). Thank you for continuing to shop with The Good Child. I am grateful to be a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth creative circle — and shipping worldwide.

Shop small and support indie this holiday season.

Shop Indie this Holiday Season!

This holiday season, remember to support indie brands and shop local/independent! Over the next couple of weeks, I will be adding a sale and a couple of other ways to save on The Good Child product.

There’s really nothing like an independently designed product that stands up to corporate premium goods and is just that much better for being handmade by a hard-working local. Thank you for continuing to support the brand over these last couple of years! Enjoy!