New Tees for Indie in the Big D!


This weekend (Saturday, May 25th) is Indie in the Big D, hosted by the Dallas Observer. Although by now you probably know the address, here it is: 406 S Haskell Ave, Dallas, TX

The event is FREE and runs 11am-7pm and there will be food trucks, music, and tons of independent & local vendors. Come out and support your local small businesses!

Definitely come The Good Child booth and meet my dear friend, Arturo Torres. Arturo will be running The Good Child table for the day, as I have an unexpected trip I need to take. Arturo is an incredible illustrator/painter, fellow creative, and partner in crime (crime, as in riding bikes and eating really good food). I really trust Arturo to tell The Good Child story and to mingle with my supporters. I know he “gets it” and really loves this city we work in and for.

Check out Loyal KNG’s video of Arturo, here.

Make sure when you stop by that you snag some free buttons (there’s barely any left!) and stickers to share, or, you know, hoard all to yourself in your secret free swag stash (we all have one). Don’t let Arturo scare you – take one!

Also on deck will be a NEW t-shirt release! Alexa Machine has been busy working up new designs for everyone as of late and The Good Child is also being put on the press this week. The new exclusive, “Stay Good,” will be limited to 24 tees, sizes XS-2XL (I’m listening, 2XL supporters!) in a beautiful sheer summer jersey cotton style from American Apparel.


As usual, these tees are made entirely in the USA, from design to garment to printing!

I am sad to have to miss all of you this weekend, but I am so grateful (and totally happy) that Arturo will be standing in for me. Also, thank YOU guys for continuing to support the brand.

Get out, shop indie, see you later!


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