Happy Mother’s Day

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me in an interview why I have been able to achieve everything I have always wanted to achieve. Was it my parents? Was it my friends? Was there a mentor? Who helped push me into success?

It hit me that my parents never once questioned my dreams. Never. It gave me the chills… How had I been so lucky?

I was adopted.

mothers day

I was brought into an extremely amazing family just after my birth. I cannot imagine a life lead without their guidance.

I especially could not imagine a life without my mother. She has taught me so many things. Sometimes, I wish I had a huge book filled with answers to all of my questions to her over the years. She knows everything. (Your mom probably does, too, and I encourage you to never be afraid to ask her something).

mothers day 4

My mother might not have always understood me or what I have been doing in the creative community or life in general, but she always gave me a chance. Sometimes, she even took those chances with me. In fact, with out her, The Good Child brand might have never seen the light of day. And, without her, I would never have been given the chance to be The Good Child (okay, my father and my brothers also had a big part in that, and I am grateful for them all).

mothers day 3

So, here’s to my mother on Mother’s Day. And, to her mother, my grandma. For, without “Meresy,” absolutely none of my life would have panned out the way it has.

mothers day 1

Thank you, mothers. With all of my youthful heart. I hope to some day care for a child the way you have – the world needs more kindness, compassion, and understanding like that which you have offered.

I love you!

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