Locals Dig In

Last weekend, I held up a pop-up table at Centre for their second installment of The Locals: A Homegrown Apparel & Accessory Trunk Show. I was among good company with brands like Fur Face Boy, Fresh Kaufee, Loyal KNG, Dopey the Bear, Gris Apparel, Azimo, Word of Mouth, Sleepy Dan, and many, many more (about 20 of us at least). All of us were on point, showing our city what independent brands can do with focus and style…and team work.

Dallas brands have always been complimented on how “family-oriented” they are; it’s a healthy competition out there and we are all humble enough to aid one another through our brand growth. For example, Black Sheep Limited, who also had a table at The Locals event, produced my new buttons for me in record timing so I could showcase them that weekend! On that note, it was great to see “the fam” and meet new brands, too. I did my part to also support the new kids on the block and copped a shirt from Post Code.

Anyway, enough jabber. Enjoy a handful of images from the event! The following people are true soldiers to have hosted the event, shown support, run a table, or represented in any way during the hot-as-hell day (temperature reached 100˚F).

The Post Code table. I bought that heather grey Dallas tee!

I had some of The Locals tees on me and Tony from Loyal KNG snagged one. Check it – the kid got almost every artists autograph, too!

Looks like Tony is only missing Magnificent Beard, Sam (With the Hair), YAOTL Threads, DJ Sober, and Kill Hubris!

Bobby running Word of Mouth!

Biggs showing love and handing out some Stem & Thorn gear.

THE Fur Face Boy telling DJ Niro what’s up at the Gris Apparel table.

Look for these Dopey the Bear hats, coming soon! I NEED that leather-billed 5-panel.

Azimo holding it down in the only shaded corner at the event.

Philip, owner of Centre, chatting it up with the brands.

PICNICTYME about to cop the Prep St. “3rd Coast” tee!

Matrimoney posted up.

Jabee surprised me and rolled through – had to gift him the pin. Good Family!

Killa on the mic polo.

Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ always out there showing love back to his community.

Derek of We Are 1976 was out there, too – carrying WAY too much stuff, but obviously supporting the scene!

Central Track would call this “Wee Style.”

There was quite a bit of foot traffic at the event and I really want to thank Philip and the entire crew at Centre & ATAMA for hosting us for another summer. Thanks to EVERYONE who came out!

You can also cop those new buttons and the polos soon in The Good Child online shop. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Locals Dig In

  1. I saw you Instagram but for some reason I thought you were out of town. Please post the next local event. I saw a couple of things I would love. Girls like tees too 😉

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post. Its great to see indie brands work together to build each other up which you dont see vary often. Dallas has something really cool going on. Love that you are out there running a great brand on your own with great support all around you. much respect!

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