Oh, Austin

This time last week, I was on my way to Austin, TX for a day job business trip. Every once in a while, the design team at work and I take a trip a few hours south of Dallas to go vintage shopping and get inspired. We stayed at Hotel San Jose off of South Congress, a perfect pivotal point for driving & walking around (yes, even in my current condition of a boot & crutches from the skateboarding accident).

Here’s some images from the trip. Enjoy (and if you live in DFW and haven’t been to Austin before…I hope this encourages the easy visit)!

Phidias Gold sighting!

Bombed for Central Track a little while I was on my walks.

Benny Gold sighting!

Don’t know if that’s a connection to Grits Apparel, but nice sighting either way.

This sticker has been on this doggy bag dispenser for two years now. If you ever sight this in Austin, send me a photo for some free stickers!

SEKT sighting! Dallas, represent.

The hotel was pretty swanky and very relaxing…

The custom-made robes were a nice new addition since our last stay.

Jo’s every morning? Duh.

All the food was on point, too. I eat 70% vegetarian, 25% vegan, and 5% carnivore. However, I didn’t have to worry about making sure “the right kinda food” was nearby, because Austin has such a large variety…

…of course, we ended up eating BBQ twice as requested by my new creative director. Good thing Austin does BBQ better than any other place in the world.

I have always sworn I could never live in Austin due to the humidity alone. I still stand by that, but I do feel more inclined than ever (that’s facing a Björk show, river-floating, and my showcase at SXSW) to return to the city as soon as possible for another visit. Thanks for the hospitality, Austin!


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