Biggs’ Favorite Outfit

I came across this Tumblr share by Biggs of Unkommon Kolor/Stem & Thorn and wanted to share it with you!

I always knew Biggs owned and loved the “Good Dallas” t-shirt, but I had no idea just how much he sported it around. Here’s Biggs’ description for the image:

What does your “favorite outfit” look like? I’m not talking your overall favorite outfit. I’m talking if you made an outfit of your favorite individual or “go-to” pieces in your wardrobe what would the fit look like? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t exactly “work” together, it’s not supposed to. This will change as your personal style or wardrobe changes but at this exact moment what is your “Favorite outfit”? Here’s mine.

Stussy Stock US/CA Camo Snapback. Timex Jumbo 80 in red. The Good Child “Good Dallas” tee. H&M beige 5 pocket twill slim fit trousers. Falling Whistles brushed metal. Air Jordan VI White and Varsity Red.

Thanks for the support, Biggs!


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