Vinyl Thoughts 2

Last year, I missed the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas, TX. I heard a lot of great news though, so I had to get on board this time around. Vinyl Thoughts 2 – a custom-made vinyl toy show – was held last night in Deep Ellum at the Quixotic World Theater. The show theme was based on old school video games and the event really played it up (there was even a secret cheat code that could get you into the venue early)!

The line was never-ending, as in no matter how many people went through the doors, the line length stayed the same. Between the insane custom toys and the fans, it was mad crazy – but good! Check out my photos below and see my journey through what I’ll just call…the Mad Hatter’s Toy Shop.

The Good Child ventures out on Good Latimer and Main! Welcome to the deep end…

Deep Ellum loves The Good Child and OBEY.

Standing in line for 45 minutes was all right…because I had an awesome view! Shout out to Brenton of Pieces of Blaq for repping The Good Child. I was able to introduce Brenton to Hance of Centre – hope they made a good connect!

It was jam-packed inside Quixotic! Atama was in the mix with a pop-up shop.

Once indoors, I went straight to THIS GUY. So rad.

I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in both sculpting & paint on every piece displayed at Vinyl Thoughts 2.

This Silent Hill vinyl was creepy and very well executed!

This Lego clock was about 4 feet tall. Holy F-bomb!

Duck Hunt on deck!

DJ Fisher Pryce playing “Vivrant Thing” by A Tribe Called Quest!

I was able to catch up with Sleepy Dan – the man behind the Vinyl Thoughts 2 t-shirt design. He walked me through how he made his custom zippys (available online Monday). Dan is all about the process and I love hearing/reading his how-to’s!

The rad Vinyl Thoughts 2 t-shirt I just mentioned…

…and these are Sleepy Dan’s custom vinyls!

Sam (with the hair) was also a participating artist. Here she is laughing it up with Philip of Centre.

Sam’s custom set was based on of PacMan. Sam sold out all 30 customs of her blind box set. The entire package was beautifully designed! Congrats, Sam!

Biggs was also in the mix. Duh. Hey…check out that Fur Face Boy t-shirt!

There were two video game stations and both were occupied!

When leaving, I caught up with one of my favorite supporters – Jason. He was toward the back of the never-ending line, but he was in good spirits. How could he not be in that rad t-shirt?!

My time spent at the show was short, but I had to get back to my dog who patiently waited for me in my car. I was also getting sicker by the minute – still carrying my head cold from last weekend at 35 Denton!

Man, there were SO many vinyl toys that I could hardly get a photo of all the ones I loved, let alone share all those photos here (you’d be scrolling for hours). If you like what you see here, be at Vinyl Thoughts 3 – I know there will be one. Thanks to everyone who was in attendance and showed support. I got rid of at least 100 free stickers last night. Also, thanks for checking it out here on the blog!



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