Eames + Herman Miller In-House

Yesterday was the 3rd installment of “No Meeting First Fridays” at my day job. The title is self-explanatory. Beyond not holding any meetings, our CEO wants us to get out, get inspired, and refresh our perspectives. One way the company recently helped cultivate inspiration was through an incredible Eames x Herman Miller workshop held in-house just for all of us.

I accidentally left all of my notes from the workshop in my day job Moleskin (which is sitting on my desk at this moment), but here are some images and a few things I could recall from the wonderful lecture.

Charles & Ray (his wife, not his brother) Eames came about in the late 1930s/early 1940s as “the architect & the painter,” respectively.  The designer couple built a home together (literally and well-designed) and took up the business of designing furniture that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also beautifully functional from a production point-of-view.

From working with the U.S. Navy on splints to building the most handsome office chair I’ve ever seen – the Eames’ experimentations with plywood have forever changed the way we will look at the design process.

This was my favorite quote out of all displayed (last line in bold):

I am extremely grateful to be working with a company that values its employees enough to bring something as inspiring as Eames + Herman Miller to the house.


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