Nice to iMeet You

Toward the end of my work day yesterday, I was pretty exhausted – mentally and physically (hello, new gym membership). As I was leaving the day job building, I read a tweet by Marcus Troy saying:

In 2 hours exactly join me here: Have the application call your cell phone. If not please use headphones IMEET.

Although my day had been long and tiring in the corporate office, I knew I would be spending my night in another meeting. The difference? The iMeet meeting would be refreshing. At precisely 8pm EST (7pm for me), Marcus called the meeting with a full room of attendees. The topic for discussion: Mentors (mentoring, getting mentored, etc.).

Marcus lead the discussion, asking us all questions and allowing us to respond and expand on his ideas. I started off 2nd in the line up for commenting on Marcus’ opening statements, but I quickly fell to the sidelines to listen and absorb the other attendees’ thoughts and opinions regarding mentoring.

There were some amazing points made that really touched home for me. Simply knowing how to mentor and how to approach someone you’d like to have mentor you were amazing topics. The word “organic” was used more than 10 times. I think that most relationships form organically and the one with your mentor should definitely form this way as far as intent goes.

Here are my notes (mostly quotes verbatim) that I took last night:

“Social media has killed the art of courting” – Jesse Jones

“Has social media become a new medium for courting?…it can be an evolution of communication depending on how both parties us it.” -Sherief Salem

“It’s about first telling [the mentor] why you’re talking to them. ‘I like the way you do _____. Here’s what I can learn from you & here’s what I can bring to the table.'” -Sakita Holley

“I’m looking for that organic connection.” -Anthony Harris

“[Getting a mentor] doesn’t have to be organic, but it does start with giving…it comes from a place with a genuine search for knowledge.” -Dawar Rashid

“While you may set out to do a certain thing, while it’s your passion, you have to be willing to adapt to different roles, listen to a mentor, etc. before calling the shots yourself.” -Dressy Jackson

“If you’re actually willing to share, it gives the opportunity for [the mentees] to bounce things back off of you, to gain your insight, etc.” -MT

“Creatives often work in solitude…don’t hoard opportunities & resources…become a connector.” -Sakita

“The first questions I ask myself when I feel attracted to a brand is…Who is behind that? Who is the team or person who makes me feel connected to this brand?” -Sakita

“I’ll still volunteer or intern just so I can learn the craft. I am committed to life long learning.” -Sakita

“[Most people] work from home, they work from solitude. Digital ways of working can hurt you, but they can also help you.” -Neelesh

“People talk all day on Twitter, but people are afraid to communicate.” -MT

“Whatever experience that you gain from the individual, SHARE that knowledge.” -Neelesh

“You don’t need to be anybody else; take those steps and apply t to yourself.” -Neelesh

“[When looking for a mentor], you have to also make sure they believe in themselves more than you believe in them.” -MT

“I look at it as a challenge for me to help someone achieve their goals based on my expertise.” -MT

-Obtaining a mentor/mentee is like an adoption process (there’s observation period, meeting/play date, etc.) -Johnica Reed
-Bring your mentor opportunities -Johnica Reed
-We’re not so used to this (approaching people online)…for us, it’s still a bit new. It will be the generations after us that have mastered the craft of socializing online like so -MT
-Organic relationships are essential
-Get an introduction
-Be appropriately aggressive in your approach
-Be honest, genuine, unique, original in your pursuit (Anthony)
-Mentors can come from anywhere (e.g. books)
-Foundation and motivation needs to be organic (Sherief)
-Opportunity to prove yourself (Joe Tornatzky)
-Mentor should challenge you in some way
-Having a mentor is the most valuable experience anyone can go through (Neelesh)
-Microsoft has an official mentor program (pretty cool)
-To give back and not expect anything of it (Neelesh)
-Companies may receive a grant from govt. to hire mentors (in Canada)
-Remember the 5 W’s
-Don’t be ashamed to reach out (Neelesh)
Your mentor probably has a mentor
-Mentors will have faults from time to time (Neelesh)
-Do not become emotionally attached (Neelesh)
-Don’t become consumed with mentor/mentee titles (Sherief)

Throughout the entire session, Sakita spoke up and provided a lot of great advice. Toward the end of the meeting, Neelesh also chimed in and I found myself frequently quoting both Sakita and him. I think the newest bit of information brought to the table – a realization on my part, at least – was that a mentor can come from anywhere, take a book for example. Reading can get you far in this world – from blogs to textbooks to workshops.

Major thank you to Marcus for putting these iMeet sessions together. This was the first meeting after a short break and I think Marcus will be holding one weekly now, each session with a different topic of discussion.

I highly recommend joining a meeting evening. Here’s the link: There are only 15 seats available in the room, so get there on time! Marcus’ meetings last about 2 hours (it’s hard not to) and it’s 100% better than watching Netflix.

Lastly, I have to give a major shout out to all participants in last night’s discussion. It was good to see some familiar faces and to meet some new young intellects as well. I was also glad Johnica Reed could join in toward the end and flawlessly sum up our entire discussion in her single sharing moment. Thank you:

Jesse Jones @iamjessejones
Maryam B @maryamritzy
Ruben Hughes @rubenhughes
Joe Tornatzky
Bobby T @justbobbyt
Sherief Salem @surereef
Corey Scott @coreyscott
Anthony Harris @aharris101
Dawar Rashid + Nevin Kumar @mavensofculture
Wesley Brown
Dressy Jackson @dressyjackson
Neelesh Mistry @mahadev_108
Olumide Yerokun @theafricanking
Johnica Reed @johnicareed
Tyler Adams
Michael Matty @mikesmatty
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One response to “Nice to iMeet You

  1. I’ve been in imeets in the past but I’ve been getting behind on keeping up on my twitter updates. This is one conversation I really wish I had been a part of. This is one imeet that I think I could have contributed to as someone who is at the point who could really use a mentor. I really appreciate the recap. Some of the points Sakita made really hit home for me.

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