Hello, Los Angeles

Over the last week, I spent some time visiting the Los Angeles area. I was out in California conducting research for my day job, but I had a blast both working with our consultant and spending some time exploring parts of the city by myself.

I flew in comfort, taking a main cabin flight on Virgin America. All I have to say is, Dude – Virgin America’s technologically advanced flights, purple lights included, rocked my world. Without the in-flight wifi, I wouldn’t have been able to flawlessly re-schedule my arrival transportation plans last-minute, before touching down at LAX.

I also lived in comfort at the beautiful Ambrose Hotel. The hotel thrived with eco-friendliness. I had my own recycling can and everything.

The weather in LA was incredible. Although a little chilly in the shade, the sun was usually shining and the rain never stuck around.

On my free days, I mostly meandered about, but from the beginning I knew of one place I absolutely had to stop by – Johnny Cupcakes on Melrose Avenue.

I had never been to a Johnny Cupcakes brick & mortar store before; I had only met Johnny on his Suitcase Tour stop in Dallas a couple of years back. Still, I was sure Johnny’s LA store was going to by my favorite out of the four he runs. I loved the oven wall, the pastry racks merchandised with t-shirts, and the overall attention to detail throughout the shop. Johnny’s branding was amazing.

While on Melrose, I also left behind bit of The Good Child. If you ever spot The Good Child sticker outside of Dallas, TX – send me a photo for some freebies!

I ended up eating at a lot of vegan restaurants while in LA. (No, I am not a vegan, but I find the food tasteful, easier to digest, and highly prefer it when it’s available). I ate at a restaurant called Real Food Daily four times. FOUR times! Check out the Random Hero post for more on RFD. I also enjoyed eats at M Café, Urth Caffé, Vegan Express and more.

Doing research for the day job was a lot of work – but pretty rad at the same time. I went shopping at the Rose Bowl vintage market, the Venice beach area, the Santa Monica Promenade and various other shops (including Opening Ceremony where I came close to buying the Chloe Sevigny x Vision Street Wear t-shirt).

All in all, I had a good time getting some sun, getting sand on my feet, seeing some D-list celebrities, eating right, and researching trends on the West Coast.

I am back in Dallas now – keeping up with the brand and looking forward to the next adventure. Thank you to my hosts for showing me some of the best parts of Los Angeles!


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