Quiet Birthday Adventure

Yesterday, to quietly celebrate my birthday, I took myself deep into Dallas for a little sight-seeing. I had heard (and I am sure you have by now) about Shepard Fairey being in town and working on a few public murals this week, so I set out to find at least one or two.


I won’t give too much away – go find it in person and enjoy it in actual size!

I also found some work-in-progres by Fairey himself. Fairey had about five guys helping him with the mural. The crew was all pretty nice. I did hear one artist, who I found particularly intriguing, expressing to the Dallas Morning News photographer that he would rather not have his image published. I have pixelated this guys face – mostly for sh•ts & giggles. Fairey was absolutely humble in his demeanor. He and I swapped stickers and I was ecstatic to be chatting with such an influencer.

I worked up quite a hunger while capturing OBEY in action, so I headed to my favorite Dallas vegan eatery – Spiral Diner. No food shots here – I ate it (migas) too fast. I also ate two red velvet cupcakes, without remorse, and before I could even think to snap a photograph. Happy birthday, self.

Any time I head south enough to wind up on the backside of Dallas boutique Centre, I think there is no excuse I shouldn’t be able to stop in. I arrived at Centre right at noon and M#THA-F*CKING KIDDRAE was there to open the doors. Big shout out to him, Philip, and the CNTR crew for the release – Triple D Tigers.

I left some free stickers on the counter at Centre, so snag them while they last!

I really couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning of my birthday. It was one of those days where I decided what I wanted and I made it a reality.

Here’s to living life with purpose, and to someone else’s birthday today.


One response to “Quiet Birthday Adventure

  1. You radiate amazing. I am SO jealous you met Shepard Fairey!!! What an inspiration and incredible birthday present… wow… Happy Birthday dear friend. Continue to be a Rockstar!

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