Jessi Supreme

Last weekend, I had a blast. I checked out The Public Trust where I saw some intricate doodle work by Kyle Confehr. While there, I chatted with old friends and new – including new supporter and blogger, Jessi Supreme.

Jessi is a smart and sometimes smartass young lady who has been showing a lot of love for the Dallas Fort-Worth music and art scene. When I kept seeing her outspoken support for all things independent through my Twitter feed, I started following her. I have to admit, I was shocked when she tweeted she was – how old? Barely 16?

I never would have thought Jessi was so young. I don’t know that many adults that have the kind-of respect for the creative community like Jessi does. So, thanks, Jessi!

Here’s Jessi’s review (or click: CLOTHING: THE GOOD CHILD) of the “Good Thoughts” t-shirt. Check out her blog and support a young intellect!

2 responses to “Jessi Supreme

  1. I feel honored to have heard such awesome words from a woman with so much talent. You’re incredibly amazing, Heather. Continue being good. 🙂

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