Sold Out!

Earlier this week…The Good Child Series One sold out entirely. The last t-shirt to go from the series was “A Child Called Good,” a tribute to one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time (A Tribe Called Quest).

As you might have read last week on the blog, I released Series One a tiny bit less than one year ago. It was the first line of products for the brand and it travelled with me to many events and received some great feedback.

Now, two series in and a handful of exclusives later, I am staying humble in the brand’s steady progress. The Spring+Summer line is slowly selling out as well and I am excitedly drawing up new ideas for the next step. I more than appreciate all of you who have shared the brand story, bought product, visited me at live events, and supported me in your many ways. THANK YOU and I’ll see you out there!


If you own anything from Series One (or any of The Good Child product at that), hang onto it for life, as it is truly one of a kind. None of The Good Child products will ever be reproduced outside of their original run.


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