If you’ve been able to catch me at a live event, you’ve probably seen this suitcase:

I have seen a lot of people take photos of the suitcase, ask where the suitcase came from, and offer up free stickers to add to the suitcase (thanks!).

As you might know, I am an avid fan of recycling and being good to our planet. I am in fact so dedicated that when I worked for Circuit City, I would personally empty our makeshift recycling box at one of the Denton city recycling sites once a week. One day, I was emptying the recycling box when I came across a full set of old luggage. The only salvageable part of the matching set was the suitcase you now see me carry around to all the live events.

A fun fact: The first sticker to ever go on the suitcase was from Johnny Cupcakes during his Suitcase Tour stop at We Are 1976 a couple of years ago. He also signed it, “Safe travels.” Will do, Johnny and thank you!

I want to share with you the other suitcases that I own. Over the years, my father and my grandfather have both passed along to me an incredible inventory of photography tools – some of it neatly packed away in these:

Plain on the outside…but, check out the killer handmade compartmentalization on the inside of this one!

Pentax after Pentax, lens after lens, these suitcases are built like they’re for a photographer going to war.

I am so grateful to have these tools. I put them to great use throughout my college education – going through rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls of film, hand processing them, and keeping even the bad prints just to make collages.

I aim to use these more often in the up and coming years. Stay tuned, as along the way I will share my adventures through the aperture.


One response to “Suitcases

  1. Awesome post! And, btw… I’m so freaking jealous!!!! I NEED SOME FUNKY CASES, STAT! hahaha 🙂

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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