ARTOPIA is Back!

One of the most-blogged-about events for this week in Dallas has to be the Dallas Observer’s 2nd annual ARTOPIA. This is an exciting time for local artists and The Good Child.

Last year at ARTOPIA, to launch The Good Child brand I gave away the very first shirt in the line of styles to come – Good Logo. I also witnessed Fur Face Boy conquer in the t-shirt battle against Decade Clothing (love you, Sobies), met the coolest print-makers in town (Magnificent Beard), and stuffed my face with complimentary food and drinks. If you were in attendance, you might have snagged some free stickers or a shirt from me!

Although I am not a participating artist, I will be there having a blast and handing these out:

If you want one, just approach me in a non-creepy manner and say, “What’s Good?!” And, who knows…maybe I’ll have a few tees to hand out, too.

I can’t wait to meet new people, mingle with my current friends & business partners, and see what Fur Face Boy & Sleepy Dan have in store for the t-shirt battle! Good luck, guys!

If live art, music, fashion, vinyl toys, and complimentary grub excites you, purchase tickets, here. Or, if you’re up to the challenge…find the 5 Dallas Observer newsstands decorated by local artists, photograph them, and submit here to win free VIP passes. Here’s the map to help you out.

Thank you and see you out there!

UPDATE! Shoutout to my friend @Queenpish on Twitter for sharing this:

“Just wanted to let you know you can use the code “youplus” to get 25% off the regular ticket price. Not too shabby.”

2 responses to “ARTOPIA is Back!

  1. Just wanted to let you konw you can use the code “youplus” to get 25% off the regular ticket price. Not too shabby.

  2. There has been a lot of great discount codes throughout the last few weeks. Thank you for sharing this one!

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