Live Talk with The Good Child!


I will be holding a live U-Stream tomorrow,  Tuesday, September 20th at 8pm CST to tell you more about The Good Child Kickstarter project, share some of The Good Child products, and answer any of your questions!

In the mean time, feel free to visit this link: and watch my introduction video for all of the Good details.

I only have 36 days left to reach my Kickstarter goal and unless I reach it at 100%, I will not receive any of the pledges! If every fan of The Good Child on Facebook pledged just $1, I would be $253+ towards my total goal. It’s amazing how little you can give to help create something so BIG. Check out the rewards I am offering to backers, too! You will not be disappointed!

So, be there tomorrow night at 8pm CST to see me try to answer all of you questions and share with you some Good products!

Thank you!
Heather, The Good Child


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