Co-Tee TV Has Good Thoughts

Whoa! Under my radar, Coty Gonzales reviewed The Good Child “Good Thoughts” t-shirt in episode 87 of Co-Tee TV! If you recall, at the end of August, Coty received, reviewed, and loved The Good Child goody box I sent to him. Coty loved the brand so much, he’ll be reviewing a handful of the t-shirts I sent him over the next however-long.

Here’s the video:


THANK YOU, Coty! Also, here’s an answer to Coty’s questioning about who the people are in the screen printed image: advertisement in Better Homes & Garden’s circa 1950s. The idea for “Good Thoughts” was to conjoin my side-hustle (The Good Child) and my day-job (modern-vintage apparel design) into one solid design. Looks like it was a success! Check out Coty’s full review, including photos, pros and cons, here.

You can cop a “Good Thoughts” t-shirt, here…and, because I’m feeling so Goooood now, use code GOODTHOUGHTS for free shipping on this style only!

Thanks, again!


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