The Good Child on Co-Tee TV!

This morning, I woke up to an awesome post on Coty Gonzales’ website.

Let me re-start this…

Coty Gonzales is a major t-shirt reviewer. He lives and posts out of Hawaii. He runs his website, but he also guest-posts on sites like T-Shirt Magazine, Cottonable, and more. Coty has reviewed big Texas brands like Fur Face Boy, but he’s also covered newer brands like Sleepy Dan, so I thought I would send him a package from The Good Child.

I put 100% of my attention to details in packaging the box for Coty and choosing the t-shirts that would be included. Check out his awesome review of the whole shebang below!


Wow, thank you, Coty! What a great look in to my brand and why I do this. I can’t wait to see what Coty has to say about the other seven t-shirts in the box! If you go to the post on Coty’s website, you can read up on his opinion of the true pros and cons of The Good Child.

I also recommend you read this other post to gain insight on more brands coming out of Texas right now. Always coming up!©


Keep an eye on the online shop this weekend!


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