Reduce, Reuse, Win The Good Child!

In the past, I have posted about The Good Child packaging. The packing method I use is 99% eco-friendly (I can’t speak for the tape). I use brown paper that can be recycled, twine that can be reused, and a rubber stamp to mark the package so I don’t have to use crazy amounts of ink or stickers to put my logo on the mail piece. Still, I wonder how many people take the packaging and throw it away. I have heard a lot of people say they don’t even want to unwrap their package, because it looks so damned Good – so, maybe they are at least holding on to the wrapping for sentimental value.

Last weekend, however, I received something in the mail that cured my curiosity and blew me away…

You might know Brenton Blaque – he’s a part of Common Sense out here in Dallas. He also makes his own accessories – Blaq Everything. Well, Brenton recently bought a couple of The Good Child t-shirts. He was pretty stoked when he received the shirts – so stoked that he told me he was going to send me a little Goody bag in the mail. Soon after, I received this:

I instantly put on the bracelet Brenton had made for me and posted a photo to my Twitter. Soon after, Brenton hit me up and explained to me what the key chain was all about. How silly was I not to see it at first…Brenton took the twine off The Good Child package and wove a key chain that I will forever use! Major thanks to Brenton and I wish him major success with his business(es).

Seeing The Good Child packaging being reused and repurposed gives me such an amazing feeling. Now that I’ve seen Brenton’s work, I really want to see yours! If you have recently received The Good Child in the mail, or you held on to the old package, take a minute and show me what you can do with your leftovers. Once you’ve recreated your masterpiece, send images to me at OR post to me on Twitter (@the_goodchild) OR post on the Facebook page. Any of these methods work – I’ll get the images. Once I’ve received everybody’s images, I will choose the person who was the most creative in the reproduction of The Good Child packaging to win a free t-shirt of their liking (pending size is available). The rules are simple:

  • reuse/repurpose The Good Child twine or paper
  • take a photo of what you’ve created
  • send the image to me by August 22nd
I’m excited to see what you are capable of. If you don’t have any packaging and are looking to order a shirt to get going, go here! Good luck!
I am still looking for and accepting images of people rocking The Good Child t-shirts, so feel free to add them into the mix!

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